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8 EASY Steps to Get a Leo Man Back: As Long As He Didn’t Cheat!

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A Leo man is fun to be with. He's funny, outgoing, intelligent and most of all, caring. When the Lion of the zodiac falls in love with you, he will treat you like a queen. This is why most people who are exes of a Leo man tend to go back to him after a while from the break-up.

To get a Leo man back, acknowledge any mistakes and apologize sincerely. Show genuine effort in rebuilding trust. Remind him of the good times you shared, and be confident and positive. Leos appreciate directness, so express your feelings and intentions clearly.

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Could there be a chance to get back together with a Leo ex?

The answer to this question depends on the reason for your break-up. If it were your fault, there would be a slight chance to get back together as long as what you did isn't a huge deal.

Leos are famous for their incapability to forgive. Nonetheless, if what you've done isn't as big as cheating, he might still be able to forgive you. A Leo is very particular with loyalty and once he feels betrayed, he will do everything to shut you off from his life.

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On the flip side, this fiery man of the zodiac can forgive if your mistake or wrongdoing is not grave. However, you have to know that you still need to exert effort for him to forgive you and have a second shot at love with him.

So, how can you get a Leo man back? Let's find out!

8 Easy Steps to Get a Leo Man Back

Men born under the Leo sign are good actors. They can play pretend like no other. Nonetheless, when they fall in love or get hurt, they show how affected they are by the situation. You can see them wearing a tough, manly exterior, but they are very sensitive inside.

Thus, knowing how to tap the right button is a must in getting your Leo man back. You may consider following the steps below for a higher chance to have a second shot at love with your Leo man.

#1 Be genuine and apologize.

If you are the reason why two broke up, be honest and apologize to him. Tell him how sorry you are for what you've done and don't hold back your emotions. Cry if you want to cry and you will likely have a chance to tap into his sensitive side.

He will likely feel your anguish for what you've done if he sees you crying. Nonetheless, don't expect to get any reaction from him or to forgive you right away. You must know that a man under the Leo sign takes time to heal the emotional wounds you've caused.

Manage your expectation so you won't get hurt if he doesn't accept your apology right away. Be patient and understanding with your hurt Leo man, as he has every right to be angry if you've done him wrong. Wait for him but never stop living your life to the fullest.

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#2 Live your best life.

After you have apologized to him, never let yourself wallow in sadness. Instead, go on and live your best life and reach out your goals. Go out and hang out with your friends and let your Leo man see that you are not stopping your life while waiting for him.

You can also update your social media with pics of your night outs and escapades with your friends. This way, he will likely realize that he might lose you forever if he doesn't settle things with you. Thus, you can expect him to contact you when he is okay and still has feelings for you.

#3 Compliment him.

Do this step only when you two are on better terms. If your Leo asks you out for old-time sake, make sure you don't forget to compliment his look or style. This way, you are boosting his confidence and he will likely take action to pursue you again.

It will also help if you let him perceive that you are still into him. You can do that by laughing at his jokes while touching or tapping his shoulder or arm. Letting him feel that you still have feelings for him will encourage him to take action to win you back.

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#4 Look your best.

If you want to get back with your Leo ex, make sure to always look your best. Stay fit and wear something elegant or sexy, but never vulgar dresses. Know that Leo has an image to keep up, so you better let him see you well-dressed and attractive all the time if possible.

It's also best to wear your beautiful and genuine smile. Put your favorite lipstick shade on your lips, spray perfume and walk with confidence. There's nothing more that can get the attention of a Leo man than a woman who is sure of herself and looks really good.

Thus, wear something appropriate yet with character. Don't also forget to wear your beautiful smile and strut your confidence. Show your Leo man that you've improved a lot during the break-up and he will likely open his feelings to you.

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#5 Tell him how you feel.

One of the best ways you can get back with your Leo ex is by telling him how you feel. You can always tell your ex-beau that you still love him even if it has been months or years since you broke up. Being genuine with how you feel will likely touch the heart of your Leo ex.

Once you've tapped into his emotions, he may also consider opening up his feelings to you. Don't hold back your feelings and tell your ex Leo man that you have been thinking about him ever since the break-up. Don't be shy in telling him everything you feel as he is a very open person.

So, if you really want your Leo ex back, consider telling him how you feel. He's a very straightforward person, so he will likely appreciate it if you are honest with him.

#6 Avoid pointing fingers.

Once you are on good terms with your Leo ex, pointing your fingers to him if you two happen to mention the past. Leave the past behind and don't even consider saying it jokingly. If mentioning the past is inevitable, reminisce only the good memories.

As much as possible, prevent bringing up the dark part of your relationship's memories if you want to win back your Leo ex. Mentioning those details that have happened in the past can freshen up the past wounds. Thus, consider not to tackle anything gloomy from the past or not mention the past at all if possible.

Show him that there's still a possibility that you two can get back together through your actions. A Leo guy can easily sense if someone is into him, so do your best to convey your feelings into actions.

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#7 Indulge him.

Your Leo ex is like the king of the jungle. You need to pamper and serve him the best that you can to make him notice you again. If you are already on good terms with each other, you can indulge him by inviting him over for dinner.

You can also give him a good massage if he decides to crash into your place and hang out with you. Make sure that everything is well to make him feel comfortable and welcome again. This way, he will likely go back and forth from his place to yours, giving you a big chance to get him back.

#8 Keep up with him.

Want to get back the interest of your Leo man after a break-up? If your answer is yes, try to keep up with him! Show him that you are also working on meeting your goals in life. Be fiercely ambitious and let him see that.

If your Leo ex sees that you are doing your best to achieve your plans, he will likely be proud of you. Seeing your changes and your drive to succeed in life, he'll take action to get you back into his life again. This fiery man wants a woman that can add value to his life, so you must work hard and be the girl he needs.

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