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8 Simple Tips to Get A Taurus Woman To Chase After You

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When you're with a Taurus woman, you can guarantee that she won't follow you around and will let you do your own thing. She's confident in who she is and won't have a second thought to let you know that she wants you. If she feels sexually aroused, she will ensure that you will know about it.

To get a Taurus woman to chase you, be patient and let her move at her own pace. Show genuine interest in her and make her feel special, but also give her space. Taurus women appreciate style, so dress well and occasionally surprise her with thoughtful gifts, like flowers. They value loyalty and consistency, so be dependable and show her you're serious about the relationship. Respect her boundaries and make her feel good about herself with genuine compliments.

Being with a Taurus woman can be a little intimidating sometimes as she can be too independent. She won't wait for you to do things for her as she will do it herself. If she wants something, she'll get it herself.

These traits of her can make you feel a bit unsure of her feelings towards you. Nonetheless, there's no need to worry. A Taurus woman is very loyal once they start to commit to you.

If you want to shake things up to get your Taurus woman to chase after you, just follow our detailed tips below.

8 Tips to Get a Taurus Woman to Chase After You

Taurus women will never let anyone see how fragile they are, even to their partners. They have that strong, intimidating aura that makes everyone think they got it all. Nonetheless, what some people don't know is they are actually soft inside.

Get more intimate and soften your Taurus woman with the following tips:


  • Be Confident

A Taurus woman is a strong woman. She wouldn't budge for a man who is not confident in himself and doesn't have any concrete plan for his future. Thus, show her that you have plans and you know what you are doing in your life.

She appreciates a man who can stand on his two feet and is stable in his life.

  • Look Good for Her

Be a candy to her eyes and she will surely stick by your side. Although she might look tough, she will likely soften up with you looking so good. Nonetheless, ensure that you are only trying to look good for her, as she can smell betrayal from afar.

  • Smell Good for Her

Looking good and smelling good are two different things. Match your good looks with an enchanting smell and you'll have your Taurus woman wrap into your arms. She will get cuddly, touchy, and even make love with you as long as you hit her spots.

A Taurus woman loves a man who smells good and feels good.

  • Show Her Your Funny Side

If you want a Taurus woman to get interested in you, try showing her your funny side. She loves it when she knows how to make her laugh. Show her the possibilities of what she can get when she's with you.

Make sure that she'll have a great time with you, so she can't help but look forward to meeting you again. You'll definitely get her attention and crave more of you. You will never leave her mind!

  • Open Up to Her

What some people don't know is that Taurus woman loves their man to open up to them. She feels more secured and appreciated when a man shares the happenings in his life with her. Through this way, you'll make her feel important and trusted.

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  • Shower Her with Appreciation

A Taurus woman isn't materialistic. She only wants to have quality time with you and enjoy life together. When you're with her, make sure to compliment her and let her know that you appreciate her. These might be basic things, but these are very important for Taurus women.

  • Flirt with Her

Some people don't know that a Taurus woman loves flirting with the person she's with. Be observant as she can initiate romance with you. A Taurus woman loves sex, especially if you start arousing her.

Nonetheless, never try to get sexual with her when she isn't in the mood or didn't start it. When she feels like it, it's a well-known fact that she will definitely let you know about it.

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  • Send Her Suggestive Texts

Only send her suggestive texts when you feel that she's into it or she's the one who starts such a conversation. Flirt with her as much as possible when you feel that she's into it. Awaken her lust and you'll have intimate text exchanges that will make her crave for more.

Make sure to do something new to keep the spark between you two going. If she's into you, she'll likely agree to do sexting with you. Such a thing will feed the spark and reveal the lustful side of both of you that will make the attraction longer.

Extensive Tips to Make a Taurus Woman Want More of You

  • Go Camping with Her

It might not be obvious, but a Taurus woman loves nature so much. Although she loves city life, she wouldn't say no to the chance to live in the countryside. If you can't afford to live in the countryside as your job is in the city, you can always take her out camping.

One of the best things about a Taurus woman is she's not into expensive things. Although she appreciates those kinds of things, she'll be happy enough to be with you.

  • Don't Make a Move Too Soon.

If you want a Taurus woman to chase after you, you need to seduce her gradually. She doesn't like instant things. Thus, if you want to build something concrete with her, tease and seduce her to make her want more of you.

Moving too soon will only make you lose your chance.

  • Listen to Her

If she has something to say or wants to share some story with you, make sure that you focused on her while she's talking. A Taurus woman is very observant and she is quick to tell when a person is not interested in what she's saying. Thus, make it to the point where she'll notice that you are actually listening to her.

  • Be Gallant

Although a true Taurus woman is okay with cheap dates, it doesn't mean she doesn't like fancy things. Try once in a while to be gallant on your dates and pay for everything. She likes it when she sees that you are a dependable type of guy.

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  • Don't Arrive Late

When it comes to dates, never let a Taurus woman wait for you unless you have a very valid reason for it. This type of scenario can make her feel unimportant that will make her lose interest in you fast.

  • Don't be Too Possessive

As you already know, Taurus women love their independence. Never try to dominate her as she will never hesitate to leave you if you act like she's a thing you own. Respect her decisions and never try to control her, or you'll end up losing her.

Support her in what she wants to do and you'll never worry about her leaving you.

  • Be Consistent

If you want a Taurus woman to keep her interest and go after you, try your best to be consistent with your actions. Ensure that you will be consistent in treating her right and give her good surprises every now and then.

  • Be Affectionate

Let her feel secure in your arms and make her feel loved. Although you could be seeing her as a tough person, deep inside, she's very fragile and soft. She could be only using her tough persona to protect herself from abusive people.

Be gentle and attentive with her and she'll never leave by your side.

  • Be Passionate in Bed

If you two are at the level where you are comfortably making love, make sure to wake her senses. Make her go crazy and leave room for craving. Let her crave for more by stimulating her senses. Satisfy her and she will even do more for you.

  • Let Her Miss You

Although being together is a good thing, it's much better to leave a space where she can miss you. If you want to give her something, have it delivered by a courier or a friend. Call her once or twice to ask about her day, but never attempt to call her more than that.

Leave some space for craving. It will be best to awaken your girl's sensual feelings during this time through a call or a text.

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What to Avoid if You Want a Taurus Woman to Go After You?

  • Words Over Actions

A Taurus woman is never a fan of flowery words. She prefers to see your words in action. Thus, you need to stop making promises if you can't fulfill them. If you want to do something for her, do it right away and she will appreciate you more.

  • Being Rushed

Never rush a Taurus woman into doing anything. She hates it when people rush her to do things she doesn't feel like doing. Thus, consider waiting for the moment when she's in a good mood and remind her nicely about her duties.

  • Changing Their Minds

Taurus women hate it when anyone tries to change their minds about something. They could forgive you if you do it only once. Nonetheless, if you insist on changing their minds, you will be in a terrible place.

Try to be considerate and respect their decisions. This zodiac sign is well-known for being hard-headed and fixated on the things they want to do or get. Thus, it will be best for you to let them have their way.

  • Being Boastful

Nothing can lose the interest of a Taurus woman as fast as being with a man who's so full of himself. Being an earth sign, she is humble and grounded as a person. She hates it when people start to boast about their achievement, especially when no one is asking.

If you want to keep dating her, make sure that you will stay grounded amidst your achievements in life. Let your success talks for you.


To make a Taurus woman chase after you is a possible thing. You only have to understand her character as a Taurus sign. She loves fine things, but she wouldn't mind having a cheap date as long as she's with you. Nonetheless, try to make her feel ultra special by taking her out to fancy dates once in a while.

Awake her senses and she will stick with you like a magnet. It's also best to remember that Tauruses love great sex, but they hate it when you get rough at them. Know that having great sex doesn't correlate to rough sex.

Make her feel love and respected while making love and she will love and crave to do it again with you. Make her feel valuable and respected and you will have her wrap into your charms.

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