How to attract a Sagittarius man: Make the first move!  -

How to attract a Sagittarius man: Make the first move! 

How do you attract a Sagittarius man? You are wondering what you can do to make him attracted to you. You are in the right place to know how! 

To attract him, you need to have a strong personality, be adventurous, be confident, and make the first move. In addition, you need to know what type of person Sagittarius man is.

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First things first, you will not be able to attract a Sagittarius man to be your potential lover if you do not know him. Therefore, you should know what type of person he is so you can understand what you have to do.

Sagittarius men are stubborn and always have long patience when you are with them. Therefore, it is not that easy to be with a Sagittarius man. 

Even though Sagittarius men are stubborn and can really annoy you, they are sweet when they are in love.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man?

Here are the simple things that you can do to make your Sagittarius man attracted to you: 

Make the first move 

Making the first move is a little hard regarding Sagittarius, man. You do not know if he will respond or just ignore your messages. 

Go text him; make it a little different from the standard text you sent. Make it appealing and eye-catching. 

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If you do not know what to say to him, here are the phrases that you can text him: 

“Hello, how are you?” 

It is common, but it will make him reply to you since the way it was asked was friendly and gentle. 

“Hey! How have you been?” 

It would be perfect if you knew him a long time ago, this would definitely make him respond to your text

You can also try cracking a joke for your first chat. Saying a joke will definitely make his day happy. 

Who does not like a joke, right? Everyone likes it even though some jokes are not as funny as they are. 

Making the first move will make him think you are interested in him. Making him believe that you are interested in him is the goal. 

Your first chat does not have to be so long, and he will get bored reading it. So, it should be short and sweet to make sure he will read it. 

If you are having second thoughts about whether you will send it to him or not, this is the sign that you should. Sometimes you just need to send a simple text message to be with him. 

Take up all the courage that you have to text him. Do not expect anything, and you should accept if he ignores you. 

Be patient in waiting, do not remove your message. In some cases, people are not able to read the texts immediately.

You still have a chance if only a few hours have passed. However, do not get your hopes high to avoid getting hurt. 

Set your mind with “it is okay to get ignored. At least I tried”. You can try to distract yourself for a moment if you are bothered with it so much. 

Try to watch for a moment, and waiting will bore you so much. So it would be best if you also relaxed first, do not stress yourself so much. 

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Have a strong personality 

Sagittarius men are known for being straightforward with their words. They are not fond of giving someone so much thrill. 

He will say something to you immediately if he wants to say something. It does not matter if it will hurt your feelings. 

You need to have a strong personality; if you like a Sagittarius man, he can say something mean to you. On the other hand, if you have a weak character, you will quickly get mad and upset at him. 

Although it would hurt you, he will if he thinks he needs to say it to you. So you must accept everything he says if you want to be with him. 

Having a strong personality will attract a Sagittarius man. A strong character is the definition of sexy for a Sagittarius man. 

Spend time with him 

Sagittarius men are exceptionally bold and extroverted. They appreciate things more exterior than their consolation. 

They continuously need to do the finest in life by going for great exercises. Therefore, Sagittarius men live their life to the fullest and appreciate each moment of their life. 

Always attempt to do bold exercises with him and continuously go for extraordinary rides. Sagittarius men appreciate it more than interior exercises and staying in their comfort zone. 

Take the initiative when making the arrangements for your date to decide what activities you want to accomplish.

Sagittarius men enjoy all kinds of rides, no matter how exciting or ordinary they may be.

Create a plan that both of you will be happy with so that even though they require a great ride, they won't force you to take it if you don't want to. Instead, he will treat you with great chivalry. 

Sagittarius men are known for their very adventurous and bold personalities. So, if you really want to spend time, outdoor activity is the perfect example that you can try. 

You can suggest to him activities you can try. Allow yourself to be adventurous when you are with him. 

It is a requirement to try new and exciting activities when you are with a Sagittarius man. Always prepare yourself as he might ask you on a date.  

If outdoor activities are not your thing, you can invite him to watch movies with you instead. But, of course, they also enjoy activities staying at home. 

You do not really need to always go for extreme rides and wild activities to spend time together. Being with each other is enough for a Sagittarius man. 

He will like it no matter what if he feels your presence. 

Initiate a good conversation 

Along with being humorous and easygoing when you're buddies, it would be beneficial if you have meaningful conversations with him.

If you don't already know, Sagittarius men need a lot of intellectual stimulation because they are naturally interested and want to learn about everything.

To address this, share fresh perspectives with him and express your opinions on the subjects that most interest him.

Always try to look up a good topic that both of you are interested in. Having a good conversation will help you to build a good relationship with him. 

It will make your relationship have a deeper connection. You should maintain a good conversation with him, and it will make him attracted to you. 

It is the way to make him attracted to you. Sagittarius men are very talkative, and they really like having a conversation with someone, especially with the girl they like. 

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Make yourself attractive 

The most common way to make a guy attracted to you is to post a picture looking so pretty and classy. But, always be ready, especially when you are going out. You will never know when you are about to have an interaction with your Sagittarius man. 

If you have a hard time thinking about what you have to wear and what make-up looks like, you should do it every day, and you can search for a tutorial on the internet.

However, you should know first what type of skin you have. 

Actually, to be able to know the best clothing style for you. First, you have to know what personality you have.

For example, it will be awkward if you try to wear sweet and innocent clothing styles if your character is solid and bold. 

To be able to find what type of personality you have, you can try asking a few of your friends. They know what type of personality you have since they saw you many times and they really know you. 

Be friends with him 

Be friends with him to make your relationship with him stronger. 

You must establish a friendship before getting and holding his attention. It will be a successful beginning and solidify your relationship.

A Sagittarius man is said to be more likely to fall in love with his girl's best friend than with anyone else, in addition to having a strong relationship.

And once you've become friends with your Sagittarius man, the next thing you must do is be authentic in the relationship.

Be an active, carefree person, and make sure that your Sagittarius man will love your company by doing and enjoying things with him.

Being his friend enables you to show him that you are dependable and devoted and that he can rely on you for anything.

Thanks to this, you could learn more about their interests, favorite movies, and travel destinations.

In addition, you will both learn about one another's interests, pastimes, and likes and dislikes throughout the friend stage.

In this stage, you can also forge a close relationship with him that will make him feel secure around you and make him comfortable bringing you along on his travels.

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Give him some space 

Regardless of their zodiac sign, most men do not want their partners to be overly possessive, and Sagittarius men are no exception.

Even if you are married, you must remember that a Sagittarius guy needs his freedom if you are in a relationship with him.

And by doing so, you agree to allow him the room he needs to pursue his interests and to acknowledge the possibility that he might embark on a solo vacation and be unavailable for a few days.

If that occurs, you must maintain your distance and refrain from pestering him with calls and texts since he might decide to do so.

If you are unaware of this, you should be aware that a Sagittarius guy values his independence and that your continued dependence on him would be counterproductive.

Since the objective is to have him attracted to you, your initial thought may be to spend all of your time with him. 

They like to have space to spend time with their friends and family. 

It's preferable to stay busy and have faith in your Sagittarius partner.

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