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Know Your Guardian Angel: What Do They Do For Us?

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Guardian angels are humans' protectors. They are responsible for keeping peace and tranquility here on Earth. As the Source's right hand, angels are kind, thoughtful, caring, and loving beings. They are always there when humans need them, may it be in good or bad times.

There are plenty of stories and facts about guardian angels. This article will learn more about guardian angels, how to know them, their types, and facts about them. By the end of this reading, you will find yourself looking for your guardian angel. Knowing your angel is like getting to know your best friend as well.

What are the guardian angels?

Guardian angels are our protectors. They are always beside us 24/7. Even though we cannot see them, they are always here with us in mind, spirit, and heart. Every human being has a guardian angel, but some might think theirs is not with them, and that's a lie.

Aside from being our protectors, guardian angels also spread kindness, peace, and love worldwide. Although they are not physically present, they are always around us. They sometimes use other people as instruments for their missions. Hence, there are humans who we consider as “angels in disguise” because they bring a mission from guardian angels.

To put merely, guardian angels are holy and filled with love. They do not show fear nor cruelness. They aspire to have a peaceful Earth, and they are here to guide and protect the inhabitants of this planet at all costs. You will know more about them as you read through this article.

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Where do guardian angels come from?

Guardian angels come from heaven. They are among God's mightiest soldiers. As protectors of heaven, they also help guide and protect everyone here on Earth. Some say that guardian angels are also human souls before they acquired their place in heaven. There are also theories where it says guardian angels come from another world to look after us.

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What do guardian angels do for us?

Humans are aware of both good and bad things. In this ever-evolving world, people have become more aware of cruelness and negativity day by day. But, with the help of our guardian angels, there is still hope for us. Aside from being our protector, there are things that they also do to us that we never realize. Here are among those things:

They scare off demons.

If angels wander here on Earth, protecting humans, some demons want to destroy them. Destroying humanity does not necessarily mean war. There are other ways to spread hate, cruelness, and negativity among humans. Sometimes, demons can only whisper things in a human, impacting their decisions and choices in life.

In movies and books, authors sometimes mention that a human being has two guardians. Their guardian angel, seated on the right side, and a demon, seated on the left side. When people make decisions, they somehow picture themselves talking to both of the figures beside them.

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, fighting off demons are among the duties of a guardian angel. You can also read more of St. Aquinas's claims in a book called Summa Theologica.

They give humans strength against temptations.

There are a lot of temptations here in this world. Demons are the only beings who can whisper such in a human's ear. Aside from other dangers in this world, guardian angels also protect humans against any temptation. A passage in the book of Psalms in the Bible also supports this claim.

Guardian angels are there not only to protect but also to fight off devils in this world. According to St. Bernard, when a human feel stuck in a very tempting situation, they should always call upon their angels. Guardian angels are with us all the time, and calling them is the best thing to do. Keep in mind that angels work upon the Law of Request, and they can only intervene if you ask them so.

Psalms 91 says that God commands and sends his best angels to protect and guide humans here on Earth. Wherever you may go in the farthest ends of the Earth, your guardian angel is there with you always. Even when you are going through a rough patch, they are there to support and love you unconditionally.

They intervene when we need them most.

Although all angels work upon the Law of Request, they can also intervene when humans get in trouble. Since they are our protectors and guides, it is part of their duty to save humans at all costs. According to a passage in the book of Acts, Peter talked to an angel when he needed help to break out of prison. It was a guardian angel who helped him during that time.

Miracles may be fictional to understand, and it is not something humans should depend on. They need to ask their guardian angels to guide them throughout. However, there is always a comfort knowing it can happen among us when we most need it.

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They are there since humans come to life.

Guardian angels are there since the birth of a person. When babies come into the world, guardian angels are there as witnesses. However, there are debates regarding this claim. According to church priests, they debated whether God assigns guardian angels when babies are born or if humans acquire them as they grow.

The answer is yes—they are there at the moment of birth. A passage in Matthew's book in the Bible says that babies have their guardian angels who look to them from the windows of heaven. The reason why angels are there since a baby's birth is that they need aid here on Earth. According to Aquinas, as rational beings, every human person has the right to the order of grace.

They protect everyone—even the nonbelievers.

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According to St. Aquinas, God is always there for us no matter what. This also means that He also shows compassion to those who don't believe in him. As soldiers of God, guardian angels also look after the nonbelievers of His love and grace. Aside from that, as commanded by God, these angels also protect sinners.

According to an explanation of Ludwig Ott, a dogmatic theologian, every human being has his guardian angel since birth. It does not only apply to good people, but also the bad ones. Every human has a special guardian angel. According to Pope Benedict XVI, guardian angels are ministers in providing divine care to every human.

They remind humans that they are beings of dignity.

Humans are all beings with dignity. Even as a baby, we all have guardian angels since then. According to another passage in the book of Matthew, Jesus says humans should not despise little ones. Although they are young, they already have their guardian angel who supports them. Every soul on Earth has one protector, and God himself assigned it to them.

They bring us closer to God.

As soldiers of God, they also must bring human beings closer to Him. According to St. Aquinas, angels do all things by God's mission for his Creations. They operate according to His orders. A guardian angel's aid brings everyone closer to God.

Not only that, but guardian angels also reinforce whatever God commands. It is among their duties to pursue God's virtue for his Creations. Our guardian angels bring us to do good and bring us to God's side. According to a passage in the book of Romans, God has invisible beings to look after his Creation. And those are our guardian angels.

They always aid in our salvation.

Aside from protection and guidance, guardian angels also aid us from salvation. According to St. Aquinas, God sends over his angels to administer those who want to receive salvation. If humans are aware of their guardian angel's existence, they are also aware that they will inherit salvation.

Things you need to know about your guardian angel

Now that you know what guardian angels do for humans and God, it's time to go deeper and know who they are. With that, here are some facts about guardian angels that you must know. These things will help you get to know them more.

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Guardian angels exist.

Even though they are not physically here in this world, guardian angels do exist. The Bible and the Gospel support this claim as well. Guardian angels are there since one comes to this world. They have been guiding each human being on Earth. They also want humans to feel their presence at all times, even at an early age.

Angels had always existed even before humans did. God made angels before creating humans and Earth, and they came from the Divine Will. He made sure to create thousands of angels and stopped when humans existed. There are enough guardian angels for everyone in this world.

Not all angels are guardian angels.

Similar to human society, there is a hierarchy between regular angels and guardian angels. Not all angels can be guardians. Each of them has different tasks and missions that God assigned to them. They have their position and duty to follow.

According to theories, some angels need to take a test from God to qualify as guardian angels. If they pass the test, they will become one. Once they become guardian angels, they start as one to newborn babies. They will become their protector and guardian in all the days of their assigned human's life.

Everyone has their guardian angel.

There are thousands of angels in heaven, and most of them are guardian angels. Each human being has a guardian angel. God does not assign two people in one guardian angel. God loves his people so much that he wants them well-protected and guided throughout their life.

They guide us to heaven.

Among a guardian angel's duty is to bring as many people to the right side. Since they work in God's command, it is part of their responsibility to guide humans to heaven. Although guardian angels cannot decide on behalf of their human, they guide them on the right path. They stay by our side no matter what, and they help suggest which life path to follow.

They never abandon humans.

No matter how difficult it is for guardian angels to bring humans to the right side, they never abandon them. In the next life, we can still rely on guardian angels. Their guidance does not stop when we die. They are human's special friends, and they will never leave them alone no matter what.

Angels do not come from a dead soul.

Among many misconceptions about guardian angels is they come from dead people. Although some people might think that their angels come from a deceased beloved, it's not true. Guardian angels are not someone you know in life. It is not also a family member or a close friend who passed away.

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Guardian angels do not have names.

Although the Bible's angels have names, such as Archangel Michael, Gabriel, and more, they do nameless. It is also not a human's obligation to give them names as well. According to the Bible, angels that have a name were neither listed nor confirmed by the Church. Humans don't also have the right to name their guardian angels.

Angels fight with all their strength.

One thing that most people don't realize is guardian angels are powerful beings. They do not merely play the harp and relax in heaven just like what others perceive they do. They are courageous, strong warriors of God who protects His Creations here on Earth. They can battle through life since humans are too fragile for it.

They are messengers of God.

Guardian angels relay messages from God to humans. Since they are always there for humans and follow God's commands, they send messages vice versa. They report to God about your doings, and God sends back a message for us to do. Their main job is to let humans understand God's message and lead us to the right path.

Types of Angels

There are different types of angels. Each of them ranked according to their spiritual level. Here are among the types of angels that you need to know:

  • Archangel – they rank at the top with 32% as their spiritual level.
  • Principalities – they rank second and have the same spiritual level as Archangels.
  • Seraphim – they have 31% spiritual level
  • Powers – they share the same spiritual level with Seraphim
  • Dominions – they rank 30% in the spiritual level
  • Cherubim – they rank the last, with 29% spiritual level

The reason why angels have rankings is that they show off different frequencies. Their frequency is their way of relaying God's messages in heaven to thousands of humans in the world. Like personal dragons, they also match with humans who have the same personalities as them.

An angel's spiritual level

Now that you know angels rank depending on their spiritual levels let's get deeper. An angel's spiritual level ranges from 29% to 34%. Humans follow a minimum spiritual level for them to enter heaven. They need to have 50% Samashti and 60% Vashti.

Do angels have wings?

In human's imagination about angels, they always have wings. However, according to some spiritual studies, only 30% of the angel population only have wings, and the other 70% don't have one. Angels who have wings are the ones who communicate with humans. Those who don't have wings belong to the higher ones who work in heaven.

Do angels have genders?

Angels can be either male or female. However, they do not identify the angel by their gender. They work legally in God's grace and mission.

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