How Does a Taurus Guy Act When Hurt?: 4 Ways To Tell -

How Does a Taurus Guy Act When Hurt?: 4 Ways To Tell

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Dating a Taurus guy can be excellent because of his attentiveness and generosity. He can be very romantic and giving when he is in a relationship. 

If you betray the trust of a Taurus guy, he will make sure to stay away from you for a moment and think about what he should do.

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He can be too sensitive that you might hurt him unknowingly. Thus, it's best to be extra observant in his actions and sudden change of mood. 

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There are moments where you will get bewildered by his actions as you might not know what you've done. He can get extra sensitive that even unintentional spoken words can hurt and bother him.

Alexis is a fellow volunteer who shared his insights on how a Taurus guy would normally act when he’s hurt. If he gets hurt, he’ll try to have some space for himself, but know that he can be gentle and you’ll still have a chance for forgiveness, especially when there’s healthy communication.

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What Can Hurt a Taurus Man?

Taurus people are sensitive beings, though it might not be evident due to their calm persona. Thus, it's always best to know what can hurt your Taurean male lover.

If you have been in a relationship with a Taurus guy, you might have noticed that he can get hurt even by bad jokes. He is very sensitive that he might take your jokes in the wrong way. 

He can also get hurt by doubting his abilities and lecturing him about his slow pace in life.

Thus, you must be considerate when it comes to your Taurus man. Support him in whatever he wants and never touch his ego to have a good and fulfilling relationship.

Another thing that can immensely hurt a Taurus guy's feelings is betrayal. As an earth sign, he's grounded, honest, and loyal to his lover and he expects the same from his partner. 

Nonetheless, you don't have to worry when a Taurus asks for a moment away from you. He only wants to clear up his mind and think about what he should be doing. 

Assuming that you have done wrong that hurt him real bad, he will not break up with you right away.

So, how does a Taurus guy act? Uncover them all below.

How Does a Taurus Guy Act When Hurt?

If you are not observant enough, you might not be able to tell if he's hurt. 

The Bull in the zodiac is great at hiding his true feelings through his tough and calm exterior. Thus, it will benefit you if you will be observant of how he acts towards you.

Kindly find some of the behaviors that he might display when he's hurt below.

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He will stay away from you.

When a romantic Taurus man distances himself from you, there's a very good reason why he is doing that. You could have hurt his feelings or ego. 

If you noticed that he is trying to stay away from you on purpose, think of what you might have said or done. You could have done something like belittling his feelings or achievements in life. 

A Taurus will not tell you what you've done wrong as he expects you to know it by yourself. You may also consider asking for forgiveness even if you don't know exactly what you've done. 

Tell him that although you don't know what you've done, you are willing to ask for forgiveness as you value him more.

Wear your best apology by using the tips found in Taurus Man Secrets as your guide. 

He will act cold towards you.

A Taurus man in love is chatty, romantic and ensures that you feel loved and adored. Nonetheless, if he's hurt, you will likely notice his icy behavior towards you. 

He might not even talk to you even on special occasions and let you be alone.

Your Taurean beau may also give you the cold shoulder even when you both are with your friends. He might not care about your feelings as he's too focused on what you've done and how it made him feel. 

When he acts in such a way, be understanding and try to connect with him.

No more intimate moment

When a Taurus guy is angry or upset with you, he will not try to get intimate with you. As you might know, Taureans are very sensual beings. 

They love to touch their partners and have sex with them.

This attitude of a Taurean man is the reason why you should be careful not to hurt him.

He will get angry

A hurt Taurus man will get angry at you, depending on the gravity of what you've done. 

When a Taurus man gets hurt, his typical reaction is to give you the cold shoulder. Nonetheless, if what you did is more than he can take, expect a raging bull heading towards you.

Taurus people are very calm and composed people, but once they blow up, you will not likely want to meet them again. 

A hurt Taurus can be heartless and blurt out several hurtful words that can pierce your heart and soul. Thus, it's wise not to be careless in dealing with a Taurean man.

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Ways to Apologize to a Hurt Taurus Man

You might be having second thoughts in apologizing to your Taurus man as he can be intimidating. Nonetheless, it's the best thing that you should do to ease his pain. 

He may reject your apology at first and even act like you aren't there, begging for his forgiveness.

Take heart! Pursue him like how he pursued you before. Be straightforward and admit your mistake. 

He respects people that are honest with him, so consider doing what's right and apologize. Tell him how sorry you are and how you regretted what you did.

If he agrees to meet you in private, make an effort to make him feel special. If he agreed to meet you in your loft, cook his favorite food, and wear something sexy. 

Even how upset a Taurus man is with you, he can't shake off his feelings towards you that easily.

Tell your Taurus man that you regret what you've done and how much you miss him. 

Touch his face using both of your hands and look at his eyes directly. Let your eyes tell how sorry you are.

Although Taurus has a tough exterior, he is really soft inside. He can't ignore you for long, especially if he knows that you have already regretted what you've done.

The Taurus man just requires you to be as sincere as possible, because he values honesty and accountability. If you're struggling with this, a guide like Taurus Man Secrets might come in handy.

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