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9 Ways to Get an Aries Man Back Fast: Is It Possible?

Did you part ways with your Aries man? Are you starting to miss his presence and now want him back?

Depending on the reason why you two broke up, getting back your Aries man can be challenging. Men born under the Aries sign are stubborn and make decisions based on their emotions. As a result, they will likely regret their decisions and start to miss you.

If you two broke up without clear reasons, your Aries man would likely think about it a lot. Nonetheless, he will work on healing himself amidst the fact that he might be missing you. Don’t get dismayed when you see him having fun and looking like he already moved on, as this is his way to cope up.

It’s also best to know that if your ex was only there for fun, then it’s better not to get your hopes up. Work on improving yourself to let your ex see what he is missing. If you two shared many memories and love was undeniably there, it’s possible to win him back.

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See the list of ways below that you can apply to get your Aries man to forgive you and get him back fast.

9 Things You Should Do to Win An Aries Man Back

#1 Give Him Time

Aries men do have a hot temper. If you two broke up badly, give him the time or space he needs. Once he gets his emotions settled, he will likely regret what he had done. It could take some time before he comes forward to you and sorts things out.

If he tries to contact you, don’t always be available for him. Show him that you are okay with how things are to see if he will exert effort to go after you. Let him chase you and see how far he will go for you.

I actually wrote a guide on how to make an Aries man chase you again, something you might be interested in.

Men who are under the Aries sign love to get challenged. They usually exert more effort when they feel that their efforts didn’t budge you. Give him the challenge he wants and you will likely get him back.

#2 Do You

One way to get your Aries man back as fast as possible is to let him realize what he is missing. Improve yourself and do things that will bring value to your life. If you two are both into social media, post updates on your life, it’s possible that he’s lurking into your account.

Aries men love women who are independent and can carry themselves well. Thus, show him that he isn’t a loss by improving yourself instead of wallowing in heartbreak. He will likely make fast amendments if he saw you moving on with your life.

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#3 Be Amicable

Being amicable with your ex-boyfriend isn’t a bad thing. Greet him during his birthdays and ask how things are with him. Aries men do have their pride, so texting them first after some time will ease things up.

Let him know that he can still reach you whenever he needs you and let him feel that you still care for him. Through this, he will sense that he still has a chance to get you back. He will likely let you feel his intentions to win you back and take action in the process.

#4 Try to Play it Cool

When you meet your ex-boyfriend on the street, don’t try to swerve ways. Instead, greet him with a smile and ask how he is doing. He will surely appreciate it when you don’t act bitter and pretend like you don’t know him.

Be cool about the things in the past and show him that you are now okay. This way, he will have hope to make amendments without worrying that you will reject him.

#5 Be a Good Listener

If you will have the chance to talk with him, try to be a good listener. Listen intently about what he has to say and be open with it. He might ask you for forgiveness and a second chance.

Understandably, you can’t say yes right away if he asks for a second chance. Nonetheless, if you want him back, tell him that you are open about it but not right away. End the conversation well.

#6 Compromise if Needed

Don’t make an Aries man wait for too long. Doing so will make him lose his interest and give up thinking that you are likely in it for revenge. He hates it when he feels that he’s getting played at.

#7 Don’t Mention the Past

An Aries man loves to look forward to the future rather than looking back at the past. Thus, when you two reconciled, avoid mentioning the things that happened in the past. It will only get into his nerves and he will likely feel that you doubt his sincerity.

#8 Try New Things

Keep the interest going by trying new things on your own. It can as simple as a new haircut, a new hair color, or traveling to new places. Your Aries man will likely get captivated more by the new you and exert more effort to win you back.

#9 Always Look Good

Try to be at your best self always. Ensure that you look good and smell good to make your ex-boyfriend want more of you. If he sees that you are taking good care of yourself, he will appreciate and respect you more.

You also have to consider not to keep him waiting for too long. Aries gangs are well known for their impatient nature and might back off in the challenge. Thus, be considerate and learn to compromise if needed.

An Aries man will appreciate it when you are forgiving and will do more for you as he knows what he has done. He will try to amend things with you as long as he knows that his efforts will not be in vain.

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Things You Shouldn’t Do to Win Back Your Aries Man

If you’re planning to get your Aries ex-boyfriend back, there are things that you need to consider. It’s valuable to remember that Aries people are very straightforward. They hate it when people are being shady towards them or play games with them.

Avoid the following things below at all cost to have a second shot at love with your Aries man.

Playing Games

Although you might get curious about what your ex might feel if he sees you with someone, never try it. It will only make him lose his interest in you. Aries can quickly feel if someone tries to play with their emotions and they hate it.

Do nothing to get his attention during this period of your life. Work on improving yourself and make him see that you are doing better even without him. It will make his eyes open to the fact that he has lost a treasure in his life and will likely try to get you back.

Chasing After Him

One of the things that Aries men don’t like is people who don’t have self-respect. Never try to chase an Aries man as it will even make him go further away from you. He likes it when he’s the one chasing as he loves challenges.

Make him see that you are a strong, independent woman who can do better even without him by your side. He will come to realize your value and will regret his decision to break up with you. If he tries to reach out, be friendly and ask how he is and he will likely start to open up about his feelings.

What Are the Signs If an Aries Man Is Getting Over You?

Are you in contact with your ex Aries man and go out for old time’s sake? Did this get your hopes up? Before you skyrocket your hopes up too high, you might want to ensure that he is still into you.

Check out the signs below to know if he is over you or if there could still be a chance to revive the romance between you two.

Non Responsive to Texts

If an Aries guy is over you, he will be no longer responsive to your texts. He might give you an out-of-the-blue response, but the feelings aren’t there anymore. You might consider stopping to text or call him, as this will make him more aloof.

If he’s still into you, he will make sure that you will feel it. He will ask you to go out with him to eat outside and have fun together. He will definitely make it obvious.

He will likely drive you home after you two eat out and make things between you two easier and lovelier. Thus, there’s no need for you to send him several texts. You can text him once or twice, but never more than as it will only feed his ego.

Do better things and let him text you first.

No More Sex

When you two are already okay, this doesn’t mean that he wants another chance with you. Try to be observant about how he approaches and talks to you. If he leans towards you and starts to arouse you, there’s still a high chance to get back together.

Nonetheless, if he is only casual with you and doesn’t send any suggestive actions, he could be over you this time. An Aries man loves sex, so if he is still interested in you, he will always make clear that he wants you. Remember that Aries doesn’t any play games as they prefer to say things as it is.

Non-Engaging Responses

You should also know that Aries men will give you the signs you need to move on. One of these signs is non-engaging responses. If he ever responds to you, it will be a short type of message that will make you think of how to keep the texts going.

If he does this to you, better consider moving on with your life. Texting him more will only make him feel bugged, which will likely result in blocking you.

Will an Aries Man Come Back?

An Aries man can come back, depending on the circumstances. However, it will likely depend on who initiated the break-up. If it’s you who broke up with him, you should be ready to move on. Aries men do have big egos, which means they will not take any chance to get back with you.

An Aries man will likely remind you of who initiated the break-up and walk away. Nonetheless, if he knows that he’s part of the reason why you two broke up, he will ensure to amend the things he has done. One of Aries’ best traits is they are quick to admit if they are wrong but very unforgiving when wronged.

Thus, it will be best for you to look for the signs that he is still into you before getting your hopes up. It will save both your time and feelings. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make any efforts. Try always to look good and feel good as Aries men love women who know how to handle themselves well.

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