How to get a Libra man back: Tip the scales! -

How to get a Libra man back: Tip the scales!

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Did your Libra man sentence you away from him? Do you wish to appeal your case?

Tip the scales in your favor and win back your Libra man by learning the ins and outs of his personality and behavior. With lots of patience and some effort, your breakup will be a short sentence that results in a life-long relationship.

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Your tools for getting the Libra man back are honesty and open communication. He doesn’t respond well to blaming and harsh words, and he will seek a more peaceful place if you pick a fight with him.

The Libra man is not stubborn and can change his mind for the right reasons, the most important of which is love. Make him realize that he loves you through everything you’ve gone through, and you’ve already won your case.

The key to that is getting inside his mind and make your presence linger in it, which a perfect Libra bible like Libra Man Secrets teaches you to do. 

This article will help you understand the Libra man and deal with your breakup. It will help you convince him to get back together and keep him from leaving you again.

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All about the Libra man

Libra is an Air sign with a Cardinal quality. It is ruled by the planet Venus and represented by the scales.

The Libra man is a loyal friend; you can depend on him to support you and champion your cause against anyone as long as you are in the right. He is a passionate lover; he is quick to feel intense emotions and expresses them in grand gestures and romantic ways.

The Libra man is great at communicating ideas but finds it hard to understand other people’s feelings. He loves to discuss topics on art, science, and politics, but some people can sometimes see him as insensitive and uncaring.

Thanks to his outgoing and extroverted personality, the Libra man thrives in social settings. He can connect with different people from all walks of life because of his ability to charm and make them feel at ease with his presence.

The Libra man is easy to commit in a relationship and often rushes into marriage based on passion and romance. He will stay committed and loyal because of his strong sense of justice and conviction to do the right thing.

The Libra man will leave a committed relationship if he is no longer treated right and not getting the respect he deserves. His character makes him avoid conflict; he will try to find peace even if that means leaving and staying away from someone he loves.  

Make him want you back

Now that you know all about the Libra man’s personality, you can use this knowledge to get your man back after a breakup. Don’t ask or beg him to; make him WANT you back, and here are the ways how:

Limit your contact

The no contact rule may not work for you with the Libra man because he is not likely to stop communicating with you. He may stop seeing you as a romantic partner, but he will not take you out of his social circle.

Don’t initiate contact with the Libra man and respond only when he contacts you; be sure to limit your interactions with him after that. Tell him that you need to step back and not spend too much time with him so that you can recover your balance; this will make him realize how hurt you were by the breakup and that you still care for him.

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Talk about your feelings

When the Libra man initiates contact and asks about your feelings, open up to him and be clear with your words. Be patient and don’t assume that he will understand you right away; give him time to process these things in his own way.

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Don’t expect the Libra man to get back to you with answers and decisions right after your talk; he will reach out whenever he’s ready. Contacting him and pressuring him to decide will only annoy him and make him decide to let you go.

Hear him out

Do your Libra man the favor of listening to him when he is willing to talk; hear him out without judgment or hostility. Make him feel comfortable so that he can be honest and not hide his true feelings and opinions.

Don’t fight your Libra man when you disagree with the things he’s saying, but learn to see where he is coming from. Respect his feelings and don’t dismiss them; this is the only way for him to see you as a mature and rational partner he can deal with.

Brainstorm ideas with him

Appeal to the practical and intellectual person in the Libra man and discuss your relationship with him. Get to the root of your issues and problems, come up with solutions, and predict possible outcomes.

Working together with a common goal will reestablish your connection with the Libra man and rekindle the familiar spark that started your relationship. It will also boost his confidence and convince him to give your relationship another try.

Bring back the romance

Make him fall back in love with you by bringing back the romance in your relationship. The best time to do this step is when you have reached a friendly but constant contact with him after the breakup.

Dress up for him, cook his favorite food, flirt with him, give him thoughtful gifts on special occasions, make him feel loved; do whatever you think will make him remember and miss the sweet and romantic moments you’ve had together. Be a good friend to him and offer to do some favors or errands, but make sure not to overdo it, or he’ll question your sincerity.

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Show your loyalty to him

The Libra man admires loyalty in his friends and family; it’s easier to win him back after a breakup if you show him that your loyalty for him remains intact. Be there for him when he needs you, defend him to other people, and support his projects and goals in life.

Show genuine interest in your Libra man’s endeavors, ask about the challenges and issues he’s facing and cheer him on. Be a source of positive vibes and constructive criticisms, and you’ll be the first thing that pops up in his mind when he needs someone to be with.

Get your life back on track 

There are other essential things in your life than romantic relationships. Take your breakup with the Libra man as a chance to spend more time with your family and friends, improve your career, or work on a new hobby or business.

Your Libra man will see your independence and success and be drawn back to you. He will not consider taking another chance with you if he thinks you focus on crying or obsessing over him more than taking care of yourself or fixing your life.

Reflect and apologize

Reflect on your past relationships, not only this one with your Libra man. Doing this will show you the part you played in the failure of these relationships.

Apologize to your past partners, if you can, and apologize to yourself for not knowing any better. Learn to forgive, accept, and love yourself because that is the only way you can be ready to love other people again, Libra man or not.

If you have done this already and are 100% ready to try it again with the Libra man, getting started with Libra Man Secrets will be a wise move. 

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Don’t drive him away again

If your Libra man loves you enough and decides to have a brand new start with you, you did a great job, and congratulations! Now read my tips below so that you don’t drive him away from you again.

Don’t dwell on the past

Learn to let go of the past and leave it behind; keep yourself from bringing up your Libra man’s past mistakes because guilt and pointing fingers will only push him away from you. What matters most is his willingness to change and your forgiveness, or vice versa.

Move on, think about your future with your man, and trust him to lead you in achieving that future. It will also help if you voice out your worries and negative feelings so that he can help you move past them.

Communicate everything to him

The Libra man will never say no to a stimulating and productive discussion. Keep him updated with your life even if he doesn’t ask you; let him know how you feel when things go wrong and even when they go right.

Letting your Libra man know where you stand also makes him make faster decisions, and that alone is already a big deal for him. Keeping him updated with your feelings and thoughts also prevents future conflicts that can disturb the balance in your relationship.

Strive for happiness

To be happy in a relationship takes conscious effort, and you need to work together with your Libra man to seek sources of joy and lightness in your life. To be a part of a relationship means having so many responsibilities that it may seem like a job after some time.

Take a break and relax from the demands of your relationship by doing things you enjoy, together or apart. Allow your Libra man to do things that make him happy and support him no matter what.

Getting your Libra man back won't come easy, but it is definitely attainable. 

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