Grand rising spiritual meaning: Is it better than good morning? -

Grand rising spiritual meaning: Is it better than good morning?

Has anyone before greeted you “grand rising” first thing in the morning? And you’re a little confused because you don’t know what that means, so you just nodded and replied, “Hello,” then continued walking while you thought if that’s the correct response. Therefore, what does the phrase “grand rising” mean?

From a spiritual angle, saying “grand rising” means you’re giving thanks for returning to your body after being away from it for a long time. When we sleep, the conscious mind rest; however, it is believed that our subconscious and unconscious mind are in a deep state of travel to other realms.

Meanwhile, some people say this phrase when they wake up in the morning or use it as a greeting when they see someone during the day. People state that it is better than the usual good morning.

So, let’s compare what these two phrases mean and how they differ.

Grand rising meaning vs. good morning

In terms of the context in which you want to greet someone, the phrase “grand rising” is better than “good morning.”

The phrase grand rising means something a little different. It’s the act of getting out, and you’re about to start your morning splendidly. 

However, prefixing it with “grand” signifies something bigger than just waking up. It could be anything from going on vacation or trips, being productive at work instead of dozing off through meetings, or even having fun and doing things you like; instead of staying still without doing anything.

However, the term good morning is often associated with “mourning” because they have the same vibration. Good morning is more like a celebration of a particular time of the day to grieve without relating to the act of awakening or anything more personal or spiritual. 

Nowadays, we used to say good morning to greet the person and wish them well throughout the day. It helps improve communication among colleagues and the overall atmosphere in the workplace. 

Saying good morning acknowledges the presence of your colleagues, making them feel welcomed. Moreover, you often say good morning to people in the morning, but you cannot greet someone during the afternoon or evening. 

On the other hand, with grand rising, you can say it to anyone you’re just meeting for the first time during the day, be it morning, afternoon, or evening. When people greet you with grand rising, you can either greet them back by saying “grand rising” or simply good morning.

What is grand rising in astrology?

Astrology is an ancient practice that interprets planetary bodies, zodiac signs, and houses to make a unique cosmic signature called your birth chart. Grand rising is mainly used by astrologers or people who believe in the universe. 

Three main planetary points outline your everyday personality in your birth chart: the sun, moon, and rising. Most people are familiar with their sun sign but not with the moon and rising sign.

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Since we’re focusing on the rising sign, let’s know more about it. The rising sign in astrology is the ascendant, responsible for the first impressions. 

Your sign determines how you act naturally and spontaneously. Moreover, it also defines a person’s mannerisms and appearance.

See below the guide to determine what type of impression you make and see how your rising sign can affect your appearance and mannerisms.


People with the Aries rising are quick and direct. They are highly competitive and always have the desire to win. 

However, they have a little patience for those who are slow. Aries rising people are short-tempered but do not hold a grudge against anyone. 

They are independent and self-reliant individuals.

Appearance and general disposition, Aries rising individuals have a ruddy complexion with reddish hair. They have pronounced facial features with scars or marks on the face or head. 

They tend to move quickly and walk swiftly. Usually, this person has a muscular body build.


Taurus rising individuals have a pleasant speaking and singing voice. They are generally easy-going; however, their temper can be violent once it exceeds its limit. 

Taurus ascendant peeps are strong-willed, patient, and have more endurance than others. Moreover, this person has a pleasing personality and can be affectionate.

They also tend to have a strong appetite. They may overindulge in food and drinks, as well as sensual pleasures. 

Because of their strong appetite, Taurus rising individuals may be prone to weight gain and is likely to plump in the torso area. 

Their neck is usually short and thick, and their shoulders are broad and square. Their nostrils may also flare, especially when they are angry.


A Gemini rising person tends to have an attentive and quick mind. They may be extremely talkative, so communication is vital to this individual. 

Because of their natural curiosity, they may want to learn things independently. They are usually witty, pleasing, and love socializing with people.

Gemini is generally slender and has weight issues because of too much nervous energy and the inability to stay in one place. This individual walks quickly and has a mannerism of hand gestures when talking.


A Cancer ascendant person is more emotional and usually relies on their feeling. This individual is defensive and gives up quickly at the first sign of rejection. 

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These people are also possessive and clingy and hold too tightly to their deceased loved ones. They appear to be shy and subdued.

The most common feature of a Cancer rising individual is their round, moon-shaped face. Like Taurus, they also tend to be overweight, particularly in the hip area; their legs are usually short and stocky.


You have a sunny and robust character if you’re a Leo-rising person. These people have magnetic personalities, and as a result, they are pretty popular.

If you bring them to a party, they love attention, and they are usually the life of the party. Moreover, they are demonstrative and generous to people.

Generally, these individuals have a full head of hair that looks like a lion’s mane. These people tend to be huge-headed and have prominent facial features. 

The Leo rising people have exaggerated and dramatic mannerisms, where they often seek respect and attention.


A Virgo ascendant person is usually self-critical as well to other people. They often feel inferior, so they are hard on themselves. 

Generally, these people are conservative, modest, and discreet. They have a perfectionist image and worry too much about details, neglecting to see the whole picture. 

Moreover, this person is straightforward and tells you as it is, instead of sugarcoating statements.

These individuals are typically small with a great figure, and their complexion is fair and smooth. They walk gracefully and always want to look good and presentable all the time.


As expected from Libra rising individuals, they desire to keep everything in balance and order. These people are sensitive to their surroundings, and they can’t function well if everything is not organized. 

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They are courteous, friendly, and has pleasant personality. Furthermore, these people love to enjoy the best things in life, so they tend to have luxurious tastes.

This individual generally has nicely-shaped facial features and body because of the influence of Venus, who bestows beauty and grace to these people. Moreover, they are in good shape and move gracefully and adequately.


If you’re a Scorpio ascendant person, you’re powerful, intense, and discreet. Because of this, they are suspicious of others and do not trust people until they get to know them well. 

These people are highly focused and determined in achieving goals and wanting to be successful.

Scorpio people tend to have large, penetrating eyes. They have sharp facial features, and their skin may be oily. 

Nevertheless, they have a strong, muscular build and emotionless facial expressions.


Sagittarius ascendant people love being around people but sometimes enjoy freedom and independence. They like to travel and are adventurous.

 Moreover, they have a sunny disposition, so they easily make friends. These individuals share a common trait, which is honesty.

People with Sagittarius rising signs tend to be clumsy and lack grace. They have exaggerated gestures and mannerisms and love to stomp or drag their feet when walking. 

Moreover, these individuals have a lot of energy but do not like to go active. Sometimes they overindulge in food and drinks.


These people are careful when dealing with other people and choose their circles based on status and wealth. They are career-oriented, ambitious, and determined to succeed in their chosen path. 

The Capricorn rising person has a dry sense of humor but has a passionate side that only a few people have seen.

Generally, this individual is slender and flat-chested with sharp facial features. They may seem cold, snobbish, and unapproachable.


This person cares for humanity and loves to interact with people. They are emotionally aloof and fear intimacy when someone wants to get close to them.

Aquarius rising individuals are open-minded and witty. These people walk quickly and move unpredictably.

They love wearing attention-capturing clothes and behave weirdly. Nevertheless, they have well-formed facial features and are attractive.


Pisces ascendant individuals are easy-going and usually get along with all kinds of people. 

They are idealistic and are trusting with other people. Because of this, people often take advantage of/her kindness.

These people are relatively small and have well-proportioned bodies. They have large dreamy eyes with long and thick lashes.

Their feet are usually tiny, and their legs and arm are shorter. They appear to be shy and soft-spoken.

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