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Will My Cancer Man Come Back After We Broke Up?: Here Are Tips!

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Even if you have been dating for a short time, breaking up from any relationship can be emotionally crushing as you try to think about what was said in the heat of the moment that had triggered the break-up with your Cancer man. You come to realize that you continue to have clear visions and wild thoughts in your past together.

It can be hard to get back to a Cancer man after a break-up because they will not tell you what you have done wrong. But, always remember that when you first started dating, you had good times and memories together. 

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Meaning you have a strong attraction toward each other.

Cancer men are among the kindest and the most caring people. Although all Cancer men are a little bit different from each other, a Cancer man is not easy to commit to any relationship and is very self-protective, so when a break-up happens, he will go shy.

My neighbor, Omer, said that some Cancer men come back when it’s too late. They may try to win you back when you already have someone else and when a new person is already treating you right. 

Cancers are not generally the sort to scream and shout, so you won't easily be able to tell when things have already gone wrong. You will notice that he becomes a bit sulky and reserved. 

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A cancer man is a very protective person, because of this, they simply cut the connection and run away at the first hint of a threat to their safety, and they won't take any action at all. They are quick to pick up on other's negative intentions and thoughts, which means they have a strong sense of intuition.

When a Cancer man gives you the silent treatment, it is not because they are complicated and difficult. They just can't logically explain the matters. 

A Cancer man often has difficulty putting his thoughts into words, with nothing to go on except their vague instincts.

It can be hard to get back to a Cancer man after a break-up because they will not tell you what you have done wrong. But, always remember that when you first started dating, you had good times and memories together. Meaning you have a strong attraction toward each other.

A Cancer man needs someone who will want him for who he is and someone who truly understands him. So, how will you be able to show a Cancer man that you still care while also giving him space to chase you?

In addition to him chasing you, this guide on how to make a cancer man chase you might come in handy.

How Do I Get My Cancer Man Back?

Re-establish a friendship with him.

For a Cancer man, friendship and platonic love are very important because he is a very sentimental guy. A cancer man will always have a weak spot in his heart for you despite the reason for your break-up and what has caused it. 

Consider what attracted him to you in the first place to be able to re-establish a friendship with him. If he begins to start the friendship again, then you are making progress.

As a Cancer man's friend, you will be able to rebuild his trust, spend time with him, and spark his memories, especially of the good times you once have when you were both a couple.

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Remember that a Cancer man will quickly pick up your intentions, so, if you intend to become his girlfriend again, instead of his friend, then don't make an effort. He'll most likely run off and cut everything pretty quickly.

A cancer man is amazingly loyal, do not make a mistake by comparing him to other men because this will only push him away and never talk to you again. A cancer man is very sensitive to unintended actions, and he is always looking for reassurance and security. 

Get him to talk about his feelings for you to be able to get your Cancer man back.

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Do not be afraid to take the first step, and take responsibility for your actions.

For a Cancer man, you need to admit you may have done something wrong when you two were together. It does not matter why you two broke up because this might pave the way for a new and beautiful friendship together.

A Cancer man will appreciate you making the first move. It does not matter to him who broke the relationship off.

You need to take the first step and tell him you are sorry. Do not be pushy, apologize with no expectations and then you can back off and leave him alone to think.

Cancer Man Secrets will help you figure out the right words to say to get your Cancer Man back.

You must also accept the blame if you did something that caused him to break up with you.

Let him know how sorry you are for whatever you did that ended your relationship together.

And lastly, you should also apologize to him if you are the one who has ended your relationship. Tell him how much you miss him, do this if you did something that caused you to break off your relationship together.

Be open and talk about your families.

To secure your Cancer man's heart, asking thoughtful questions about his family is a good way to get into his heart. A Cancer man is very devoted to his family.

If you have met his parents and his siblings most especially and enjoyed a long relationship with him, it is an excellent idea to ask him about them. Ask how they are or what they are doing. 

This way, you can show a Cancer man that you genuinely care about his family. By doing that, a Cancer man will start to understand that you genuinely care for the people that matter to him the most. 

In a way, it is also like caring about him too.

No swift fixes.

A Cancer man must be able to feel security and safety with you before he starts to feel happy, relaxed, and comfortable in opening his heart again. There are no guarantees or even quick fixes in your relationship together. 

But be determined, patient, and also be willing to accept that it might never happen or will be back to the way you both used to be. In short, if you want your Cancer man back, there should be no expectations from you.

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Show and make him feel that you understand.

Being caring and nurturing is a way how a Cancer man displays his affection. A Cancer man tends to be very criticizing and can nag his partner. 

He is like how a mother can be towards her children. A Cancer man can worry about your well-being if he cares about you so much. 

So, do not be surprised if he does something like telling you to wear a jacket when it's cold, or bring an umbrella cause it's raining. Anything like a mother would do to her child.

A cancer man always loves to check on his lover if she is doing okay or if someone is bothering her. But, several saw him as false and cynical when he was trying to be caring. His feelings get hurt if you are not able to notice what he means when he is saying something, and this can cause a misunderstanding between you two. 

A Cancer man can be suffocating in nature, but you can be sure that he truly cares for you and wants to work it out in your relationship for a long time by saying that you need to change something in your behavior.

A Cancer man can be very unhappy if he sees you in trouble. However, he will be at peace if you get to show your effectiveness and skills.

A Cancer man will not hesitate to give you advice on how you could make things in your life happen to your advantage, because he only wants you to achieve everything you want in life.

Ask yourself, do you want the same thing?

A Cancer man is very focused on family matters and tradition, as mentioned before. A Cancer man wants to provide comfort to the one he loves by making you feel that you are secure with him and that he can give you a comfortable home. 

His ability for nesting is highly present in him. 

Do not expect a Cancer man to give up his idea of a peaceful life with the one he loves or his dream for his career; it could be a promotion or a project he wants to do. A Cancer man is probably all the time dreaming of having a big family. 

You may argue with a Cancer man more often if you are the modern type of a woman who wants children later in life and he doesn't. In case you crave a family as quickly as possible, too, hint him of this if you have gone in separate ways prematurely.

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