Best Healing Crystals & Stones For Solar Plexus Chakra -

Best Healing Crystals & Stones For Solar Plexus Chakra

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The Sanskrit root word for the solar plexus is “Manipura,” meaning “City of Jewels.” It is a lovely way of seeing how this chakra reflects your ego, psyche, and self-assurance. You spend time here thinking about how you show yourself to everyone else and who and what you are.

The solar plexus chakra will be the first of your chakras that deals with relationships. It strikes a chord with both the yellow and the element of fire to function the solar plexus. It involves working on your individuality, self-esteem, how you start communicating with others, and how you balance your desires with everyone else's expectations.

7 Best Stones for Your Solar Plexus

  • Citrine Stone

Citrine is a light, optimistic stone that lights up the driest of times, and if you're someone with Aries as a zodiac sign this stone is best for you.. For decades, citrine is adding the most beneficial energy to the body. Most people find these among the most effective crystal healing of the solar plexus chakra. Citrine is also the “Stone of Prosperity.”

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While increasing courage and attaining enlightenment, it's indeed convenient to use. Such stone encourages prosperity and wealth, particularly in a business environment. It emits a positive force that sheds new light on many facets of your life.

  • Yellow Jasper Stone

Yellow Jasper is the perfect mineral to cure the solar plexus chakra. It holds the sun's light energy and sends out positive vibrations and strengths that foster satisfaction and optimism. This stone enhances morale in social interactions while alleviating fear and negative thinking.

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  • Tiger's Eye Stone

It is the “Stone of Defense” for its capacity to store harmful energies and transcend help throughout periods of crisis to bring harmony and serenity to your life. Cultures respected the tiger's eye for its ability to defend and also to scare off the darkness. 

You might feel more energized due to the Tiger's Eye's shades, and it corresponds with your solar plexus. This stone also promotes the connections you appreciate, giving hope to your central chakra as it also is perfect for stabilization and healing.

  • Moonstone

A soft peach of moonstone indulges your solar plexus. An exquisite, attractive stone, the Romans believed that moonstone engulfed Diana's illustration, the Lunar Goddess, who can give affection, riches, triumph, and enlightenment to the bearer. Moonstone has become connected to the lunar throughout olden history that beams throughout the night, providing safeguards.

  • Carnelian Stone

It's a beautiful stone to improve your strength and motivation. It is a stone of change that activates desire and motivation so that you can do something you're longing to achieve. It increases your energy and makes you achieve your dreams to steer you in the direction you're supposed to be in.

By positioning you to three specific lower power points, Carnelian is a perfect calming stone that you can also use during your exercise. Carnelian induces warmth and excitement that help you concentrate. If you were feeling good with life, you might want extra help to step forward to offer this stone a chance to assist you on that.

  • Golden Quartz Stone

It has become a great healer with its high-energy bands. It increases energy transfer and intention, even while removing barriers when required. It boosts immune response and filters the organ systems to put the body into equilibrium and unity. 

This stone also combines the yin and yang forces to match all the chakras and maximize your wellness. It could also motivate you to make meaningful improvements by supplying you with awareness in which you are in the right direction. It focuses on the path that will lead you to a spiritual awakening.

  • Mookaite Stone

There is a shortage of this stone because it resides with one location worldwide: along its Mooka River in Western Australia. It is becoming famous because of its close relation to the electromagnetic field of the Earth. It is stimulating and thus has anti-aging effects. The golden hue also strikes a chord with the solar plexus.


The solar plexus chakra becomes concerned about the way you see and handle yourself. Once it is healthy, you can feel your personality and self-empowerment enhanced and experience a more pleasant and comfortable life. On the bad note, if you feel unsafe, anxious, and compulsive—this chakra is already out of control, and you can consider yourself to buy some of the crystals mentioned above to correct yourself and achieve greatness.

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