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7 Effective Tips to Attract A Gemini Man Sexually

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Have you set your eyes on a Gemini man? Or, are you planning to charm him sexually? 

Getting the attention of a Gemini man isn't that difficult. He's the kind of man who loves spontaneous people and things. 

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If you want to attract him, make sure to look alluring and offer new things to keep his attention. 

He loves to do provocative things if he's interested in you.

One way to ensure that a Gemini man will get attracted to you is by knowing his personality traits. Know what he likes and dislikes about a woman and apply those things to your strategy to get him.

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Are you getting more curious about a Gemini man's personality traits? Unravel them all below.

Gemini's Characteristics

Gemini men are very social people. Thus, if you are into parties and fun stuff, you will likely be a perfect match for this man. 

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They are the natural playboy of the zodiac. Known for their duality, this man will keep you guessing about his intentions with you.

Most Gemini men are classy and they expect their women to be the same.

While most zodiac signs only focus on pleasure, Geminis loves observing while having sex. He will likely give you more pleasure if he wants to, making you crave for him more. 

If you are serious about attracting him sexually, don't hesitate to do something new in bed.

Although this sign can be very sexual, this doesn't mean that he's only in it for sex. Geminis are also capable of profound love if they know you are the one for them. 

He also prefers someone intellectual and who's wild and passionate in bed.

7 Tips to Sexually Attract a Gemini Man

#1 Be Sociable

Gemini men love women who are sociable like them. They're not interested in women who are very reserved and old-fashioned. 

If you want to keep the attraction going with a Gemini man, talk to other people in any gathering. Let him see that you can make good conversations around new people without being awkward.

# 2 Get Flirty

One sure way to wrap a Gemini guy into your charm is to get flirty and suggestive with your actions. 

Use both words and body language to let him know you like him. Dare to give him a teasing touch that he will likely remember.

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#3 Be Straightforward

Men under the Gemini sign love women who know what they want and are not afraid to show it. If you're afraid that he might get turned off with you, it won't happen.

Gemini guys adore it when women go after them. They love the attention and will be happy to return the favor. 

If you are open to trying new things regarding life and sex, Gemini men are best for you as they are very open people.

Thus, if you're not okay with a non-label-relationship, it's wise to stay away from the deadly charm of a Gemini man. He will only make it official once he feels that you are the one.

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#  4 Give Him Space and Let Him Enjoy the Things He Loves Doing

When it comes to a Gemini man, never try to be clingy. They are lovers of freedom and your clinginess can make them feel the pressure they don't like.

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To keep him under your spell, give him the space he needs and let him enjoy life to the fullest. He will likely go crazy and appreciate you more, realizing that he needs a woman like you as a partner.

#5 Have a Sense of Humor

Besides seducing a Gemini guy with your looks, you can also make him want you by his side with your wit. He loves women who know how to make him laugh, amusing him and waking his inner child. 

Avoid getting him into an overly-emotional situation that will make him depressed.

If you want to keep a Gemini man under your charm, ensure that you will fill his life with fun, passionate sex, and joy.

#6 Keep the Mystery Going

Gemini men are usually attracted to unpredictable women. He loves mystery so much that he will do everything to get to the bottom of it. 

Nonetheless, never let him get to that surface and give him something new every time you two meet.

In working to attract a Gemini guy, make sure that he will get surprises, either by your look or attitude. If you have a specific routine for your days, never let him be a part of it. 

He dislikes routine and prefers something spontaneous, so work on it.

#6 Give Him Your Full Attention

Geminis are a big sucker for attention and fame. Thus, ensure that you will give him the attention that he needs. 

Your efforts will not be in vain as he is very observant and will likely chase you if he sees you're devoted to him.

Men under the Gemini sign don't only get aroused by sex. They are likely to get sexually attracted to your intellect. 

Gemini guys prefer smart women as they love their brains to get stimulated.

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Characteristics of a Woman that will attract a Gemini Man

  • Confident and Charming

If you want to attract a Gemini man sexually, make sure that you are confident and charming. He can't take his eyes off on a woman that oozes confidence and charm. 

These two are like your secret weapon against a Gemini man, so you better use them to let him fall hard for you.

  • Calm and Authoritative

In every situation, be calm and authoritative. Gemini guys love a woman who is not a pushover and is calm under stress.

  • Intellectual and Good Sense of Humor

Men under this sign are into women who can stimulate their brains and can make them laugh. 

Although they likely get attracted to wild and seductive women for sex, they also love to have a good laugh. Thus, showing him that you are smart and witty can make him want you to be on his side as a partner.

  • Spontaneous and Easy Going

Don't plan things when you are with a Gemini man. You will likely get disappointed as they prefer something spontaneous. 

  • Sensual and Sexual

To attract this man and keep things going, you need to be sensual and sexual. 

A Gemini man in bed both loves the sensual touch and goes wild in action on his bed with his woman. Appeal to his senses and you will have him wrap into your charm.

  • Not Clingy and Controlling

If you want a Gemini man to be with you for long, never get clingy and don't dare to control him. 

This man loves his freedom and he will run away from things or people that will threaten it. Thus, consider giving him the space he needs and let him enjoy his life.

  • Role-Playing

When you become a part of a Gemini man's world, you will get to experience things that you have never explored before. 

This man loves to stimulate his mind while having pleasure, which is why he loves role-playing. You might have to dress-up during your lovemaking session like a seductive nurse.

How to Attract a Gemini Man based on your zodiac sign?

As an Aries woman

Make him know you are interested in him by flirting with him consistently. You will catch their attention by flirting with him.

Just try to build a connection between the two of you at first. Do not expect him to flirt back yet; you are just starting and building a relationship.

As a Libra woman

They always want to do the best in life by going for extreme activities. Gemini men live their life to the fullest and enjoy every second of their life.

Always try to do adventurous activities with him and go for extreme rides. Gemini men enjoy it more than inside activities and staying in their comfort zone.

As a Taurus woman

You can start getting his attention by flirting with him. 

Try chatting with him first and say, “Hello! How are you?”.

You can also try chatting with him and asking him about certain things. You can also try saying a pick-up line if you do not know what to say.

As a Leo woman

Gemini men are very adventurous and extroverted. They enjoy things more outside their comfort.

If you are not the type of person to do an extreme ride, you can try an activity that you can do. However, do not force yourself to go for a powerful ride if you think you can do it.

As a Gemini woman

Making him laugh is the best thing that you can do to attract him. He will surely remember you if you show him your humorous side.

A girl that can joke is the Gemini men’s biggest turn-on. They quickly get comfortable with a girl he knows with the same vibe.

As a Pisces woman

Always try to put effort into your looks physically, especially if you are meeting with him. However, please do not overdo it; try to look effortless but still beautiful.

Since you are naturally beautiful, you just have to enhance it through makeup and clothing style. Flaunt your beauty with confidence, which is the key to catching a Gemini man’s attention.

As a Cancer woman

Going on a date with him will give you so many memories together. Your relationship with him will grow and build trust with each other.

It is a good idea to go out with him sometimes. It is a memory to cherish together in the future.

As a Scorpio woman

Gemini men are softies, and they get hurt easily. So, talking to them gently will help you get closer to them.

Although Gemini men seem strict, they are a baby, especially to the girl they like. So, talk to them with a calm and gentle voice.

As a Sagittarius woman

Since Gemini men get confused quickly, it is much better to let them have a moment to think. If you do not give him space, he will end up giving you mixed signals at the end.

As a Capricorn woman

Doing the first move will let him know you like him, he appreciates people that like him. They are very appreciative when it comes to a person that likes him.

As a Virgo woman

Doing the first move will let him know you like him; he appreciates people that like him. They are very appreciative when it comes to a person that likes him.

As an Aquarius woman

If you are going to make him something for him, make it sincere and genuine, do not just do it because you like him. Show sincerity in every effort that you will do for him, he will appreciate it more.

In this, you will make him realize that he is so special to you and make him sure that you are really interested in him. You can attract him by making him special to you

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