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15 Tips to Get a Gemini Man To Miss You: That Absolutely Work

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Are you one of the women who got hooked on a Gemini man's charm? Are you currently looking for ways to get him to miss you?

Gemini men are the typical heartbreaker in the zodiac. They love to flirt, do one-night stands, and have loads of fun in their lives. If you want to attract a Gemini man, keep in mind that he's not really looking for something long-term.

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Nonetheless, there could be a chance for a change if you will be able to get his attention and make him miss you. It's best not to push him to commit and let him do the chasing. Wait for things to unfold naturally than to woe him that makes him run away further.

So now, let's cut the chase and unravel the ways to get a Gemini man to miss you.

15 Tips to Get a Gemini Man to Miss You

#1 Do Your Own Thing

A Gemini man likes being with an independent woman. It makes him feel proud and secure that his woman wouldn't bug him if he's with his friends enjoying his life.

Making a Gemini man miss you can be a challenging feat as he has ways to enjoy his life even without you. However, slowly making moves can build up his desires for you. Be flirty when you're with him, but let him also see that you are enjoying your life without him.

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Making him see doing your own thing and rousing his fleshly desires once in a while can fire up his desire for you. Create a balance and make him the one to chase you.

#2 Know Him First Before Making any Move

One sure thing to make a Gemini man miss you is to know him well first. You can start as being a friend to him and see his weak and strong points. Knowing him more and being there for him will likely catch his attention.

You can drop subtle hints about your attraction to him, but don't go on full mode. Leave a little room for mystery and he will get curious, which will make him think more about you.

#3 Act According to His Mood

Although Geminis is all about fun, they also have their mood swings. Nonetheless, it won't take long before they regain their sunny side. Consider leaving him alone if he's not in the mood and never bug him if he doesn't want to talk.

He will likely apologize for the way he acts if you gave him the space he needs instead of invading it.

#4 Be Mysterious

There's nothing more that keeps a Gemini man interested than a mysterious woman. Geminis find it challenging if a woman has personalities that they didn't expect to have. It makes them want to know you more that will likely make them hooked.

Don't tell everything about you and be spontaneous when you're with him. You can keep him looking forward to meeting you again by playing with your looks and styles. It will also be an extra point if you'll get extra flirty with him and stop when he's about to give in.

Awaking his sensual feelings then stopping your flirtatious act will make him crave. You will likely stay on his mind and will keep on missing you until you two meet again.

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#5 Shower Him with Attention

Geminis are lovers of attention and it's not hard for them to get it as they are very sociable people. To get his interest, make sure that you are attentive to what he's talking about and respond to it. You will likely catch his attention if he sees that you can converse well with him.

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Giving your attention to a Gemini man will increase your chance to make you linger on his mind.

#6 Don't be Always Available for Him

This part can be tricky, especially if you already have strong feelings for your Gemini guy. Nonetheless, if you want him to miss you, make sure that you will not change your schedule if he wanted to meet. It's better to make him wait for a little until you have fulfilled your schedule for the day.

Wait for a little will make him respect your time and will likely make him miss your presence.

#7 Give Suggestive Talks and Actions

When it comes to a Gemini man, a daring and spontaneous woman is all he ever wants. He wants a woman whose daring enough to send cryptic messages that relay her intention. You can spew some flirtatious jokes once in a while and match it with a few touches that he will remember.

A Gemini man will likely take action if he knows that you're into him.

#8 Be Spontaneous

If you want a Gemini man to chase you, be spontaneous. He's the type that hates to plan and prefers to make things happen on their own. When you're out on a date, you can steal a kiss from him, which will likely make him surprised, but he will surely love it.

Being with a Gemini man, it's best to let things unfold on their own rather than planning them out. If you're the type of girl who loves to plan for your dates or other things, you'll have to learn how to compromise. This man isn't the type of man who has a solid plan and it can be disappointing.

Nonetheless, if you really like him, a compromise is a small sacrifice you have to make.

#9 Beware of Playing Mind Games

Geminis are smart and intuitive people. Thus, playing games with them will not work well and you'll likely get thrown out as their love interest. If you're into a Gemini man, being honest, loyal, and flirty to him will give you full his attention that he seldom does.

It could take time to get into his deep feelings and it also takes patience to stay by his side. So, you have to be exciting and mysterious to keep his attention and make him think of you.

#10 Dress Up & Play Up with Your Style

One sure way to get his attention and linger on his mind is to dress up for him. You can dress up with a sexy and alluring dress, but make sure that the sexiness of that dress isn't slutty. There's always a fine line between sexiness and sluttiness, so dress up accordingly.

You can try an elegant look, but make sure to play it up a little bit. You can wear a white, figure-hugging long sleeve dress with a deep cleavage and match it up with red lipstick. You can tie your hair and let some of it dangle to create a playful look.

Whatever style you prefer, ensure that you keep it interesting with some twist.

#11 Keep Things Interested

Try keeping things interesting between you and your Gemini guy. You can call his friends and your friends to have fun together with the two of you. He will likely appreciate your efforts as he loves being around his friends.

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You can also surprise him once in a while to make you stick to his mind, especially during his lonely times.

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#12 Be with Other People in Your Life

Keeping a Gemini man's interest can be a challenge, especially when there's a lot of fun going on around him. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that it's impossible to make him miss you. If he's doing something, hang out with your friends and update your social media.

Let him see that you also have a life apart from your relationship with him. It will make him realize that you will be fine without him and that will stick into his head, forcing him to take action.

#13 Send Him Flirty Messages

When you're unavailable to meet him, make sure to send flirty texts to arouse his senses. This way, it will awake his imaginative mind and make him think of you more. It will also make him look forward to meeting you as soon as possible.

Do this trick once in a while and you will likely get your Gemini man to miss you. Ensure to awake his desire to be with you during your text exchanges or call.

#14 Don't be Clingy & Jealous

Two things that a Gemini hates in a woman — being clingy and jealous. It makes him feel suffocated and restrain him from having fun in the way he wants. Thus, if you want to make your Gemini man keep you by his side, you need to compromise.

Not getting jealous, especially if he's out having fun, can be challenging. Things can happen while he's out and your Gemini man can be extra sociable. Nonetheless, trusting him is the only way to have a harmonious relationship.

While he's out doing fun, do have fun with your friends too. Don't just stay around your corner and wait for him. Make him see that you can have fun apart from him too.

#15 Be Nice to Others

A Gemini man is very intuitive and observant. He can sense if you're faking your attitude or not. He likes a woman who's true to herself and has good manners.

He will appreciate it if you are nice to other people, making him proud that you're his woman.

Although a Gemini has this playful character, he is actually very soft inside. It takes a special woman to go deep into his real character and not get fooled by his playboy facade.


A Gemini man is easygoing and not hard to please. However, if you want to have a deeper connection to this charming man of the zodiac, you need to be close to him first. You can start by being his friend to know him better and build a strong foundation that makes you a part of his life.

Once you get to know him, you can drop subtle hints of your interest in him. If he's into you, he will likely make a move to make you his gal. Make sure to leave room for mystery and don't forget to do your own thing.

Ensure that he sees you as an independent woman who can take care of herself and is very dependable.

A Gemini man's mind is perpetually occupied by many things because of his mercurial mind, but you can always secure a spot in it with the help of Anna Kovach's Gemini Man Secrets.

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