How to Hurt a Virgo Man: Be Warned! -

How to Hurt a Virgo Man: Be Warned!

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It’s easy to hurt the Virgo man. Shocker, I know.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to the Virgo man. You should know the things that hurt him to prevent it, or else you will face the difficult task of dealing with his hurt feelings and the resulting damage to your relationship.

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The good thing is that communication is one of the Virgo man’s forte, and you can use it to your advantage. Keeping an open and honest line of communication with him is valuable in knowing his needs, thoughts, and feelings.

Without proper communication, hurting the Virgo man is so easy you might miss it. So aside from being open to him, knowing what can hurt him is essential for a happy and long-lasting relationship with him.

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In this article, I’ve outlined the personality of the Virgo man to help you deal better with him. I’ve also included the ways you can hurt him and make up for them.

I hope this helps you with your Virgo man, and I wish you the best of luck in your relationship!

The Virgo man and his feelings

The Virgo man is a man of contradictions, and it’s not easy to predict his feelings.  He is an Earth sign making him stable and reliable, but his Mutable quality gives him a changeable mind.  

The Virgo man strives for perfection in his life; he is always looking for something to fix, and he never stops improving himself. You will never see him standing still, and his intelligent mind is never out of innovative and creative ideas.

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The Virgo man’s trust is not easy to earn; he is wary of deception and hates being judged or criticized by other people. He has a calm and cool demeanor, but he hides a sensitive and passionate character in reality.

If you gain his trust, the Virgo man is a loyal and dependable friend and a supportive and loving partner. He is not as outgoing as other signs, but he has the right balance of seriousness and fun in his personality, making him the perfect long-term partner.

With Mercury as his ruling planet, the Virgo man thrives well in a relationship with open and honest communication. His partner must learn to communicate and resolve issues with him through calm, respectful, and considerate discussions.

The Virgo man values his freedom and individuality; he is used to making his decisions and working hard to execute them. He will hate for anyone to dictate and control him or give unsolicited advice on how he lives his life.

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What hurts the Virgo man?

It’s easy to hurt the Virgo man because dismissing his feelings is easy. Also, the Virgo man will not show when he's hurt or offended, so you cannot know that you’re causing him so much pain until it becomes too much and too late to repair the damage.

It helps to know the things that can hurt his feelings so that you prevent doing it to your Virgo man. I’ve listed some of these things below.

You are critical of him

The Virgo man is a perfectionist who sees faults in everything, including himself. He already has low self-confidence, so constant criticizing and insulting words from you will further hurt his ego and make him feel worthless.

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The Virgo man is critical and judgmental of other people only because of his insecurities and failure to achieve perfection in himself and his life; don’t mistake this for pride or self-confidence. You might be tempted to criticize him back as revenge for being critical of you, but this will only worsen his insecurities and further hurt him.

You betray his trust

It takes a lot of effort and time before the Virgo man can give his complete trust, so a betrayal from someone he trusts will hurt him like no other. It will hurt his pride because he was wrong and made the mistake of trusting an undeserving person.

Betraying the Virgo man’s trust can be the death sentence to your relationship; it may never recover from the damages caused by the betrayal. Your man may forgive you and understand your reasons, but he is not likely to trust you enough to open up and be vulnerable to you again.

You make him look bad

The Virgo man is all about perfection, which includes being perfect in the eyes of his friends, family, and acquaintances; even strangers must always have good first impressions of him. Putting him down, embarrassing him, or harming his reputation to other people will hurt him.

Making the Virgo man look bad happens by mistake most of the time, and you will not realize it right away. Reaching out to him and apologizing will make a big difference, but you still need to make amends and take care not to do it again.

You look down on him

No one likes to feel inferior, and the Virgo man is no exception; it hurts him if you don’t treat him with respect and equality. You will upset him when you dismiss his intelligence, belittle his accomplishments, or don’t value his thoughts or opinions.

Looking down on someone and thinking them less of a person shows your unkind nature and lousy disposition. The Virgo man will be hurt and turned off by your behavior and stay away from you unless you can correct your ways.

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You invade his privacy

The Virgo man is an introvert who needs to have a high degree of privacy to stay happy in a relationship. His partner must be willing to accept this and respect his boundaries, not pick a fight with him when he can’t share everything with her.

You can hurt the Virgo man if you go through his things, devices, or online accounts behind his back and when he has requested you not to. This shows your lack of trust and respect; it also shows selfishness because you chose to satisfy your curiosity or dispel your doubt over honoring his request for privacy.

You create conflict

As an Earth sign, the Virgo man loves stability and consistency in a relationship; he will work hard to maintain balance and peace in your daily lives. He will regret being with you if you disrupt this balance and create conflict.

The Virgo man will be hurt and disappointed if you cause drama and destroy the order he works so hard to establish. Conflict is expected in a relationship, but too much can cause him to get tired, withdraw, and stay away from you.

You are unfaithful

Cheating on your Virgo man comes with breaking his trust in you, and as I said above, it may end your relationship for good. Cheating on him also makes him feel inadequate like something is missing or wrong with him that you have to look for in someone else.

The Virgo man will deal with mixed feelings of fear, shock, depression, confusion, and many more. It will take him time to go through these feelings, and the best you can do is leave him alone; wait for the right time to reconcile and repair your relationship with him.

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How to make it up to the Virgo man?

It may seem impossible, but the Virgo man is not above forgiving someone over hurting him. He will only appear uncaring and cold because that’s how he is; this should not stop you from doing all you can to make up for the hurt you’ve caused him.

Below are some ways to make it up to a Virgo man, redeem yourself in his eyes, and start rebuilding your relationship with him.

Be sorry

Being sorry means more than just telling your man you’re sorry. It means knowing the wrong you’ve done, the extent of pain you’ve caused, and performing actions that prove how sorry you are.

Be sincere in your apology and be patient in asking your Virgo man for his forgiveness. It will take time, but he will see genuine remorse in you and begin to trust you again if you do it right.

Be thoughtful

Making amends with your Virgo man will also involve showing him consideration and paying attention to his needs. Don’t focus on yourself and what you can get if he forgives you; focus on his feelings and thoughts so that you’ll know how to act.

Being thoughtful also means doing acts of love or sending loving gifts to remind him of your love and prove your sincerity. Know that doing these things will not make up for what you’ve done, so have more patience and don’t give up.

Be a better person

If you’ve hurt your Virgo man, treat this as a learning experience and become a better person from it. He needs to see you change for the better before he can forgive and move forward.

You have to show the Virgo man that you are worthy of his trust again. You may have to work harder to earn it this time, but if you love him, you will make that extra effort and succeed.

If you want to wear the best apology, then clothe yourself in changed behavior. 

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