How to Handle a Gemini Man (Plus Tips To Forge A Strong Bond) -

How to Handle a Gemini Man (Plus Tips To Forge A Strong Bond)

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Are you currently dating a Gemini man? Does his duality keep in getting on your nerves? If so, you can use this extensive guide on how you can handle your Gemini man effectively.

It's not a secret that Gemini men are hard to handle, especially with their dual nature. He has this attitude where he can talk non-stop and can quickly get distracted in-between. His thoughts can also be everywhere while he is with you, making you doubt his love for you.

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If you are dating a Gemini man, it's best to know his positive and negative traits to understand him better. It's also the way of knowing how you can handle him and forge a strong bond with him.

Positive Traits of a Gemini Man

In dating a Gemini guy, it's best to be familiar with his positive and negative traits to avoid pitfalls. It will also help you save time from thinking about how to react to his dual behaviors and reactions.


If you have dated or are dating a Gemini man, you have likely noticed that he is intelligent and can debate for hours. He is very inquisitive, making him have various knowledge on different subjects. He also has a very sharp mind that can detect nonsense and lies from miles away.

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Thus, arguing or lying with a Gemini man is like playing with yourself. You are bound to lose in any way if you argue with him. It can also affect your relationship with him.

So, if you want to handle the male Twins of the Zodiac, you better equip yourself with a variety of knowledge. Engage his mind with meaningful topics and you will get his attention and respect.


When you are in a relationship with a male Gemini, it's best to understand his sociable nature. He's a natural when it comes to knowing and talking to people he just met. He can strike a very engaging conversation, especially with women he met along the way.

He is always mistaken as a playboy due to his sociable traits. Nonetheless, the truth is, he is very loyal when he falls in love.

Thus, when you see your Gemini man laughing along with other women, never cling to him like a puppy. One way to handle his sometimes over-the-top friendliness is to let him be. Being jealous or clingy to him will only make him want to stay away from you.


One remarkable trait of a Gemini guy is his ability to adapt to any situation. He is very easygoing and won't mind having a messed-up plan. He's the type that won't linger on anything negative and choose to find another way to make a successful plan. There are also times when a Gemini will not make any plan and just go with the flow.

If you want to handle your Gemini lover, be adaptable like he is and you will likely have lesser arguments.

Negative Traits of a Gemini Man


One thing that you should know about your Gemini beau's is that he can be impulsive. He can change his mind anytime due to his impulsiveness. If you make plans with him, he might say yes right away and will notify you later that he can't make it due to changed plans.

This trait of Gemini can be frustrating, especially if your relationship is still new. You might start to have doubts about him that may affect the relationship along the way.

One way to deal with his impulsive nature is to be there by his side, guiding him on the better way from your point of view. Do not tell your Gemini man what he's supposed to do, as this will make him want to do what he wants more. Explain why you think he should try the way you want and what he can get from it.

Make him see that his impulsiveness might bring him troubles along the way. Encourage him to be thorough with his plans and decisions to avoid any bad outcomes in the future. Geminis are keen listeners, so he might listen to your pieces of advice and follow them.


Another negative trait of a Gemini guy is being indecisive. It may take him a long time before arriving at the final decision, which can also change at any moment. He can over-analyze everything that makes him decide or shifts decisions each time.

Thus, you must be at his side during his indecisive moments and help him out. He will likely appreciate it and will make you linger on his mind for some time.

Dealing with a Gemini man's indecisiveness will take a lot of patience. If you are the patient type of a woman, you will not have any problems in dealing with your man's indecisiveness. All you have to do is be present on his side and help him make a sound decision.

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Most of the time, a Gemini can be unreliable due to his inability to commit to a relationship entirely. Although your Gemini lover can be a very nice person, there will always be moments where he will cancel plans. He might also avoid you on purpose if he sees that you want to take the relationship to a whole new level.

As an air sign, Geminis love their freedom and tend to stay away from people who are a threat to it. So, if you want to deal with your Gemini man's unreliability, don't cling to him. Instead, let him see that you can handle yourself by having fun without him and going after your goals in life.

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When he sees that you are such a one-of-a-kind woman, he will be the one who will take the initiative to chase you.

How to Handle a Gemini Man Plus Tips on Forging a Strong Bond

If your Gemini lover is in a bad mood, give him some space.

Your Gemini man can be sweet and nice at first due to his dual characteristics, then turn into a moody pal. When he is like that, it's best to let him be and give him the space he needs. His normal mood will return once he has cleared his mind.

If you have made a mistake that made him have a bad mood, try to stay away from him for a while. Do not be too pushy and apologize when he's not ready to accept your apology. You may call him instead or send him a text message containing your heartfelt apology.

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Let him be the one to contact you first to settle things out and forgive you. Although you're the one who made a mistake, it's not a good idea to keep on begging for forgiveness from your lover. Geminis do have their own way of handling things and they want to make a decision away from you for a while.

Thus, if your Gemini man wants some alone time, give him that. Tell him to contact you once he is ready to face you or talk with you. Hug him and kiss on his cheek and let him know that you love him dearly.

In addition, I wrote an article on what to do when a Gemini man is hurt that you might find helpful.

If your Gemini man gets impulsive, be calm and give him some advice.

Geminis are famous for their impulsive nature. They tend to do what they want when they want it. This case is typical for a Gemini even when making big decisions. This is why a Gemini needs a level-headed partner to advise him on how to do things better.

Advising a Gemini can be tricky as he hates it when someone tells him what to do. Thus, be sure to convey your advice clearly as your point of view and explain your side. Explain to him why he shouldn't be rushing into making a decision.

So, when your Gemini is impulsive, handle him by giving him the advice he needs. Do it in a mild way and try as much as possible not to sound so assertive. Being assertive with a Gemini will only lead to chaos that can strain your relationship with him.

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When he is chatty, engage him in a good conversation.

A Gemini man can be chatty and tackle different subjects. It can range from politics, science to everyday types of conversations. He is an intellectual type that can also throw jokes effectively.

If you want to get his attention and handle his intellectual side, show him that you can converse with him well. There's nothing that can pick a Gemini man's interest better than a woman who knows what to say. If you are a good conversationalist, handling your Gemini man will be an easy feat.

Show a Gemini that you're knowledgeable on various topics and he will likely stay with you for a long time.

Bring new aspects to the relationship to prevent him from getting bored.

As you might already know, a Gemini can lose his interest fast and can get bored right away. This attribute is the reason why you need to be active in bringing new things into the relationship. If you are not the spontaneous type, you might consider trying to be one to handle your Gemini man.

If you notice that he's bored, you may ask him to go out on an adventure on a whim. He likes random things as it makes him anticipate what those things might bring. You may also surprise him with a romantic dinner that will likely touch his heart.

Whatever you do, ensure that your actions are unpredictable to your Gemini man. Your unpredictable gestures will make your Gemini guy happy and content with you.

In addition, there are other ways to make your Gemini man happy. Read this guide on how to make your Gemini man happy to learn more. 

If you two are both active in sex, try a new position and never start your lovemaking without any foreplay. These things will spice up things in your relationship that will make your bond stronger.

When he is moody and indecisive, understand him and cheer him up!

Being represented by twins, your Gemini man can be moody without any valid reason. When his mood is off, don't be reactive and try to understand him. Ask him what's going on and if he doesn't respond, be sweet and lean on his shoulder.

You may kiss his cheeks and caress his face and hair. Let him know that you are willing to listen to him and you are there for him always.

Being understanding and open with a Gemini man is the way to handle his moodiness. Thus, try to be more open and understanding with your Gemini guy. Treat him with love, care, and respect and you will have a long-term love affair with the Twins of the Zodiac.

When your Gemini man is lonely, encourage him to embrace his inner child.

There are times when the easygoing Gemini man gets lonely and serious in his life. During his downtime, encourage him to embrace his inner child to restore his lively self. Always cheer him up and remind him of the fun that is waiting for him.

Encourage him to express his true self without any restrictions. If he still feels so down, don't leave his side and be attentive towards him. Attend to his needs and you will forge a strong bond with him that will likely intensify his feelings for you.

Handling your Gemini man well during his unfortunate times will make him grateful to you. You will likely linger on his mind and heart for a long time for the positive contribution you made to his life.

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If your Gemini guy loses his trust in you, don't go on defensive mode.

One thing you should avoid in your relationship with a male Gemini is breaking his trust. Breaking the trust of a Gemini man will make you a red flag on his eyes. He may avoid you on purpose and not talk with you for a long time.

Nonetheless, if you happen to lose his trust, never go on defensive mode. Accept your mistake and don't attempt to cover it. A Gemini can sense lies and insincerity even from miles away, so you better be honest with him.

When the Twins of the Zodiac lose his trust in you, don't keep on begging for forgiveness right away. It will only make him angrier with you. Let him be for a while before contacting him and apologizing to him.

Tips to Forge a Strong Bond with a Gemini Man

Now that you know how to handle a Gemini man, it's time for you to know how to forge a strong bond with him. To have a fulfilling and happy relationship with your Gem, you have to be spontaneous. You may also need to mix up your once fixed schedule to appeal to your Gemini lover.

Find some of the helpful tips below to forge a strong bond with your Gemini man.

Don't be too serious.

As you might already know, a Gemini can get bored fast in a relationship. Thus, it's not advisable to be too serious with yourself when you're with him. Consider going with the flow when you are with him and everything will fall into its own place.

Show him that you can keep with his spontaneity and you both are at the same wavelength. In this way, he will have more fun with you compared to anyone else. It will also help intensify his feelings towards you.

Be selfless and giving.

If you want to have a good lasting impression on a Gemini guy, be selfless and giving. Geminis love to be with a woman who loves to help those who are in need. For him, a woman with such a trait is one-in-a-million and can be a good life partner in the future.

Never lie.

Another way to forge a strong bond with a Gemini guy is to never lie to him. He can sense a lie from afar, making him notice when real quick when someone lies to him. Thus, never try to lie with a Gemini man.

Respect and understand him.

When you are with a Gemini guy, you should respect and understand him at all costs. Geminis hates to get disrespected, especially with other people around.

When his mood is off all of a sudden, understand him. Never be reactive in his moodiness to avoid severe arguments. Through your respect and understanding, you will be able to create a strong bond with him.

Be sweet and supportive.

To create a strong bond with the Twins of the Zodiac, you need to be sweet and supportive with him. Attend to his needs and be supportive of what he wants to do in his life, then you'll have a stronger bond with him.

Do you have any ideas on how to persuade him to make a decision? Check out this article on getting a Gemini man to commit for more information.

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