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7 Fail-Proof Ways to Attract and Intrigue a Leo Man

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Do you want to attract and intrigue a hot Leo man to get his attention? If so, I made a simple yet extensive guide to help you catch his eyes and heart without failing.

To attract a Leo man, radiate confidence and positivity. Show genuine interest in his stories and compliment him. Be lively and fun, but also maintain your own passions. Leos are drawn to authenticity and individuals who shine in their own unique way.

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Desiring to get the attention of that smoking hot Leo man will not be as difficult as you thought it might be. As long as you pay him much attention, shower him with compliments, and be confident, you hook him in no time. Also, read some tips on how to make a Leo man obsessed with you.

To know more about how you can bag this heart, let's dive right into the fail-proof ways to attract and intrigue a Leo man.

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7 Fail-Proof Ways to Attract a Leo Man

Whenever you're with a Leo man, you will notice that he always commands respect and attention. Being ruled by the sun, he's always like a ray of sunshine to the people around him, bringing them joy and gladness. He's the type that tells funny and exciting stories about his life, even to those people he just met. You will not also see this man sitting around idly as he always ensures to do something productive each day.

So, how do you attract a Leo man? Let's find out!

#1 Slay with your outfit.

One sure way to grab the short attention span of a Leo man and lengthen it is by strutting and slaying with your outfit. Choose an unconventional style yet with a touch of class and you will definitely catch his eyes. Do opt for pieces of clothing that make you stand out from the crowd that may gain the attention of others. As you might already know, a Leo man craves attention, so you better be an eye-catching persona being with him. If you don't have a wardrobe full of stylish clothing, use what you have and make it attractive.

You can always mix and match clothes to create a new sense of style that can be eye-catching for many people.

#2 Praise and Adore Him.

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Leos are suckers for compliments. It strokes their huge egos and makes them feel good about themselves. So, make sure to give him praises and pair them with adoring eyes. It could be as simple as telling him that his jokes are funny or complimenting his cooking style. Whatever kind of praises or adoration you will tell him, ensure that it's genuine as he can easily catch lies.

Avoid giving over-the-top compliments that will only sound cheesy and cringe. Make your praises and adoration real and he will likely get pulled by your admiration.

#3 Exude with confidence.

Confidence is inherent to a Leo man. He moves and takes action with utmost sureness that makes him stand out from others. When it comes to a woman, he's attracted to someone confident in herself and not afraid to say no. This man wants a woman who does what she says and means everything she says. In short, he likes a woman who has a strong character and not a pushover.

So, consider building yourself some confidence if you don't have it by birth. Once you start to ooze with confidence, it will be difficult for him not to notice you. If you talk with him, make sure to meet his eyes and be certain of what you say. This way, he can conclude that you're not the type of woman he can trifle with.

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#4 Show him that you have artistic and cultural interests.

It might not be evident that a Leo man has artistic and cultural interests at first due to his modernized ways. Nonetheless, it's actually innate for this sign to be creative. It's also easy for them to get drawn to diverse cultures due to their love for traveling. If the Leo man you're crushing on hasn't mentioned his love for these things to you yet, invite him to a play. You will then see the delight on his face and may get intrigued with you more.

He may think about the other things that you two have in common.

To find out more of his interests, Leo Man Secrets is the best resource.

#5 Be playful with him.

When you're with a Leo man, you will never get bored with him. He possesses almost the same playfulness as a child that keeps you entertained each time. Being the ruler of the fifth house, Leo shows his authority in creativity and pleasure. He will bring much fun and artistic sensitivity, which makes your relationship unique. He's also about having a lot of good times, so don't hesitate to invite him to a sing-off.

Don't get shy away if you're out of tone, but rather feel what you sing no matter how terrible you sound. Seeing that you're not afraid to make a fool out of yourself will make him admire you and fall for you in the process. He may also want to spend more time with you, knowing how fun it is to be with you.

#6 Be comfortable with kinship.

A man born under the Leo sign is undeniably sensual. He likes physical touches and often gets turned by them. If you're pretty new with a Leo guy, he understands that you might not jump into his bed right away and respect that. In fact, he will respect you more as a person and as a potential lover if you don't give yourself right away. Nonetheless, he may expect that you will be okay with distinctive touches such as cuddling and more.

He has this desire to feel the woman he's with using various means. So, don't get irritated if the Leo guy you're crushing on keeps on being touchy with you. It's one of his ways of saying that he desires you. If you're the type that prohibits physical touches until marriage, a Leo man isn't for you. This man is passionate, especially when it comes to making love with the person he likes.

He's not the type that can wait until marriage to have sex and expect him to be loyal to you. He has fleshly needs and if he can't get that from you, know that he will get it from someone willing to give it to him. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that he doesn't have any feelings towards you. So, if you want to attract and intrigue the Ram of the zodiac, consider being okay with kinship with him. This way, he may consider not turning his attention to other women who want him.

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#7 Remain mysterious.

If you have captured the attention of a Leo man, make sure to keep his interest by remaining mysterious. As much as possible, avoid being predictable to keep him guessing what your next move will be. This way, you're engaging his mind to think about you, which may result in attracting him even more. If he asks some things about you, don't divulge it in one setting to make you linger on his mind. If he's genuinely interested in you, he may ask to see you again to get to know you better.

So, consider holding back some aspects about you to make him more intrigued and keep him wanting to be with you.

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