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6 Relationship Rules To Get A Taurus Man To Marry You

If you've been in a relationship with your Taurus man for years now, it's natural to feel that you want to tie a knot with him. It's perfectly understandable but never rush him to marry you. As you might already know, he's not the type that can be rushed with, so have some patience.

Like any other earth sign, he wants to ensure that you're the right one for him. As he's down to commit himself fully, he wants to know if he's with the right person to avoid clashes in the future. Nonetheless, there are some ways that you can make your Taurus beau marry you without rushing him. You only need to drop some bold hints and it's up to him to pick it up or not.

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Will Your Taurus Man Propose?

If you've been in a loving relationship with your Taurus man, he may propose in no time. This sign isn't afraid of commitment and will do everything to make his woman happy. However, everything should happen at his own pace, so don't get disheartened right away.

You have to understand that this sign doesn't want to get out of his comfort zone and he's afraid of the unknown. So, take it one step at a time and show him that the things he enjoys will not change when you two get married. Assure him through your actions that you will not restrict him from the things he wants to do or experience.

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Let him feel that you will be a notable figure that will add value to his life. So, consider being patient and let him see your worth by supporting and nurturing him. This way, he will likely recognize your value that may lead the Bull of the zodiac to propose.

When a Taurus man decides that you're the one?

Taurus men are known for their commitment and loyalty, but they can take their time deciding on their partner. If you've caught the eye of a Taurus man, there are a few signs to look out for that indicate he's chosen you.

He becomes more affectionate and attentive. Touching, holding hands, and gazing into your eyes are all signs that he's smitten with you. He'll introduce you to his family and friends.

Taurus men are incredibly protective of their loved ones, so this is a big step. He'll talk about the future with you.

Taurus men are practical and enjoy planning, so if he's discussing buying a house or having children, it's a sign that he sees you in his future.

He'll be more transparent and truthful with you. Taurus men can be secretive, but when they're in love, they tend to open up. Lastly, he'll compromise and find common ground for the relationship. This is a powerful sign that he's willing to make sacrifices for you.

If you notice these signs, it's a strong indication that the Taurus man has chosen you. He's ready to commit to a serious relationship and start building a life with you.

6 Relationship Rules to Get a Taurus Man to Marry You

If your Taurus beau hasn't shown any signs that he wants to be with you forever, it's time to assess his intention. Is he nice to you all the time? Does he never fail to make you feel special and loved?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions above, he might have some valid reason for not proposing yet. Taurus is responsible and wants to provide great things for his family. So, if he knows that he's not ready financially, he will not pop the long-awaited question yet.

So, try to be more patient and know his situation. This way, it will be apparent to you why he hasn't asked for your hand yet and there will be no drama. Nonetheless, if you are impatient, you may consider following the rules below to get a Taurus to marry you.

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#1 Be there for him.

One of the best ways to get a Taurus man to marry you is by being there for him whenever he needs you. He needs a nurturing partner that is also easygoing and carefree around him for the rest of his life. So, planting tiny seeds of care and doing things for him will eventually make him know that you're the one for him.

Be there for him, especially during his bad times and he will likely realize you've been a great supporter. Let him feel your love and care by doing simple things such as cooking for him, saying I love you, and more. Once he sees that you are wife material, he might consider popping the question early.

So, ensure to make him feel that he can rely on you and everything will be easy for you.

#2 Never rush him.

One of the things that you must avoid is rushing a Taurus man to take action. He will likely get upset if you keep pushing him to do something he doesn't like. So, consider not to rush him in anything.

Accept that you're with someone who loves to take things slow. This sign isn't like the Aries sign who's compulsive to jump right into taking action. This sign, on the other hand, wants to contemplate first if he's making the right decision or not.

So, be patient and never rush him into anything. Just enjoy your time being together and never forget to showcase your wife's qualities to him. This way, you don't have to constantly worry about what to do next and let things fold naturally.

Once your Taurean beau sees your great qualities and you've not rushed him, he will likely take action.

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#3 Avoid making any dramas.

One of the reasons why a Taurus man takes his time to commit is that he wants to ensure that he will be with the right person. He's the type that wants to live a zero-drama life. So, he takes his time to know the woman he's with and see if she's the one.

So, avoid picking a fight with him for petty reasons to prevent him from cutting ties with you. Remember that your goal is to get him to marry you, so do things that please him, not the things that bother him.

Be considerate of his feelings and let him feel that you will always be with him.

Trust that he will commit once he is ready emotionally and in financial means. You don't have to worry that he won't commit to you as Taurus are trustworthy and won't betray your trust first. As long as you're not bringing any drama to his life, he will likely propose to you earlier than you might expect.

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#4 Have a good affinity with his family and friends.

One of the best ways to a Taurus man's heart apart from food is his family and friends. This sign comes in second to Cancer being a family person. So, if your Taurean guy has already introduced you to his family, that's a positive sign.

It only means that he's taking you as his potential wife by introducing you to his family and friends. So, as much as possible, leave a good impression on his inner circle to make them back you up with your Taurus lover. This way, you will not have a hard time proving yourself to your man as his family and friends can back you up.

As this man values the opinions of his close circle highly, he will likely listen to them. So, it's a must to be on good terms with the important people of his life. Once he sees that you are good to the people he values so much, he might consider popping the question early.

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#5 Show him you're a keeper.

As you might already know, a Taurus won't settle early in a relationship. It might take him some years before considering settling down, so it's crucial to be patient with him. If you sense that he's not ready yet, don't bug him and let him be for a while.

Show him your great qualities that he might not find in other women. Let him also see that you understand his needs and be nurturing towards him. Once he sees that he can rely on you, he might still take some extra steps to ensure that you two match.

#6 Be honest and trustworthy.

Being honest and trustworthy are two of the qualities a Taurus man wants his future wife to have. He wouldn't settle with someone that doesn't have these two essential qualities. So, as much as possible, show him that he trusts you. It's also vital that you are honest with him to gain his trust and commitment.

So, how do you know if your Taurus man trusts you? Pretty simple! He will start to confide with you about the things that bother him. You will also notice that he shares personal stuff with you, not being afraid to get criticized.

He will be very open to you about everything and will not hide something from you.

He may also ask for your opinion on some issues and will consider your advice.

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