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10 Essential Steps to Deal With An Angry Aries Man

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If you are currently in a relationship with an Aries man, you're subjected to his hot temperament. He can blow up anytime amid your disagreement and shout in your face. 

In dealing with an angry Aries man, you must not meet his hot temperament. He will get too fired up that you won't be able to handle his anger. 

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Nonetheless, how do you deal with an angry Aries man? Let's find out.

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Ali is one of my readers who told me her insights on how an Aries man expresses his anger. You may need to expect angry sex if he’s the silent type, because he doesn’t care about anything other than his satisfaction when he’s angry.

10 Essential Steps to Deal with an Angry Aries Man

Consider following the given steps below to handle your upset Aries beau effectively.

#1 Stay calm as much as possible.

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In dealing with an angry Aries man, you should not be reactive. Instead, stay calm as much as possible while conversing with him. 

If you are reactive, he might blurt out hurtful things that can ruin your relationship.

Thus, if your Aries man is angry with you, you can try to settle things calmly. If he doesn't want to talk to you, leave him alone for a while and wait until he's ready to settle things with you.

 This way, you can speak to him with a clear mind.

#2 Avoid yelling at him.

Due to your disappointment with your Aries man's actions, it's possible that you can yell at him. Consider using a soft tone of voice in talking to your man and be patient with him.

Never yell or show irritation in your voice, as this will make him blow up. Dealing with angry Aries will take a lot of patience and understanding from your side to solve the issue.

#3 Never beg him not to leave you.

If you currently have a lover's quarrel with your Aries man, it's best not to beg him not to leave you. 

An Aries can take that as a sign of guilt and disrespect for oneself. Thus, consider being strong in a challenging situation like the fight with your Arian man.

#4 Don't insult him.

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As the fire of the arguments rises, so do the emotions. Thus, it will be inevitable to have fiery exchanges of negative words. 

As much as possible, try to be the bigger person as it can be very frustrating handling an angry Aries man.

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#5 Apologize if it's your fault.

If the anger of your Aries man is due to your fault, apologize halfway in your arguments. Explain your side and he will likely listen, depending on the gravity of your mistake. 

Never let him think that you don't care about his feelings by shrugging off his anger.

On the flip side, if it weren't your fault, never beg for his forgiveness. Give him the space he needs to cool down and he will talk to you once his mind gets cleared.

Once his anger subsided, talk calmly to him and never bring back how he mishandles his emotions. Instead, let him know that you understand him and advise him to tell you all the things that bother him. 

Let him know that you are very willing to listen to him and you're there to support him.

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#6 Give him the time and space he needs.

When Aries is angry or hurt, he tends to be either aggressive or cold. He will need time to process his emotions or he will blow up. 

This scenario is the reason why it's not advisable to meet his anger by shouting or insulting him.

Thus, consider giving enough time and space to your Aries man to process his emotions and to let him calm. Never confront his anger with your anger as it will mess up your relationship. 

If you want to keep your Arian beau, handle things gently and you will likely tap his soft side.

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#7 Stand up for yourself.

One way to make your Aries man get more irritated with you is by appearing weak to him. Kneeling or begging him to stay will make him hate you more. 

If it's your fault, apologize genuinely but never show any weakness.

Apologizing to him will be enough and after that, make sure to give him time to think things thoroughly. 

Wait for him to contact you so you won't appear to be desperate. Nonetheless, if you want to text or call him, make sure you don't overdo it unless you want him to get pissed.

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#8 Don't go after him.

If you have issued your apology to your Aries, don't follow him like a lost puppy. Instead, live your life and go after the goals or the things that make you happy. 

This way, he will see that you are not pausing your life due to the incident.

#9 Be patient and understanding.

As you might already know, an angry Aries can be very harsh, be it your fault or not. 

It will take saint-like patience and understanding when the Ram of the zodiac gets upset. Thus, consider not to provoke him more by being reactive to his sentiments.

A hurt or angry Aries man doesn't like to bottle up their feelings like a Taurus. What an Aries guy feels, he tends to show. 

So, you will likely see him being confrontational on most occasions.

#10 Talk to him.

Once he is emotionally settled, try to talk to him. Nonetheless, ensure first that he is really okay before going to him and initiate the talk. 

Discuss the problem with him as long as he is open to do it and find the solution for it.

If he has cooled down, it's vital to talk things out with him. 

Remember that communication is the key to solve issues in all things. If you see that he is ready to talk with you, find time to communicate with him.

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