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How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals & Gemstones?

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Crystals for healing are an excellent complement to any self-care routine. They can provide life to your home, serve as a reminder of your financial goals, and aid in the attraction of love. Cleaning and clearing any new crystals is critical because it depends on where you bought them. Multiple individuals may have touched them before you and left their energy—both good and bad on them. Whenever someone else has touched your jewels, consider washing them to remove their spiritual fingerprint.

If you ever come upon an old crystal, it's a good time to cleanse it. If you're going to use your crystals for healing, you'll want to clean them regularly. If you're working on yourself, a friend, or a client, you should purify the energy of your stones after each session. You don't have to clean your crystals as often if you use them for healing.

Create a timetable for yourself, such as once a month, once a week, or once a season. It should be a practice whether you're utilizing your gemstones as decorative pieces or as jewelry. You are not actively directing the crystal's energy on healing activities in these situations.

History Of Crystals

Since earlier times, crystals and stones have been popular. Crystals, according to the forefathers, bring about energetic changes by interacting with the human electromagnetic field. These crystals serve as a link between your conscious ideas and your physical body. These healing gemstones had a strong vibratory effect that allowed energy to circulate freely throughout the body.

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Reasons Why You Should Start Cleansing And Programming Your Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals have a crystal structure, which is a strong and stable physical composition. Crystals formations, in particular, are in a precise geometric design with no randomness. They interact with you, bringing balance to your energy field and supporting your well-being. However, when trapped, unwanted surplus energy is in a crystal, its vibration will not function properly.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals & Gemstones?

  • The Sunlight and Moonlight Method

You can utilize sunlight or moonlight to soften the stones. Most crystals require a minimum of four hours of sun exposure for them to be fully in tune. However, this procedure can cause specific stones to fade. While moonlight cleansing may be preferable, it usually involves a significant amount of time. 

Cleaning with a sound bath is one of the most effective ways to avoid these and other frequent issues—each method for purifying crystals covers in greater depth further down. In general, you should cleanse your crystals once a month or more frequently if you believe they have negative energy.

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Using the sun or moon energy to cleanse crystals is one of the oldest practices. Returning your crystal to natural light is the most significant approach to wash it if it has grown dull in look or efficacy. Place the crystal in direct sunshine or moonlight. Warm-colored crystals, such as yellow, red, and orange crystals, respond best to sunlight bathing. 

Avoid exposing them to the sun for an extended period, as they may fade. Moonlight cleansing is a delicate procedure, but it can be particularly effective around a full moon. When the moon is full and brilliant, it can assist in raising the vibrational energy of your crystal. Set any crystals you'd like to cleanse on your windowsill on the next full moon to absorb some of the lunation's energizing power.

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  • The Water Method

Water has cleansing properties and is the most popular method for cleansing crystals. Water is a fantastic neutralizer for all the bad energy that might mistakenly accumulate in crystals. For around 4 to 5 minutes, submerge your crystals in tap water, natural rain, or a stream. Physically and metaphysically, this purifies your crystals. You can soak your crystals in a glass of water or set them in a mesh bag in a running stream or the ocean waves. 

According to some alternative medicine practitioners, saltwater can be a beneficial medium for absorbing unwanted energy. Try on submerging the stones in seawater overnight in this washing method. Natural seawater is suitable for this use. Rinse your crystals with clean water afterward. 

Please be aware that saltwater has the potential to harm or alter the appearance of some delicate stones. Thus this procedure is not ideal for all crystals and stones. While cleaning some crystals or stones can by washing them in water or saltwater, this is not recommendable for some crystals or stones may dissolve or disintegrate in water or saltwater.

  • The Sound Method

One of the most effective cleansing procedures is to use sound to cleanse crystals. Some alternative health practitioners believe that using a tuning fork or singing bowl to create a mild vibration will help eliminate negative energy fast and effectively. It has the vibrations caused by sound assist break up any lodged negative energy in the crystals. The procedure's melodic frequency restores the crystal's harmony. 

Sound, in essence, delivers vibrations into the surroundings that penetrate the crystal structure. If you have a huge collection of crystals and want to wash them all at once with minimal effort, this method is ideal. There are several ways to make a purifying sound. A Tibetan singing bowl is the most common and successful method. 

While you can utilize a singing bowl recording, most alternative health practitioners believe that cleansing is most successful when done in the presence of a singing bowl. Singing bowls relate to bells in that they provide a relaxing sound that can help you and your crystals relax. Singing bowls' clean and soothing vibrations can also aid in the removal of obstinate energy that has accumulated in your crystal.

  • The Burying to the Earth

Another popular method is to bury your crystals in the ground. The theory behind this cleansing procedure is that crystals may be returning them to nature. This procedure is a must especially beneficial when a thorough cleansing to eliminate poisonous or otherwise bad energies. This method necessitates the following approach: 

  1. It returns the energy to Source and allows your stone to rest for a while. 
  2. Try various techniques in burying your crystals, like in a potted plant, yard, or sand at the beach. 
  3. Some alternative medicine practitioners believe that the soil elements will help absorb all of the unwanted energy in the crystal, restoring it to its original state.
  • The Manifesting Method

This method is commonly the “visualization technique,” It is also the “meditation approach” because of its similarities to meditation. Meditative visualization is the method of imagining what you want. Clasp your crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and envision a ray of cleansing light sweeping over it the next time you need it to refreshen.

  • The Use of Purifying Crystals

Use different crystals or gemstones to cleanse your crystals. Certain purifying crystals, such as carnelian and pure quartz, purify other stones. According to certain alternative health practitioners, quartz or selenite has a remarkable power to purify and cleanse other crystals. When traveling, stack these stones on top of any crystals that require clearing. You can also store them all in the same bag. It's thought that if you use this procedure, it will clean your crystals of any negative energies.

  • The Use of Brown Rice and Salt Method

You can use brown rice or salt as a binder. Brown rice is a favored method among the holistic community because of its organic and earthy quality. It's more environmentally friendly than burying your stones in the ground. Rice cleansing, according to some alternative health practitioners, is beneficial for all sorts of crystals. It is handy for soft and protecting crystals. 

Another popular alternative for its cleaning properties is sea salt. Sea salt and water can assist in the removal of unwanted energy from your stone. Using sea salt should suffice if the stone is not fragile. However, you should avoid placing a porous stone with many small holes or ridges in saltwater since it would cause harm. To improve the purifying impact of the salt bath, leave the stone in the water overnight and add dried sage, basil, or lavender.

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How To Charge And Program Your Crystals & Gemstones?

It is only necessary to program your crystal once per intention. You can deprogram the stone and then redo the programming process for the new aim if you wish to focus on a different one of its healing capabilities. When you look into the therapeutic properties of your crystal, you'll find that it may be helpful in a variety of things. You should only encode one property into the crystal to help focus your aim.

  1. Place it on a cluster of crystals because you can clean and charge your crystals on the same gemstone cluster. It is a two-in-one solution.
  2. Place it on a charging crystal like a Selenite stone, an Agate slab, or a Carnelian bowl. Any crystal clear, charged, and programmed before has enough stable surface space for the crystal you want to charge.
  3. Place it under sunlight. You can benefit from the sun's energetic, yang healing powers. Allow your crystal to sit in the sun for the entire day. Keep in mind that some crystals will fade if exposed to direct sunlight; in that case, position them in indirect sunlight.
  4. Place it under the moonlight. The moon's energies are relaxing, yin, and intuitive. For an entire night, place your crystal under the moon.
  • Soothe your mind. Make sure you're in a calm and happy frame of mind. Before programming your crystal, it's a good idea to meditate.
  • Deprogram the crystal. Tell the crystal to forget any previous programming and visualize the intents dissipating into space.
  • Set your purpose. Ask yourself what exactly do you want the crystal to do for you. Request its powers if it can assist you in your recovery. If you're going to find love, ask for its guidance in attracting love. You could also ask if you could use some assistance to help you succeed at work or assistance with your studies.

Remember that it should be in the present tense in setting your purpose like you are claiming the benefits that you are yet to receive. It's a good idea to include any particular demands and maintain an optimistic attitude.

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Negative energy will come to crystals as it absorbs it. Thus it would help if you cleaned them. Your crystal serves as an energy lint roller when you undertake therapeutic therapy with it. To keep the crystals performing at their best, you must remove the negativity at some time. Regular cleaning is essential whether you are purchasing a new stone or simply maintaining an existing one. 

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