How Angels Communicate with Us?: This Is How They Get In Touch -

How Angels Communicate with Us?: This Is How They Get In Touch

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Angels are our guardians in the physical world. While there is plenty of cruelness and darkness across Earth, angels are there to give humans guidance and light. Whenever we need help, we only need to seek them and ask. If we don't, help and light will not come to us.

These guardian angels work according to the Universal Law of Request. If humans do not ask for help or say a prayer to them in time of need, they will not interfere. Angels understand that humans have their free will. When asking for help, it should be the human's decision to ask from them. Thus, the choice will still be upon the human being. 

Although they don't interfere when there's no cry for help, angels constantly communicate with humans. They do it 24/7, and some of us might not realize it. Their way of communication is gentler and simpler than what people think in our physical mindsets. Despite how busy we are in our lives, angels always guide each and everyone in their daily lives. 

There could be a lot of unseen signs that angels have brought to your life. They might have given you chances to redeem yourselves from your past bad decisions. You will never know because angels work discreetly. But it does not mean they don't care about your spiritual well-being.

In this article, you will know how angels communicate with humans. These ways are way simpler than one can imagine. As a popular spiritual saying goes, angels can push you and give you nudges every step of the way. They don't lack guidance nor giving signs on which path to take. But the question is, are you letting it in?

What are the ways angels communicate with humans?

As mentioned, there are various ways that angels speak to humans. Some are unseen; some are noticeable for others. Regardless of how it's obvious or not, here are some ways that angels communicate with human beings. 

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Angels give them a sudden flash of inspiration and intuition.

A person's intuition is very strong. It can do many wonders and lead you to a path you did not expect you to take. One of the reasons why humans get strong intuition is because of the angels surrounding us. Angels normally give us kisses on our heads. Once they do, you will know what to do, and a hint of inspiration will run into your mind. 

With just one angel's kiss on your forehead, you can envision things more clearly. You will gain an understanding that you have never had before. This time, you feel alive and ready to get back on your feet again. This is how powerful angels can do to us, and it's sad we often get to realize it. 

Sometimes, you might realize something in your head that you never thought could help you. Or, you could have felt something strange at a sudden moment. Whatever it is, angels are surely working their way around you. They are sending these signals to reach you and send you a message. 

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You feel a sudden embrace or touch.

Sudden goosebumps don't automatically mean paranormal activity is going around. It could also mean that your guardian angel is near you. Since they are there to guide you, they are always close to you. Angels care a lot about humans, and they don't leave each being alone by themselves.

If you feel a sudden touch in your body, it could be your angel is trying to reach you. Sometimes, they will put a hand on your shoulder, and you will feel it. Although it might not happen all the time, keep in mind that it's possible. 

Another sign that angels are near you is when you feel a warm embrace around you. This warm feeling comes from their huge wings wrapping around you. Whenever you feel down in a slump, angels will be there with you hugging you tight. Their hugs are probably one of the most amazing things you can experience in the world. 

They visit you in their dreams.

Even in biblical times, angels often show up in people's dreams. Sometimes these dreams can come clearly. Sometimes, they leave hints for you to figure it out. Showing up in our dreams is their way to relay us a message on what we should do with our lives. 

After angels show up in your dreams, you will wake up having a light mood. You will be waking up feeling positive. The reason behind this is because while you were asleep, angels are already pouring you positive energy. They have broken your soul free to meet with the angels. 

Because of how busy the human race is every day, humans mostly feel isolated more than usual. That's why humans are always ungrateful and feeling down with the life they are in. But, once angels visit you in your dreams, you will wake up with a wonderful light inside you. 

They leave feathers as imprints of themselves.

We all know angels have wings, and wings come with feathers. You could imagine bird feathers, but angels have the best ones. Another way how angels communicate is they leave feathers in our way. The feathers' colors vary; sometimes it's white, sometimes grey. 

Angels know everything that is going on with our lives. They know your current situation, good or bad. Regardless of which, they are always supportive and loving. Nonetheless, they always have our backs. 

Whenever you are going through something and find a feather, always say thank you to the angels. Their feathers are a reminder that they are always there for you. All you need to do is ask, and they will provide it in the best way possible. 

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They leave coins.

Aside from feathers, angels also leave coins behind as a sign. You might think that you left some coins in the way, but angels also do their tricks. The reason why they leave coins is for us to remember that we are valuable and precious in God's eyes. 

Often, when people become so down, and their minds get clouded with negativity, they forget their worth. You might feel unloved, unworthy, and useless in this world. Angels leave a coin behind to remind you that you always matter. You are always supported, treasured, and guided throughout.

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They show rays and sparkles of light.

Heaven is a wonderful place to be. It is everyone's dream, and I hope to go there someday after passing the material world. As guardians of heaven and Earth, they always leave the light in every path. The light is what they use when sending signals to humans in every decision. 

There is a reason why angels are Beings of Light. Whenever they see someone who is feeling blue, they will send light and sparkles behind for that person. Sometimes, angels come in full view, and the light shows an actual figure of them. Angel light figures are mostly seen in pictures. 

They leave a heavenly scent.

Angels also have their smell or scent that will capture your heart right away. If you smell a bunch of roses, you can tell that an angel is near you. Sometimes, the scent also comes in a heavenly smell. Once you sense such, know that an angel is just a few inches away from you.

They show a bright rainbow or a bunch of fluffy clouds.

We all know that rainbows happen after the rain. But have you seen a rainbow show up in the sky without experiencing rain? If so, it might be that an angel is relaying a message to you! Angels love rainbows as much as they love bright things. They use rainbows to remind humans that life is great, and they are there to support them all the way.

Sometimes, if it's not a rainbow, angels show bright fluffy clouds. They also show shaped clouds, and it could be anything relevant to what you prayed for. They could send clouds in heart, flower, or animal shapes. Angels watch us from heaven, and rainbows are their windows when they watch us. 

If you are feeling down, remember to watch the skies for signs. Whether it's a rainbow or cloud, the important thing is angels heard your call, and they are there for you.

They send butterflies.

When butterflies appear in one's house or office, they will immediately think it's a dead person visiting them. While that can be an old soul, it could also be an angel watching over you. Angels come in different forms, and the signs they give vary. Aside from butterflies, they come as dragonflies too. 

They show us other people.

Aside from animals, rainbows, or feathers, angels can also come in human form. They do not necessarily possess a human body to do so. Sometimes, when you can't see the signs they give you, they relay it to another human. The person whom the angel touched will serve as the one who will help you with what you prayed for.

That's why there are times when you do something good for someone, they would respond, “you are such an answered prayer!” or “you're an angel sent!” Angels relay it to some people because you can be too clouded to notice their help. Since humans can connect faster with other humans, they use some of us as their instruments. 

Your human-angel can be a friend, a family member, or anyone who sees through you. You can get over a bad day right away with just a kind gesture or hug. One kind gesture can help meltdown any worry, depression, sadness, and negative emotion. Angels can easily touch someone's heart to be generous and loving to you. 

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They also use media at some point.

Who says angels are not techy too? There might be times where you feel sad about your romantic relationship, and you are looking for a sign. Should you stay or go? Should I give up or chase? Questions like that might run in your mind like an old record. 

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When you turn on the TV, you suddenly see two people getting married. As easy as that, angels are already working their way to give you a sign. Although it might be a coincidence for you to see such, but angels don't do coincidence. They make things happen for a reason, and it's mainly because you need to learn something. 

Another good example would be going on the internet for answers. When you are in doubt, you often search for answers to your questions. The answers you find online can be because your angel led you to click on them. 

If you think about it, there are thousands of articles online. Yet, you chose a significant one that catches your eye. The angels might have made that article stand out from the rest because they know you can find answers there. 

They leave buzzing noise.

There might be instances that you can immediately hear a buzzing noise in your ear. You might think it's a bug or a bee. But did you know it could also be a signal from an angel? If it's not a medical reason and you hear a buzzing noise, it only means your angel is trying to relay a message to you. 

The buzzing noise is the information that angels are trying to relay to you. The buzzing is the information that they are trying to tell you. If you hear a sudden buzz in your ear, keep in mind that it could be instructions or guides to help you in your situation.

They can leave speaking voices.

You might think you have gone crazy when you hear sudden voices out of nowhere. But humans forget that they have clairaudience sometimes get twisted. You might think that your ears are not functioning properly, but it could be because an angel's voice is trying to reach you. Some people lack spiritual belief and would find this thought absurd. But the truth is, it's not impossible.

There will be times where you can hear a voice out of nowhere. It could be a voice coming inside of your head or whispers around you. Although angels don't talk too much, they use telepathy to speak to other humans. Through telepathy, they will be able to send information to the person they want to reach. 

The buzzing sound or the voice that you hear might not sound clear. But you can try and shape words from it and see if it makes sense. Use your own words and frame up some sentences and check if you can understand the message relayed to you. You may also use your psychic senses to combine everything and comprehend it. 

They also give signs through repeating numbers.

If you see repeating numbers, such as 11:11, 77, or 00:00, stop and look at your surroundings. Check if there are signs that you can get. According to spiritual experts, repeating numbers are also a great way for angels to reach humans. It only means they have an important message to tell you. 

Also, according to tarot cards, repeating numbers play a significant role in determining one's fate. Repeating numbers can be used by tarot card readers as guidance when reading the cards. Here are some meanings of repeating numbers that you can look into just in case you see one:

  • 00:00 – this means you need to do a restart again. Since zero signifies back to square one, you need to trust God with your new beginning. 
  • 11:11 – this repeating number is the most powerful among the list. This is also a powerful repeating number, and when people see it, they always make a wish. Some say prayers as well. 11:11 means that you are ready to believe in yourself and your capabilities.
  • 22:22 – this repeating number means you need to learn more and dig deeper for information. If you need more help in deciding, a consultation is advisable. With that, you also need to weigh all pros and cons before coming up with a final decision. 
  • 10:10 – this repeating number means you have already completed a mission or task effectively. Whenever you see this number pair, be sure to pat yourself on the shoulder.
  • 12:12 – if you see this repeating number, it only means you need to change your perspective on something. If you feel stuck in a situation, it's high time for you to make changes in your lifestyle and choices. 
  • 13:13 – with this repeating number, you can now manifest a new life from that moment on. This sign is telling you that you don't need to endure pain. It is high time for you to end a toxic situation and move on.
  • 14:14 – this repeating number reminds everyone to have enough patience. Whether you're having a bad day or not, everyone can get by easily with more patience. 
  • Repeating 7 – the number seven is among the most beautiful numbers there is. It also means spirituality. A lot of people say that the number seven is Jesus' number. While it could be true, you can always strengthen your spirituality when you see it somewhere.
  • Repeating number 8 – the number eight looks like the infinity sign, and it looks the same for a reason. When you see 88 or 888, it only means that you are about to wake the Infinite Source of God. However, keep in mind that what you get from seeing this number will also depend on your karma. Whether it's good or bad, it will come back to you.

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