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6 Signs That a Gemini Man Is Hurt & What You Should Do?

Are you wondering why your Gemini man is silent all of a sudden?

Geminis are prone to changing their mood each time. They find it hard to deal with their emotions and tend to go silent, making you wonder why.

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If you're with Gemini man, you need to know his character to understand him well. When hurt, a Gemini man will not confront or talk back to you. He will likely be silent and will not talk to you for a while.

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If you two got into an argument and he goes silent, it's best to reach out to him as soon as possible. A Gemini man, when he's hurt, won't reach out to you first. Thus, you should take the first step to solve the relationship issue.

Ensure to take a step to resolve the issue and not to affect your relationship with your Gemini man. Bring up the issue first and be understanding towards him. Fighting will only make him want to give up on the relationship and add to his inner turmoil.

Nonetheless, if you're the one at fault, reaching out to him after few days of non-contact is your best option. Ask for forgiveness and explain things to him so that he will understand your situation.

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6 Signs When a Gemini Man is Hurt

1. He Wants to be Alone

When a Gemini man gets hurt, he will ask for some time alone. You could have said or do something that hurt him or make him feel like you don't respect him or love him. So, if he tells you that he wants some time alone, It's best to give him the ‘alone time' he's asking to clear up his mind.

Don't insist on solving the issue right away if he's not open to doing it.

Give him a day or two to clear up his mind. If he doesn't reach out after those days, make sure to leave him a voice mail or an email to let him know that you care. Texting is fine, but the more means you use to contact him, the better. He will likely realize that he overreacted and apologize to you.

Ensure that you will be honest and genuine with your apology. Don't try to be dramatic with your situation as it can backfire, putting you in an even worse situation with him. It's also possible to discuss the issue with you when he's ready to solve the problem together.

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2. Not Telling You Why He's Upset

Most of the time, a Gemini guy won't tell you the reason why he's upset. He will not talk to you without knowing the reason why. This part can be challenging as you can't do anything about it. Being sweet to him during his off-mood will not help and being reactive isn't the way.

Thus, your best option when he's hurt is to do nothing and give him the space he needs. It may take a while before he opens up or gets okay, but there's nothing you can do, so you better hang in there for a while. While he's taking his time, do your own thing and wait for him to come back.

3. He Finds it Difficult to Talk to You.

Another obvious hint that he's hurt is that he finds it hard to talk to you. You two could have some misunderstanding that got him hurt and he's not willing to share how he's feeling. If this is the case, let him know that it's okay with you to wait for him to open up.

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Tell him to take his time and show him that you will not be judging him and you're willing to listen to him. If he sees that you're sincere and open to listen and not judge him, it will not take long for him to open up to you.

4. He's Acting Different Towards You

When he's acting differently towards you, it could be that he's hurt or upset. Nonetheless, with the zodiac Gemini character, he will not tell you what's going on in his mind. A male Gemini is the type of man that finds it difficult to open up.

It may take him some time before he comes forward and deal with things. Thus, being patient and understanding is the way to get this man's trust.

You can try to bring up the issue to him and relay that you want to solve it with him. Be loving and considerate to his feelings and give him space if he's not willing to talk. Nonetheless, let him know that you will be waiting for him when he's ready to share the reason why he's upset or angry.

5. If He Pretends that Everything is Okay

When you notice that your Gemini man is acting strange, make sure to ask how he is or if there's something wrong. If he tells you that everything is okay or nothing has happened, let him feel that you're always there for him. Tell him that you’re more than willing to listen to what has been bugging him.

If he gets upset over you for asking him to open up, give him the time he needs to figure things out. Forcing him to tell you what's on his mind will only make things worse for him and your relationship. Wait for him to open up in his own time, as he will likely come back when his mind gets cleared.

When he gets back and decides to leave things in the past and move on, you should do the same. It's in his best intention to start afresh, so don't try to bring up the past anymore.

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6. When He Gives You a Cold Shoulder

Loving a Gemini man isn't always easy. His attitude can vary, which makes you feel bad, especially during a fight or an argument. He will likely not talk to you for a few days instead of solving the issue together.

Being the sign who rules minds, he would appreciate it if you know how to read his, which Gemini Man Secrets guide teaches you.

It can be disappointing when he acts aloof when he's hurt or upset. Nonetheless, it's who he is. He doesn't like to face the feeling of getting hurt, disappointed, or any other negative feelings.

A Gemini man is the type that chooses to shut off and run away rather than facing the issues that he doesn't want to face. He's very sensitive and will do everything to protect his feelings. He also can't handle too much stress or inner turmoil, the reason why he opts to get away when things get heavy for him.

To have a harmonious relationship with your Gemini man, you need to know what he hates in a relationship. This way, you can avoid upsetting or hurting him without your knowledge.

See some of the things that a Gemini hates in a relationship below.

Things that a Gemini Hates in a Relationship

When it comes to a Gemini man, he has a unique view and experiences in the world. His behavior can change all of a sudden without you knowing the reason. He can get upset or angry with certain behaviors, making him aloof and distant.

A Gemini guy also has many concerns that you need to overcome. Although he is aware of his behaviors, he doesn't want his partner to be reactive or be like him. He wants her to be dependable and understanding.

When his mood is off, give him some space and let him clear his mind. Once he is okay, he will come back re-energized and positive to deal with the things bothering him.

If you want to have a head's up about what a Gemini man hates in a relationship, please proceed below.

●     Jealousy

Geminis are naturally friendly and sociable. They get well with everyone, even at the first meeting. If you are the jealous type, you should understand that it's part of his nature.

If you get jealous because of his friendliness to others, it will make him think you don't trust him. In return, he will also be jealous when you're with your friends, especially with male friends. He will likely have doubts about you that will shake up your relationship.

●     An Argumentative Partner

One thing that a Gemini hates in a relationship is if you're argumentative. It restricts him from expressing how he feels and he finds it hard to communicate. Thus, choose to be open and be an easy-to-communicate partner with your Gemini man.

Being argumentative will only cause strain to your relationship with your Gemini guy. If you want to talk to him, consider not raising your voice to avoid adding fuel to the fire. Raising your voice at him will make him raise his voice to you too.

Try to be considerate and understanding if you're with a Gemini man and everything will be okay.

●     Being Inconsiderate

One sure way to hurt a Gemini man is to be inconsiderate. He has sensitive feelings that can get hurt at any time by simple actions. If you want something long-term with him, treat him with respect.

Hurting him by the way you behave will only make him emotionally unavailable to you. He will likely not talk to you for some time until he clears his head. Get your Gemini man to forgive you and consider not taunting him with disrespect or you will lose him.

●     Being Boring

To keep the interest going with a Gemini man, ensure that you will fill his life with fun and crazy adventures. He wants to do things that make him feel so alive with his partner. Thus, if you're into adventures and like to be active, you will be an excellent partner to a Gemini man.

Additionally, let him know how you feel towards him to make him feel secure. Be genuine and caring towards him and you will have a great partner in life.

Gemini rules communication, so master this and keep your relationship with your Gemini Man healthy with Gemini Man Secrets.

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