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7 Things A Cancer Man Can’t Resist That Make Him Hooked

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Are you currently dating a Cancer man and want him hooked forever but does not know if the Cancer man is done with you? If that's your intention, then I can help!

Being with a Cancer man is blissful, but you wouldn't achieve that overnight. You will have to go through a lot of frustrations and disappointments with him first. He's typically closed off at first and needs time before he opens up to you about anything related to him.

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He may even test your feelings to see if you're worthy of his love and affection, so be aware. Nonetheless, once you gain the trust of a Cancer man, the problematic stage will be over. You will then see and experience how delightful it is to be with him as he is loyal to a fault, loving and caring.

To gain his trust, you must break through his walls by being a safe place for him, which Cancer Man Secrets guide teaches you how to do.

There will never go a day where he won't make you feel special. He will spoil you and shower you with many gifts and surprises. Nonetheless, if you do something he wouldn't like, such as talking to other men, trust me, he will be cold to you. So, avoid getting on his bad side to experience a loving and lasting relationship with him.

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Is It Worth It To Be With A Cancer Man?

A Cancer man is sensitive, affectionate, and loyal, making him an ideal boyfriend. Therefore, it's totally worth it to be with the Crab of the zodiac. You only have to accept that he feels a lot of emotions and can get hurt over trivial things and that's okay.

You will only have bad times with him when you do something that makes him jealous or hurt his pride. So, if you love your Cancer man, avoid making him jealous on purpose to see his reaction. It's not worth it and you will likely lose him, so beware.

Make him feel nurtured and loved instead and he will likely stick with you through thick and thin. Ensure to be sensitive to his feelings and respect him as your counterpart. Shower him with compliments and be a constant support in his life and you will have him hooked.

So, what are the things that make a Cancer man get hooked? Let's dive right into it!

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7 Things to Keep a Cancer Man Hooked

So, you want to keep your Cancer beau hooked? I can blame you! Having this man is like hitting the jackpot.

He's almost too good to be true and being with him will always make you like you are on cloud nine. However, if you betray him, prepare to leave his life as he can hold a grudge like no other. Avoid cheating as this is one of the most unforgivable deeds for him.

Being with this man can make you feel like a queen, but once you've hurt him, it won't be easy to win him back. As much as possible, avoid doing things that can hurt his feelings and you'll do great with him.

So, are you excited to know the things a Cancer man can't resist that keep him hooked (If you are interested to know how you can make cancer man hooked thru text click here)? You can uncover these things using our simple guide below.

Focus only on him.

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One sure thing that can make a Cancer guy hooked is by focusing only on him. This makes him feel assured of your feelings and unwavering loyalty to him. It will also make him feel happy and settled, knowing the love he has isn't one-sided.

Avoid texting or using your phone when you're around him, as he might take it the wrong way. He might assume that you find him boring and uninteresting that can hurt him more. He might also get jealous when you text a male friend and think you might have a crush on him.

So, avoid doing other things when he's with you and focus only on him. This way, you will prevent a lot of troubles and jealousy that can damage your relationship.

Give him the comfort and security he needs.

To keep the Crab man of the zodiac hooked, you need to provide comfort and security for him. This doesn't mean that you'll be his sugar mommy and stuff; you only have to become his home away from home. Make him comfortable and assure him about your feelings for him to feel secured around you.

If you're not living together with your Cancer man, you can invite him over and prepare his favorite foods. If you are interested to know how to make your cancer man hooked to you through texting, read this article here.

Ensure to enhance the ambiance by adding candlelight to the center of the table if you invite over dinner. You may also prepare comfy linens just in case he wants to stay for the night.

Whatever you do, make sure that it provides comfort and security to him. Let him see you can bring significant value to his life and he will definitely get hooked to you without a doubt!

For doing this, you must know how to make a Cancer man feel comfortable with you, and a guide like Cancer Man Secrets is a great resource for learning that.

Let him take care of you.

If you are an independent and strong-willed woman, there's no doubt that Cancer will get hooked on you. However, this doesn't mean that you have to do things on your own. If ever you need assistance, ask for it and he will be more than happy to help you out.

Letting him do things for you is essential as it boosts his ego and manliness. It also makes him feel good about himself, so don't stop him if he wants to take good care of you. Let him do the things he wants and make sure that he knows you are thankful to him.

Be yourself and be affectionate with him.

You can hook a Cancer man by staying true to yourself and being affectionate. As you might already know, the zodiac Crab is very nurturing and wants his partner to be like him. So, consider showing your affection to him without any constraints.

You may hug him, kiss him or cook for him. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that he will feel your love and genuine care for him. Never stop letting him feel special in your own way so you can have him hooked for a long time.

Introduce him to the important people of your life.

Once a Cancer guy is serious with you, he will want to know more about the people of your life. So, consider introducing him to your family and friends. This way, he will feel ecstatic and nervous at the same time, knowing that he'll get to meet your inner circle.

He might also throw some questions to your people about you to know you more deeply. On the other hand, if you don't want him to meet your family yet, you might want to reconsider. If you refuse your Cancer beau's request to meet your people, he will likely get suspicious and hurt at the same.

He might think that you're not serious with him or he's not enough for you. He might assume that he's not good enough for you that you refuse his request to meet the great people behind you. So, if you genuinely like him, don't shy away from introducing him to your family and friends.

Be Cheerful.

No man would ever want a woman who is always downcast, especially for a Cancer man. So, you must always be cheerful around him. This way, he will see that you are an optimistic type of person that can bring good energy to his life.

Laugh and joke a lot around him to make him feel more at ease with you. Make the ambiance light and fun and he will likely get hooked permanently. He loves a woman who isn't too serious about herself, so bring out your inner child and have fun with him.

You can also hook him by cheering him up each time he feels so down. He will love the fact you're always by his side, cheering him up whenever things go south for him. So, be a source of sunshine to his life and he will likely keep you by his side forever.

Be open and honest with him.

When it comes to dealing with a Cancer man, being honest and open with him is your best bet. This man can smell dishonesty from afar and can consider right then and there if you are worthy of his trust or not. So, don't be secretive with him or else, he will likely doubt you over and over again.

Another thing that you must know about a Cancer guy is that he loves it when his woman shares her emotions with him. It makes him feel trusted and manly in a way that he can protect his woman's feelings and cheer her up when she feels down. So, if you want to get comforted by your Cancer beau, then be open and honest with him!

Once he is already hooked by you, seduce a Cancer man to make sure that he will never leave you again.

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