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13 Tips to Attract A Cancer Man Successfully: Know His Character

Have you set your eyes and interest on a Cancer man? A man born under the Cancer sign (June 21- July 22) is very nurturing, charming, and passionate. Nonetheless, this man is hiding his true self in a hard shell to protect himself from getting hurt.

To get a Cancer man's attention and attraction, you need to know his likes and dislikes. Knowing his character can also help to make him attracted to you.

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So, without much further ado, let's proceed on the 13 tips on how to attract a cancer man successfully.

13 Tips to Effectively Attract a Cancer Man 

1. Act Like a True Lady

Attracting a Cancer man by the way you dress is pretty simple. Nonetheless, if you're into revealing clothes, you will likely have to compromise. A man born under the Cancer sign wants his woman to wear elegant or modest clothes that demand respect.

He's into a woman who knows how to dress in a modest way. If you're the type who's into daring clothes, it's best to consider changing your dressing style. A Cancer man hates to see his woman getting ogled by other people due to her sexy dressing choices.

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Thus, considering changing your style will likely make him notice you in a good way.

2. Be Authentic

One great ability of a Cancer man is smelling inauthenticity from afar. He hates pretensions and liars and he will do everything to get far away from those kinds of people.

In dealing with a man with a Cancer sign, being honest and loving are some of the ways you can get into his encased heart.

3. Be Caring Towards Others

Being caring and nurturing is part of a Cancer man's nature. If he sees that you're genuine about your care for others, he will admire you and likely get attracted to you. He's fond of women who have pure hearts that are willing to help those who are in need.

Let him notice your genuine and caring side to awake his attraction and admiration to you.

4. Be Friendly and Approachable

When it comes to a Cancer man, it's best to be friendly and approachable to him. He tends to back away when he notices that you're being aloof or don't show any sign that you like him. He's scared of rejection, so he will likely turn away if he finds you unapproachable.

Being nice and friendly towards a Cancer guy will give him a boost to pursue you, as he feels that you will not be hard on him.

5. Try to be Close with Important People in His Life

One best thing to get a Cancer man to get attracted to you is by being close to the people who are important to him. It can be his parents, other family members or his friends. He's the type that gives importance to his family and friends and will appreciate it if you're close to them.

If he sees that you have a good affinity with his family and friends, attracting him will be an easy feat for you. His family and friends will likely have your back that makes the connection between you two grow.

6. Let Him Chase You

Cancer men are the traditional type of men. They don't like it when a girl makes a move on them. They love to be the ones to chase as they find it challenging and traditional. If you're the type of woman who's okay with letting the other person know how you feel, it won't work with the Cancer guy.

Making a move first will likely disappoint him. Thus, it's best to get his attention first by being friendly and open. This move will help a foundation that gets deeper in time.

Let him make a move first and you will likely grab his attention.

So how will you do it? This article on how to make a cancer man chase you might help.

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7. Be Supportive & Nurturing

Another tip to ensure that a Cancer guy will get smitten by you is to show that you're supportive and nurturing. He wants someone on his side who will support his dreams and nurture him. It's a significant factor for him as he wants to build a stable life with his partner.

If he talks about his dreams to you, listen to him and inspire him to pursue his dreams. When he lost his hope, be there for him and cheer him up. He wants his woman to be the cheerleader of his life.

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8. Be Curious About His Family

A man born under the sign of Cancer is notable for being a family-oriented man. When you two go out on a date, it won't hurt to ask about his family. Doing so will make an impression that you are a family person too, like him.

Knowing that you two have similar love and gratitude for your families, he will go after you. He will likely show his interest and make sure to let you know how he feels towards you.

9. Show Him Your Vulnerable Side

A Cancer man loves it when he knows that his woman needs him. It will make him want to be a good source of protection and do everything to make his woman happy. Thus, being open about how you feel and how your situation will make him want to help and protect you.

He wants to be a dependable man to his woman, so letting him know about the happenings in your life will make him glad. He will be thankful that you're sharing something important in your life and he will do the same with you.

10. Talk About Your Deep Love for Your Family

When you two go out and talk about things, make sure to share something about your family and how much you love them. He will likely appreciate your love and respect for your family as he is the same. Share something about your family's happy bondings and learnings from your family.

He will get intrigued with you more as he sees that you two have the same care level for your families. Make the talk goes naturally and not sound forced or scripted. A Cancer man can smell pretense and fakery even from miles away, so being honest and genuine is your best option.

11. Show off Your Housewife Material Side

A Cancer guy likes a woman who's nurturing where he can feel safe and secured. A woman who can make his life easy and who will be with him through thick and thin. Thus, ensure that you will let him see the side that he wants to see.

When he visits your place, make sure that all is clean, organized, and smelling good. You can cook him good food and have fun talking about different things. Ensure to make him feel wonderful at your place, so he will likely make frequent visits.

Making him feel at home and comfortable will give him an indirect message of what life is like with you.

Cancer men go around this world finding the same safe space that they provide for others, so make sure to be that safe space for him by following the advices found in Cancer Man Secrets.

12. Be Clean & Organized

Being clean and organized are two characteristics of a woman that a Cancer guy likes. He's a man of cleanliness and a lover of organized places. Thus, if he calls and wants to hang out at your place, ensure that everything is in order or organized.

Ensure that your home is clean and make him feel comfortable to appeal to some of his senses. Making him comfortable and impressed with the way you take care of your place will make him visit you often.

13. Compliment Him & Share Your Feelings

The more you compliment a Cancer man, the more he will open up and get close to you. There are times when a Cancer guy seemed aloof, not because he doesn't like you, but he's afraid you'll reject him. Complimenting him will boost his confidence and will likely approach you romantically.

Sharing your feelings can also make him share his feelings towards you. A Cancer man can be reserve and shy to approach the woman he likes. Thus, sharing your feelings will make him brave enough to go forward and respond to what you feel.

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Characteristics of a Cancer Man


Although a Cancer guy can be traditional, he also has his sensual side. He likes being touch and caress by the woman he loves. He loves to snuggle his woman and make her feel special.

If you're alone with your Cancer man, touching him and awaking his sensual side will make him want you more.


Every sign has a negative aspect and the Cancer sign isn't an exception. If you're with a Cancer man, make sure to be patient and understanding. He can sometimes be moody without any valid reasons.

Thus, be patient in dealing with this sensitive man of the zodiac.


A Cancer man can be secretive. He might not tell you what's on his mind or what he is experiencing. Consider being observant and help him out if you found out that he's undergoing something in his life. Sometimes, he doesn't want to share what he's going through, not to worry the people around him.

So, seeing through him is crucial to help him out when he needs help, without him asking.


When a Cancer guy is into something, be it in love or a goal, he will go after it full of passion. Thus, if you like a Cancer man a lot, it's affirmative that he will go after you if you are open and approachable.


Family is the most important for a Cancer man. He values his family so much and willing to do everything for them. If you want to attract a Cancer man, you can try to be genuinely close to important people in his life.

If he sees that you have a good affinity with his family or friends, your chances of getting him hooked are higher. Thus, try to connect to his family and friends naturally and be genuine to them. This way, you will have backups that will root for you to their Cancer man.

What a Cancer Man Loves

●     Stability

●     Modesty

●     Honesty

●     Harmonious relationship

●     Clean & organized home

●     Independent and dependable woman

●     Feeling wanted, needed, and appreciated

What a Cancer Man Hates

●     Instability

●     Lewd behaviors

●     Bossed around

●     Hearing about your ex

●     Getting or feeling played at

●     Bad food

●     Bad manners

●     Unfaithfulness

●     Being in a large crowd

If you want to bring comfort to your Cancer man, you should avoid these deal breakers. Find out how to be your Cancer man's home by reading Cancer Man Secrets.

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