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Heart Chakra Pain Twin Flame: How to Deal With it?

When we think of “chakra,” our minds usually conjure spinning wheels or vortex images.

The chakras are seven energy centers located in different parts of the body. These centers are responsible for the flow of prana or vital life force energy through our bodies.

They connect to the soul and the mind. They are part of a system of energy pathways, and each chakra has a particular purpose.

They run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakras are like power stations responsible for all physical and emotional functions.

They aid in linking to the soul and the higher self also. They are interconnected with each other and the mind, emotions, and thoughts that activate them.

When these centers are balanced, you feel great. Otherwise, when they are out of balance, you experience various health problems.

What is the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is the center of your emotional self. It is the place where you experience the most intense emotions.

When your heart chakra is open, you feel the attraction to your twin flame. It's like being drawn by an invisible force.

When you are pleased, you are in love with the person you are attracted to. You may even feel excited and intense joy when you are in a relationship.

It is a sign that you are meant to be together.

Heart Chakra Pains can manifest in various ways, but why does this happen?

The heart chakra is associated with love for yourself and others. It relates to compassion and affection that starts in the center.

It expands through the chest and connects the upper and lower chakras. It serves as the bridge between earthly and heavenly ends.

It is essential to understand your heart chakra in your twin flame relationship. It motivates two twins to feel each other, whether happy or sad.

Your heart chakra is the receiver and sender of Divine love. The love radiates like a beam of energy throughout your entire body.

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But twin flames feel the bliss and the seasons of agony and misery. Twin flames will feel the connection in the heart and the heart chakra.

It is behind the energy that draws you together. It is when your twin attracts you, and you attract them.

As a result, when the energies of twin flames meet, the heart chakra feels it first. Later on, it radiates to other chakras.

However, it is not just about love, passion, or joy. It also includes intense sadness and grief, which is normal when in a relationship.

There might be conflicts along the way and pain during separation. Stress arises, and strain can cause the twin flames to feel anguish and obstruct the chakra.

How does twin flame affect the heart chakra?

During the separation stage of the twin flame relationship, pain in the heart chakra is inevitable. It is a part of the process that can be very confusing and enriching.

It is also a sign of the soul's longing for the other soul. If you are in a twin flame relationship, you will feel this energy.

In my case, prior to being with my twin flame, I was in a really dark place. I was working two jobs, struggling to pay rent, and incredibly lonely each day.

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Many of us have experienced that life-changing moment when we meet our twin. Instantly, you feel a penetrating connection with that person.

You may feel a tingling sensation in your stomach or a slight trembling in your hands. The reason for this phenomenon is your energies are aligned.

The heart chakra is the first to identify the twin flame. Since the heart is the main organ for this chakra, it manifests heart pains.

The twin flame heart chakra pain is one of the most painful conditions. It includes palpitations and chest pains, although you can also feel this in other situations.

But the twin flame heart chakra pain is a whole different level. It is like someone stabbing your heart with a dagger and leaving a deep wound.

It is necessary to remember that this pain is physical, mental, and emotional. The pain and pressure you feel in your heart may be challenging to understand.

The twin flame connection must be the reason behind it. They can even feel like ripping apart every piece of you.

In addition, it can cause you to lose your confidence. It is important to remember that the twin flame heart chakra pain will end when the twin flames merge into one.

The twin flame heart chakra pain is an authentic and intense sensation, but you can overcome it by focusing on the light and love of the divine.

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What does it feel like – Heart Chakra Pain Twin Flame?

 As mentioned earlier, palpitations and chest pain are among the standard descriptions. Although experience varies from person to person, there are commonalities in this sensation.

The discomfort you feel may even extend to the arms and hands. You may also have headaches, dizziness, and nausea because of the blocked energy flow.

You can say that you are experiencing physical discomfort of energetic origin. But it's not just physical pain, and you can feel other kinds of hurts.

The twin flames experience many feelings. Grief, fear, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, anger, and jealousy can block the heart chakra, which deals with love.

These feelings are prevalent and occur because the twin flame pain is part of the spiritual path. They have to go through with the pain and accept it for them to evolve.

How to deal with this pain?

There are many ways to deal with this pain, and it is a matter of addressing the root cause. You and your twin flame have something to do with causing it to manifest.

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 If you are experiencing this kind of pain, try to relax, breathe deeply, and meditate on your inner self. Let's break them down, and hopefully will help you overcome the pain.


The first thing you should do is cleanse your body, mind, and spirit. You can use many methods available today, and it doesn't have to be extravagant.

Cleansing the chakra systems is vital in the process. The heart chakra, where you can mainly feel the pain, should be given attention.

Neglecting your heart chakra allows blockages to occur and turn a beautiful twin flame reunion into disaster. So, make sure the energy flows with the heart and the other chakras properly.

You can try a spiritual bath or purifying bath. It is different from the usual bath or showers you do regularly.

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The other is for physical hygiene and promoting overall well-being. On the other hand, spiritual baths may require rituals intended for spiritual hygiene.

You cleanse your personal energy body through it. As a result, it is a refreshing and revitalizing bath that creates a deep sense of inner peace.

Set the space with a clean tub and other things you wish to surround you. It can be plans, crystals, or candles, whichever you like.

You can choose the scent that invokes your intention of cleansing. You can light scented candles, diffuse essential oils, or burn incense.

Make you that you feel good about the scent and it doesn’t irritate your nose. No one wants to be disturbed by sneezing or runny nose while doing it.

You can also choose calming background music at a medium volume. You can select instrumental music or songs without lyrics, as long as it calms you.

Add some pink Himalayan Salt and Epsom salt, whichever is available for you. Natural salts can help release negativity in your energy and are considered the most potent ingredients.

Baking Soda also has physical and energetic benefits when used for bathing. Moreover, lavender promotes relaxation and calms your mind and emotions.

You can choose from other options, like carnations, rose water, and herbs. You can apply what you think suits your purpose and take out what you don't need.


Twin Flame meditation is among the highly effective ways to deal with pain. It is a powerful and valuable tool in your overall twin soul experience.

During the chakra meditation, you are attentive to the various chakras. Since they are energy centers, they act as doorways to many aspects of yourself.

When you focus on the heart chakra, you will be aware of what's going on. You become highly aware of what the chakra represents in parts of your life.

Aside from the awareness, the chakra's energy becomes alive with the attention given. It will allow you to get in touch and reveal what is hidden.

It is vital to process the feelings like loss, hurt, or grief. If not, the energy of these feelings gets stuck in the heart chakra.

It can be pains from the past that you should let go of. Or the pain that you have been ignoring while living your life.

As you divert your attention to a specific chakra, you allow it to do its job. So, the heart chakra processes certain emotions when you relax during meditation.


You can work on your own healing journey and focus on the process. Twin flames also have to do their part in the spiritual path.

You might be experiencing your Heart Chakra Opening, so I suggest also reading more about it. 

So, focus on doing your part while assisting your twin to their best on their part. Twin flame connection can be helpful and supportive in overcoming the painful stage.

You can also exert more effort in boosting your self-confidence and self-worth. It would be great to believe in yourself to help you deal with this heartache.

You can make the most of your twin flame union and still appreciate the experience. Gratitude raises your energy and creates progress in your healing.

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