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9 Tips To Get A Gemini Man To Commit: That Makes Sense!

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As you might already know, a Gemini man won't commit easily to one woman. He loves his freedom and tends to stay away from people that are a threat to it. 

If you genuinely want to make your Gemini man commit, you need to have saint-like patience to deal with him. It may take years in a relationship before he will pop the question and give you the ‘ring.' 

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You also have to know that making him commit will require a lot of effort on your part. It will also help if you will be patient as he can be too flirty with others before getting his attention or focus.

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So, is there a way you can get his undivided attention? Let's find out!

Can a Gemini Man Commit Himself?

Being an air sign, it can be challenging to make the Twins of the zodiac commit. He can be with you physically, but his mind will be everywhere. 

You need to capture his attention first before you can make him commit.

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So, how can you make a Gemini man commit? Do they have the tendency to cheat?

9 Tips to Make a Gemini Man Commit

#1 Live your life to the fullest.

Being in a relationship with a Gemini guy means you will get to live your life the way you want to. A Gemini won't restrict you from doing what you want to do and expects you to be the same. 

He won't be the type that will be a homebody and stay with you as much as he can.

You have to know that he will still do what he wants to do while being in a relationship, so don't expect too much. Accept him as he is and do your best in living your own life.

If you want to make this guy commit to you, show him that you can live your best life apart from him. This way, he will see your worth, which will likely make him commit.

Thus, consider letting him see that you can bring significant value to his life for him to take action.

#2 Keep things light.

In dealing with a Gemini man, it's crucial to keep things light with him. Don't go around telling him that you want to make plans for the future as he can get disturbed by it. 

It will make him feel that you are taking away his freedom or you are controlling his life.

Consider taking one step at a time with your Gemini man. If you are hell-bound to make him commit to you, you have to show him that you can give him the kind of life you want to live. 

Show him that he can still do what he wants to do and how much fun it is to be with you.

Whatever you will do, make sure that he feels your sincerity and is always cared for.

#3 Live in the moment.

As you might already know, a Gemini guy loves to lie in the present moment and detest thinking about the future a lot. 

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For him, the current time is what matters. He loves to live in the moment and enjoy the experiences that go along with it.

So, if you're the type that loves to plan, you might want to consider compromising for him. It could mean that you will need to be spontaneous around him and not talk about what the future holds. 

A Gemini can be very appreciative if his partner can go with the flow with him and not overthink.

Living in the moment without putting any pressure on your Gemini man can make him feel at ease. It will also help him see your unrestrictiveness that can be a vital factor in helping him decide to commit. 

So, if you want him to pop the question, don't be pushy and have great and fun experiences together.

#4 Be spontaneous.

If you want to keep the attention of a Gemini man, you need to consider bringing new aspects to the relationship. Consider not being predictable and bring new, exciting things. 

You may share new knowledge that can get his interest to have a stronger bond with him.

You may all of a sudden invite him to an out-of-town adventure and engage him in exciting activities. You can also open up a topic that he's not expecting you to initiate, such as intellectual talks. 

You may pick from philosophy, politics, science, and more to appeal to his brilliant mind.

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So, consider engaging him in an intelligent talk or asking him out on an escapade with you. 

If you're planning something different, ensure that it will surprise him. Make sure that it will be something that he won't expect you to do.

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#5 Keep things new each day.

As you might already know, a Gemini guy has a short attention span, so it's essential to keep things new to have his focus. So, you may have to spice things up each day to keep his interest. 

You may try different sex positions when you get intimate with each other for him not to get bored.

#6 Accept him for who he is.

If you want a Gemini man to commit, you need to accept him for who he is. As you might know, he values his freedom and enjoys life like a single person, which can be challenging for you. 

Nonetheless, you have to accept this part of him and let him enjoy the things he's used to.

Ensure that you won't be pushy with him regarding commitment or else he might run away from you. Never tell him also what to do as he might take it the wrong way and assume that you're trying to control him.

It can genuinely be stuffy being in a relationship with a Gemini. Nonetheless, you can also have a great time with him only if you're willing to compromise and take him as he is. 

Let him enjoy the freedom he's used to while he was single and he will likely consider committing himself to you.

#7 Be open to experiencing new things with him.

To make a Gemini man commit, you have to be open to experiencing new things with him. As an air sign, he loves to be everywhere and encounter new things in different places. 

He might ask you out of the blue to go on an adventure with him with no prior plans, so you have to be ready at all times to say yes.

#8 Let him live his life.

Being in a relationship doesn't mean that you need to control the life of your partner. It means that you need to support and be an excellent cheerleader to your partner's life and add value to it. 

This scenario particularly holds true for a Gemini man.

A man born under the Gemini sign doesn't want to feel restricted or controlled in a relationship. He wants to live his life the way he used to and it's best to let him do so to avoid petty fights. 

If he wants to go out with his friends, let him do so and tell him to enjoy and be careful in driving on his way home.

#9 Support him on his plan,

One of the best ways to make a male Gemini commit is by being supportive of his plans. 

He wants a partner in life that can cheer him on and poke holes in his dreams. Thus, consider showing your supporting attribute early on in the relationship.

When his plan fails in his first attempt, encourage him to take another chance. If he starts to get negative, remind him how much he works hard to materialize his dreams

Tell him not to give up and try one more time to not have any regrets in the future.

Seeing you support him will make him feel loved and at ease that he can depend on you anytime. This way, he will likely start to think about committing himself to you, knowing that you can add value to his life.

Keeping a Gemini man happy requires a ton of understanding and patience, but by following Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach's advices found in Gemini Man Secrets guide, you'll find out why he's worth the hard work. 

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