How to attract an Aquarius man through text: Is it possible? -

How to attract an Aquarius man through text: Is it possible?

What do you text to the Aquarius man to attract him? Will texting him be enough?

The Aquarius man is not an easy man to understand because of his closed-off and unpredictable personality. Connecting with him and attracting him through text is possible if you know what makes his personality work.

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The Aquarius man will show no signs that he likes you or not. No manipulation or mind games will ever work in making him chase you.

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To be attractive to the Aquarius man means to be what he needs in a woman and partner for life. If you could manage to be that person, attracting him through text won’t be as hard as you think. 

Keep reading to know all about the Aquarius man’s personality and what attracts him. You will also learn the proper ways to text him and get him closer to you.

How to attract an Aquarius man through text: Is it possible?

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Texting the Aquarius man

The first step to attracting the Aquarius man through text is to understand his personality. Knowing what makes an Aquarius man tick is the best way to make sense of his text messages and for you to send texts that get through to him.

The Aquarius man is a Fixed Air sign ruled by two planets, Uranus and Saturn, and represented by The Water-Bearer. He has an introverted and unpredictable personality with a rebellious streak that refuses to conform to society’s standards.

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The Aquarius man values his privacy and keeps a small social circle. He limits the information he shares with other people because of his fear that his feelings or thoughts are being misunderstood. 

The Aquarius man is out of touch with his feelings; he has difficulty understanding them himself and finds it much harder to express them to others. He would preferably fake a reaction or appear cold than be honest or vulnerable with his feelings. 

The Aquarius man falls for someone who is a friend to him and can show him how to loosen up and have fun. Friendship is the best way for him to open up and be vulnerable enough to trust.  

The Aquarius man may appear cold, but he hides a warm and passionate side that longs to be loved. He can be a romantic who wants to sweep a woman off her feet and win her love, although his personality prevents him from expressing this side of him.  

What attracts him?

The Aquarius man is not an easy man to attract, through text or in person. It is easy for him to hide or pretend behind texts, and he is awkward and unsociable in person.

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Below are the things that attract the Aquarius man. Knowing these will help you have ideas on what to text him and how to make heads or tails of his somewhat cryptic messages.

Fun and spontaneity

The Aquarius man is attracted to someone who likes to have fun and is spontaneous. Being quirky and having a weird personality helps draw him out of his shy and awkward shell.

Keep the Aquarius man interested by making him laugh with your witty conversations and self-deprecating humor. Consistency bores him, so try to open different discussion topics or suggest varying fun activities with him. 


The Aquarius man is reluctant to open up about himself, making other people mistrust him and hide their true selves from him. He is drawn to people who can be honest with him from the get-go and make him comfortable and be honest in return.

A relationship with honesty and mutual respect keep the Aquarius man happy, and he will never want to leave it. Open up to him about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences to make him understand and connect with you better.


The foundation of a relationship with the Aquarius man is friendship. Anyone who wants to get with him must first be a thoughtful and loving friend to him.

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The Aquarius man is attracted to someone who supports him, can put up with his shortcomings, and is a good listener. Prove yourself as a loyal friend who always wants the best for him and who he can depend on whenever he needs company. 

Kind heart 

The Aquarius man wants to be with kind-hearted people who are genuine in their purpose of making others happy. He likes to spend time with someone generous, sympathetic, and caring.

Show the Aquarius man that you are not self-centered and that you care enough to fight for the welfare of others. Be his source of positivity and optimism, making him turn to you when he is sad, in doubt, or frustrated.

Intellectual conversations

The Aquarius man is an intellectual person and loves to have deep conversations on profound topics like philosophy, art, and politics. He respects and connects with someone who has original ideas and can stand by their opinions.

Respect the views of Aquarius man when conversing with him, but don’t force yourself to agree with everything he believes. Show him that you are capable of having your own opinions and can stand by them no matter what.  


The Aquarius man almost always plays it safe, so he is attracted to risk-takers and risky situations. He may be cautious about being vulnerable or putting himself out there though the excitement of an uncertain relationship also draws him nearer.

You and the Aquarius man will never get anywhere in your relationship if you hold back because of fear that the relationship will fail. Be the first to take the leap and show him that love only happens when you take risks. 


The Aquarius man is attracted to someone who can put up with his complex and unpredictable qualities. He appreciates anyone who can see the best in him and not push him to be something he’s not.

Wait for the Aquarius man to make up his mind and not nag or try to control him, or he will seek freedom sooner or later. Let him live his life the way he wants it, helping him only when asked.

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How to text him?  

Now that you know what attracts the Aquarius man, you can text and be confident that your text will draw him closer to you. Here are the ways how to do that.


There’s no harm in texting the Aquarius man first, and his introverted personality will thank you for it. You can text him in the morning to greet him and brighten up his day or text him in the evening for longer and deeper conversations before you go to sleep.

Text the Aquarius man about specific things that are easy to respond to, like the trip you went on together, the project at work or assignment in school, or the mutual person you know. Add humor or ask a question that will grab his attention and make him eager to respond.

You must do it naturally though, Aquarius men do not like pretentious women, it ticks them off.

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Boredom is your enemy when texting the Aquarius man. You need to keep the conversation going by opening new topics in a conversation when you feel like he is losing interest.

Use your intuition and understanding of your man’s personality if it would be the right time to move to another topic. Choose subjects you are genuinely interested in because he could sense if you are pretentious to like something only to impress him.


Keep a healthy distance from your Aquarius man to show him that you respect his need for alone time. Texting him only when your man is ready shows your support and respect for his needs.

The Aquarius man needs to pursue his interests and goals even when in a relationship. Let him be when he stops texting you; he will soon get back to you if you let him have all the time he needs.


Flirting is a way to keep the Aquarius man interested while maintaining a lighthearted conversation. The successful key to flirting is a good blend of compliments, humor, and honesty. 

The Aquarius man can be seduced and turned on by witty remarks that show how you like him. Be specific and creative; you can tell him, “You were so hot wearing that new shirt today that I think summer came in early this year.”.


Don’t stress over the details of texting your Aquarius man. Go with the flow, and don’t force your conversation with him to go the way you want to.

Be yourself and react to your man’s messages based on what you feel and think is true to your values and beliefs. Overthinking and analyzing everything in your conversation will only prevent you from forming a natural and long-lasting connection with him.


The Aquarius man will need a lot of time to be comfortable and open to you, so don’t give up when he ignores your texts or show signs that he’s not interested. Don’t back down but don’t send multiple messages either, or he’ll avoid you even more.

Sending texts to the Aquarius man may not be enough to attract him to you, and that’s okay. Keep texting him in a friendly and casual way, and although it may take some time, perseverance never fails to draw him closer to you. 

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