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Halo Spiritual Meaning: Ring around the Moon and Sun Symbol

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What is a halo? A halo is a ring of shiny light enveloping the head or whole person's figure. The word “halo” means golden. Its round shape comes from the circle's perfection, which perfectly represents sanctity. So, what's the spiritual meaning of halo?

The halo has always been associated with the symbol of light and grace given by God. It represents holiness, which is portrayed by a circle or arc of light around the head of a saint or holy person.

Any circle of light can represent a halo, even in a non-religious context, like a glowing halo of light around the moon.

In painting, the halo has gone through a remarkable evolution. You can notice it from big golden circles to halos of light rays to thin golden rings barely visible in the eyes.

In statues, it's usually represented as a golden disc placed behind the head of the character. In pagan civilization, the halo was an expression of general power used to crown saints, angels‘ heads, and famous people's heads. 

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When you look up at the sky during a clear night, do you see a bright ring around the Moon? They are also called halos. They are formed by light bending or refraction as it passes through ice crystals from high-level cirrus clouds.

So, is there a spiritual meaning behind the Moon halo?

Moon Halo Spiritual Meaning

Like the arc of the rainbow that formed due to water droplets as a medium to disperse the beautiful colors, a halo can split the crystal clear snow into different hues when it gets contact with the cirrus clouds.

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 A halo around the moon represents God's victory and glories since the ages. The creator's power and majesty have no end, from hell to heaven.

He's the only one who holds power uptight. He is responsible for death, birth, disease, injury, and everything. He is the maker and the destroyer too.

You can also call the ring that encircles the moon a sign of His power to punish evil. No matter how strong the devil thinks of itself.

He can even enslave the kings and monarchs as well. God can make sinners kneel their heads on their feet to ask for forgiveness.

If the evil has no shame or regret for his evil doings, he has to pay the price.

The halo around the Moon is a sign from God that he will come soon. This sign happens before the seven-year tribulation period, also known as the “great day of His wrath” found in Revelation 6:17.

The tribulation will happen when you see a blood-red moon and a halo around the moon.

The halo around the moon symbolizes a sign that God will come soon to punish the wickedness on Earth. Through His prophet Joel, the Lord told us the signs when these things were happening. 

In Joel 2:30, it's stated there, “I will show wonders in the heavens and on Earth, blood, fire, and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”

God will punish people for their rebellion against him. Therefore, people need to make sure that they will accept Jesus as their savior and receive the gift of eternal life.

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When Jesus comes back to Earth, it will be too late for people who haven't made him the Lord of their lives. (Revelation 16:15).

When you see a halo around the Moon or a blood-red Moon, make sure you are prepared for God's return by inviting Christ into your heart. If this is not yet happening, you still have time to make your life count for eternity.

The spiritual meaning of the halo around the Moon is a sign from God or the universe to be careful of adverse events happening around you. The halo's appearance around the Moon can represent an exterior force or influence that you need to take precautions against.

It could be in the form of negative moods around you or bad energies around you, or even dealing with terrible weather.

If the halo appears around the moon when it's not too cloudy outside, be wary of your surroundings and watch the people who project their unhappiness into you. If the weather is terrible, be careful to keep yourself safe or go to a place where you are safe from danger.

Be careful of the negative influences outside your control that interfere with your life path. Hence, use this sign to keep yourself grounded and keep away from people who promote negative influences in your life.

Another possible spiritual meaning behind the appearance of a halo around the Moon is incoming growth and opportunities within your mind. Keep an eye for new ideas, inspirations, and beliefs you may have had in the past.

It could be both positive and negative, so take note of the insight that can help you improve your life path.

The spiritual meaning of a ring or halo around the Moon is a folklore myth with an exciting story. If you are out on a clear night and see a ring around the Moon, something terrible will happen to you within the following year.

Considering how many people will look at the moon today, this myth can be true because many people will look up to it.

This Moon ring myth continues by saying that if you see this halo around the Moon and it's not clear whether or not there are stars in it, then someone close to you will die. Meanwhile, if none of these conditions exist and suddenly there's a ring around the Moon with no stars, death will quickly follow.

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On the other hand, the Moon halo myth is the “wolf halo.” It is mainly because the ring around the moon is said to be created by wolves howling at it.

If this happened, there would be a famine soon, so that all farmers would starve. If there's no famine after seeing the wolf halo, you will be stuck with bad luck for the next twelve months.

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Halo around the Sun Biblical Meaning

Like all the phenomena of nature, the halo noticed around the sun also has its meaning – it's a warning of spiritual awakening. Letting go of things without even trying hard is not worthy of your future.

This ring signifies that you have to work hard to make your turn and are tireless. It wants you to let go of your unhealthy habits and be active.

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You have to find out your goal and make a plan to achieve it. You can't achieve success quickly, so just introspect your inner thoughts and change your ideas into reality.

The process will take time to learn how to do things, but you can make your work and kick off the path progress little by little.

The other indirect presentation of the halo as sun rays and inspiration from the creator can be read in Habakkuk 3:4, “His radiance is like the sunlight; He has rays flashing from his hand, and there is the hiding of his power.” This passage displays the glow on God's face and his powers as the ray of the beam.

It means that the blessing of God showers upon the people, and it signifies that you're under his protection and will safeguard you from all the unfortunate events. Meanwhile, some religious and spiritual observers believe that these astronomical illusions of the sun surrounded by a halo represent an omen or message from God warning people of impending doom.

The bible tells you to look to the heavens for signs that portray God's power and glory.

The solar or sun halos are a relatively common scientific weather phenomenon caused by ice crystals that float in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds located high in the upper troposphere. During a clear winter night, these halos can be seen surrounding a full moon and are called the Moon Ring of Winter Halo.

During the day, the prism-shaped ice reflects and refracts the rays of light to make a circular rainbow around the sun with a radius of approximately twenty-two degrees. That's why it's called 22 degrees Halos.

The appearance of the solar halo can be used to describe the visitation of the angelic divine messenger of wrath in the Book of Revelation. Revelation 10:1 says, “Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars.” 

These ice-filled cirrus clouds that create sun halos can look like ribbons and folds of a white robe, and the fiery light pillars can also be formed by the presence of these ice crystals when the sun is near the horizon. These vertical light beams are called Light Pillars, as described in the bible.

Therefore, this vision in the Book of Revelation of a solar halo can be a real scientific possibility, and this phenomenon is a sign from God.

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