The Hierophant Tarot Card Love Meaning -

The Hierophant Tarot Card Love Meaning

With it's close ties to the Pope and religion, this is presented as a man in full dress robes with crown and scepter. There is a strong tradition attached to this card and is shown in detail within the robes and the repeated showing of three. Three people on this card showing one robbed ruler over two acolytes, three tiers of his crown and three-pronged scepter to show this man rules all three worlds. 

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The Hierophant represents a joining together, commitment, religion, and spirituality. Bringing calm in times of doubt or crisis and harmony in relationships, this card speaks of shared beliefs, shared values, and shared traditions. 

The Hierophant Meaning in Love

When you see the Hierophant, you know that true love is on the way. You should prepare for soul mate status and know that marriage is in the near future, and a coupledom that brings shared decisions shared joy, and shared traditions. It may encourage you to take on the traditions of someone else, of a new religion while moving you forward to your happily ever after.

If you are already married, it may bring news of doubts or marriage counseling. This may not be terrible news. A strong relationship can usually be repaired, put in the work for what matters most to you but do not lose yourself for the sake of others. 

This type of love is all-consuming and speaks of commitment and a lifetime of bonding. You will teach each other new things and become intertwined with each other in a way that allows you to rely on each other and move together through life as one. Making decisions together and depending on each other builds a bond that cannot be ignored, and certainly will not fade over time.

Your shared values and belief systems will bring you together and feeling safe and accepted. Be your true self without fear of rejection or judgment.

When you are single, this card reminds you to consider why you have not settled yet, what's your beliefs about yourself. Dig deep about what you feel is right about your relationships, and you can bring about a partnership that will last a lifetime.

If you are in a relationship already, it can be a reminder that you need to check-in and make sure that you are both still on the same track and want the same things. Use your shared wants and needs to move both forward and create the life that you both want. Shared intentions will create a shared life. 

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The Hierophant (Reversed) in Love

In the reversed position, the Hierophant speaks of individuality, breaking convention, and going your way. Find encouragement to break the norms and go against convention to follow your own beliefs and do your own thing. Stand firm in what you feel is right.

It may also represent vulnerability, which could bring positive change or could represent a chance of being hurt. Vulnerability can be used to your advantage in learning about your relationships, about your life, no matter where it is meant to take you. 

When you face the beliefs that lay on the surface and see they may not be true at all, you must dig deeper into your mind and see where your truth lies. There you will find the direction to live your truth and own your life. Follow your intuition and break through the things others want you to believe.

Things that show on the surface may not be the truth that lies underneath, and we must do the work to find the truth to live it.

What Does The Hierophant Mean?

When reading this card, attention must be paid to the cards around it as well. The surrounding cards will point towards which interpretation of this is the best fit. This card speaks to religion, ceremonies and events, and to love.

For a single person, the Hierophant points towards an upcoming relationship or bond that can not be broken. A soulmate may be one for love, for support, encouragement, friendship, or mentorship. All these relationships have a place in life, and they may overlap or stand-alone. A strong, supportive relationship is on the way, and you should move forward with strength and confidence towards it. 

When presented to someone already in a romantic relationship, this card points to the need to reconnect. Revisit the wants and needs of both and confirm you are still moving in the same direction and that values and beliefs still align with one another. Every relationship can benefit from a refreshing experience and deeper bonds.

This card encourages you to dig beneath the surface of your belief systems and be certain that what you value on the surface is reflecting what your true values are and your intentions for your life. Leave behind limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in a life that is not exactly what you want.

Representing all things spiritual and religious, the Hierophant brings together the best of the worlds and encourages forward movement, connection, and ceremony. Strongly connected to love, relationships, and bonds; it shows all these will be in your near future or are already present in your life.

Other Meanings

With strong religious ties and connections to weddings, baptisms, and other religious events, it represents strong relationships and support. Bringing forgiveness and mercy, the Hierophant speaks of strong relationships, mentorship, and the formation of support and good advice. Expect to be involved in tradition and strong ties to the ceremony and accepting of other cultures. 

There will be teachers and mentors in your near future or forming with people you already know. Be open to advice and guidance. 

Showing you the truth within yourself, the Hierophant encourages you to search your belief systems. Focus on what you want from life in your most vulnerable and honest moments, and search out the truth that lies within you. This is a reminder that you will create what you truly desire and focus on, so know yourself, understand your goals, face your wants and needs head-on, and create a beautiful life that is truly yours. 

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