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Heyoka Empath Twin Flame: How to Understand Them?

Before we start, we need to know a bit about how the human mind works. We're going to take a look at how the brain functions and how we perceive the world.

It is on how we think that we make decisions. We’ll also take a look at how our emotions and our thoughts interact with one another.

You see, we're emotionally involved with a situation. We tend to become more focused on the emotional side of it than the logical side.

So, what are empaths? To understand what a Heyoka empath is, we first need to know what an “empath” is on its own.

An empath is someone who has a strong emotional sensitivity to the emotions of others. These people can often feel the feelings of others in their own bodies.

Empaths put themselves in that person’s shoes. Empaths are very good at reading body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

They are also very good at understanding the feelings of other people. However, empaths do not necessarily read minds or see the future.

Instead, empaths are able to tap into the feelings of another person by putting themselves in their shoes. It is easy to get caught up in an emotional roller coaster in twin flame relationships.

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If you’re an empath, you have the ability to feel what others are feeling. You literally take on the feelings of other people. This is a gift, but it also has some downsides.

There are many different types of empaths with the ability to understand the emotional states of others. With so many levels of gifts and abilities, it gets interesting.

But most of them believe that Heyoka Empath is the most powerful type of empath.

What is Heyoka Empath? What Do they Do?

So, a Heyoka empath refers to someone who works with people’s energy and heals them. They don’t even realize it’s happening but they always want to help others.

Since they can feel others' emotions and energy inside theirs, they can make them feel better. They have the ability to uplift others using humor.

“Heyoka,” which is a Native American word, means “sacred clown.” The origin of the word is from the Native American Sioux Tribe.

It may sound foolish, but the translation does not justify the true meaning. As you continue to read on, you'll have a clearer understanding of it.

The essence of Heyoka is much like a mirror; it reflects back at you. Being the Great Mirror, they show you what you need to work on.

Most of it involves your spiritual evolution because they make you realize things. They would know how to guide you based on how you react to them emotionally.

When a Heyoka empath interacts with people, people see their reflection. They can understand what they need to heal as they see their true selves.

When negativity engulfs, the Heyoka empaths will know how to help people heal.

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How do you know when you are a Heyoka Empath?

You can tell by the energy you get from other people. You feel it in your body, and you can sense it in your head.

You feel like your energy is low. You may feel a little tired at first, but you will get used to it after a while.

As you continue your journey, you need to take care of yourself more. You need to get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and take care of your physical health.

Some ways to be a Heyoka are praying, meditating, doing yoga, and exercising. You can also help others heal by doing healing work.

The challenges of being an Heyoka empath are that you have to be careful on who you use your abilities. Some of the benefits of being a Heyoka are to feel good about yourself, and learn about yourself.

What are the traits of being a Heyoka Empath?

The traits of a Heyoka can be defined by the energy one carries. You interact with reality, and the real deal is how you process your emotions.

Some may be born in a breached position. They can be coming into the world backward instead of head first.

Some may have signs of being dyslexic and see letters and words differently. Although it affects their ability to read, write and speak, they are smart people.

They also have the ability to do certain things backward. And when we talk about looks, they may appear younger than their actual age.

The Heyoka has a gift that brings people back into balance. They get people out when they are stuck.

They usually show the opposite or backward ways, as they say. They let people see things differently and shift the energy of the situation.

They carry the power to change people's lives through their perspectives and energy. They are the catalysts for people to experience growth.

Are you ready to see the truth behind the world of ego? They show the unseen shadows and mirror the truth that is difficult to gaze on.

What are the signs of Heyoka Empath Twin Flame?


Because they are open-minded, they can feel others' emotions powerfully. Instead of condemning or labeling others, they tend to be open and understand the situation.

It allows them to see challenging situations in a different way. With exceptional levels of open-mindedness, they don’t judge people.

Instead, they are consistent and conscious about their purpose to heal others. No matter what their background is or how personal the situation may be, they are present.

They are open-minded to other people, how much more to their twin flame partners. Their deep connection with each other includes no judgments but understanding above all.

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An Heyoka empath is no different than an empath, but they raise the bar of sensitivity. They have a radar for powerful energy sources, and they feel it within.

But it doesn’t stop there because they are not just energy receivers; they are also givers. They have the skill of determining what energy other people need.

You can tell if you are a Heyoka if you feel happy and energetic. An empath can get their abilities by being around a lot of people.

That is why they have to take care of themselves, to be a giver of positivity.

Not everyone is transparent with their emotions, especially with people they don't trust. As a human, keeping emotions feels safer.

But no matter how much you keep it, Heyoka Empath is a great reader in social gatherings. They would know how you feel by reading your body language and easily sense your feelings.

This is one of the reasons you cannot hide anything from your twin flame partner. They know everything about you without you saying a word.

Their sensitivity towards you multiplies many folds because you are mirror souls. You may deny what you are feeling at the moment, but they know more than you.

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The healer ability of a Heyoka comes naturally. Aside from being positive givers, they are pain eaters.

Most of the time, conversations tend to end up being counseling sessions. Most likely, they give advice and insights and help other people feel better in their own way.

Talking to a Heyoka lifts a heavy burden in your chest. It's like what you have been keeping has already come out, and there's no need to hide.

You can feel better after talking to them, and you sense improvement in any way. You would feel their genuine care about your situation.

As a twin flame, you always look after your partner. You believe that being together is the key to happiness.

And so, you help them through their healing as well as yours. Spiritual growth is essential in the journey called life.

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You don't have to do everything alone because your twin flame is with you. You may experience the healing process differently, but you can make it through anything together.

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They give a lasting impression even on the people they met for the first time. They have a powerful impact on them based on how the conversation goes.

With their words, you can say that they understand and feel what you feel. It isn't just empty words to comfort you but is actually associated with tremendous empathy.

You appreciate what they have done to you, and you never forget their unique personality. You remember their humor and intelligence.

Sense of Humor

They are not just funny to make you laugh, but they actually make sense. There is something in how they interact with people that positively affects others.

They seem to know how to make difficulties lighter. They usually succeed without being disrespectful and insensitive.

They have the capacity to loosen up the tension built or hostility with humor. Moreover, when bad news arrives, they definitely know how to raise their spirits up.

With the energy-reading ability, they can respond better to situations. But above anything else, they know how to have a good time.

Stand out

Without doing much, Heyoka Empath stands out from the crowd. There’s always something unique about them that people like.

They can make deep connections with others quickly but not as profoundly as twin flames. But with the Heyoka Empath Twin Flame connection, it gets stronger.

The impressions they give are memorable and worth remembering. They are spontaneous and go with the flow, but they're not rebellious.

They are more likely confident in their decisions and don't need others' approval. They tend to be independent thinking and be a free spirits.

They are likely to think outside of the box and do what society least expects.

Heyoka Empath twin flames can be draining and emotionally overwhelming. So, it would be best to give them a safe space for solitude most of the time.

They would always need to recharge and spend time to recover and heal also.

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