How Does An Aries Man Act After Breakup And How Fast Will He Move On? -

How Does An Aries Man Act After Breakup And How Fast Will He Move On?

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Curious how an Aries man acts after a breakup and how fast will he move on from you? 

If you have recently broken up with your Aries beau, you could be curious about how he is coping with the breakup. This might be unnecessary, but it's only natural as you've shared moments together. You can't just wipe him out of your system in a week or two.

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If you're the one who has initiated the breakup and afraid of what he might do to himself, you better relax. Aries isn't the type of man that will wallow in loneliness after getting dumped unless you'll look for ways to patch things up with him. Instead, he will show that you're not a loss. When he gets dumped, his first approach will be acting as if the breakup did not affect him.

He will even show you how fun it is to be single and flirt with every woman in the room. He may also fill up his schedules and be productive to avoid thinking about what has happened. 

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Does An Aries Man Move On Fast?

Pretty fast! One of the best things about an Aries man is that he won't cry over spilled milk. He believes that everything happens for a reason, so he will just let go and see how things will unfold for him. He will fill his days with fun and exciting activities to lift his mood and move on with life. 

You will not find an Aries guy in a room crying or drowning himself with liquors to forget. This man believes that he is his own staunchest advocate, so he won't let himself down and get himself back up. He won't get stuck in a rut and will move on fast.

So, how does an Aries act after a breakup? Let's find out!

How Does An Aries Man Act After A Breakup?

#1 He will be extra active.

After a breakup, an Aries man will try to fill his schedule with activities. He won't stay idle in any way and think about what happened between you two. He may go on an out-of-town adventure and try new things or see different places. 

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He may also get active at sports and play basketball, soccer or visit the gym. He will make sure to keep himself looking good and stay fit like he's not undergoing a breakup. 

#2 He may lose his temper.

Aries is the firstborn of the zodiac and people born under this sign love to be the first in everything. So, if you're the one who initiated the breakup, he will likely not take it well. He may lose his temper and say hurtful words at you. 

He may also look confused, especially if he hasn't done anything wrong. Expect that he may try to turn others against you and become vindictive. He may also act like he doesn't know you if you two cross each other's path. 

#3 He will pretend that the breakup didn't hurt him.

One of the typical reactions of an Aries man after a breakup is that he will act as if it didn't hurt him at all. You might see him having a lot of fun with his friends or with other girls and you won't see any hint that he's hurting. 

He will put a façade that will fool many people, including those who are close to him. He won't let anyone see his weakness and appear weak to anybody. As much as possible, he will keep the pain within himself and look forward to better days to come. 

But if you can read his mind just as good, you'll know exactly what his thoughts and feelings are regardless of how much he denies or hides them, which a guide like Aries Man Secrets teaches you.

#4 He will start hooking up.

When it comes to an Aries man after a breakup, you will never see him looking so down and desperate. He will instead look for a hookup and have fiery sex with her like there's no tomorrow. You might say that's too much, but that's who an Aries man is, especially if hurt.

An Aries man can separate feelings from sex. This sign is very capable of getting intimate without any emotions involved. So, thinking that he won't be with another woman early after the breakup is presumptuous. This man has a huge ego and he will do everything to show that he is okay and having the best time of his life. 

#5 He will party hard.

After the breakup, you might get notified of his party activities via social media. You may see pictures of him having a blast with his inner circles or new people. There might also be pictures of him getting cozy with a woman you haven't seen before.

When it comes to breakups, Aries is one of the signs that you will never see a hint of sadness over the separation. He can hide his true feelings well and even fool the people around him. 

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#6 O.T is his new thing.

When an Aries man gets dumped, it's typical for him to fill himself with various things to help him forget for a while. You may hear from common friends that he's always having an O.T at work. He may also purposely stay late at work even though it's not required to stay late at work. 

He may also start to focus on what he wants to achieve and stay late to make a blueprint. If you're not seeing or hearing about him partying hard every night, he could be working hard for his goals. So, you can expect to see a better version of your Aries ex after some time. 

If you're planning to get back with him, make sure not to do it late as this man is fast to move on. 

#7 He will hang out with his boys.

After the breakup, your ex may hang out frequently with his boys and do bar hopping. He may also invite his friends to travel with him, see different places, or go on an adventure. He will surround himself with people that can lift his feelings and make him forget about you faster. 

Whatever he will do, he will always keep his friends beside him to not get drawn to think more about you. He will do everything to shake you off of his system and live his best life without you. 

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