How to Keep a Capricorn Man Chase you: Flirt with Him! -

How to Keep a Capricorn Man Chase you: Flirt with Him!

So, you want to know how to make a Capricorn man chase you? Well, that is an easy thing to do. There are lots of tips that you could use in making a Capricorn man chase you!

To make a Capricorn man chase you, you must be patient, flaunt your sense of humor, show your nurturing side, flirt with him, dress nicely, and be independent.

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And after doing such things above, there will be no doubt that your Capricorn man will chase and go after you.

What are the things that you should do to make your Capricorn man chase you?

 Be Patient

The first thing you need to remember since you want a Capricorn man to chase you, is to be patient with him. 

This will be a big challenge if you want to rush everything, as Capricorn men want to take their time to make decisions.

Before making and keeping him chase you, you must establish vital patience, understanding that this connection would take time.

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You might be wondering why they take time; it is because they want to assess all the potential partners that they have.

And while it is happening, you have to keep it cool and never appear that you need him or that you could not leave without him.

Because it will turn him off, giving him too many hints, and making him feel that you are forcing it, is also a red flag for him.

Be a good listener

Now, if you only started interacting with a Capricorn man, this is one of the things that you should take note of.

Be a good listener. He might tell you things about you and open up something about him, and you need to let him do the talking.

Do not interrupt him; if you are curious about something, you might ask him after he tells his story.

If he starts to open up even a little, it is a good start for you and your Capricorn man.

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Let him chase you 

Capricorn men do not want to get chased after, which is the opposite. So let him chase you instead. You do not have to do anything but be patient. 

Capricorn men like the thought of chasing someone. You have to wait for him. Pursuing him is the last thing you might want to do when dealing with a Capricorn man.

Capricorn men get quickly disappointed in someone who chases them. Even though he likes you, he will readily drop you once you chase him. 

Play hard to get, and they like a challenge.

Dress nicely

Capricorn men are very fashionable in clothing, so they would want someone who is well dressed and good-looking because his reputation is essential to him.

If you want a Capricorn man be in love and chase you, I suggest making yourself look as presentable and neat as possible, and you will probably get a second glance from him.

Rest with him

Capricorn men are known for being very determined and hard-working people. They do so much work and barely get the rest they need.

They would like to have a fun and simple but relaxing time to rest. So I suggest you watch a movie with him, read him a book, or play a game with him.

If he observed that you are a comfortable person to be with, he surely would want to have a rest day with you. It will be a great memory for him and will surely make him want you more.

Show your independence

Capricorn men are independent beings and want someone with the same energy and independence, so they can be very cautious about who to have a relationship with.

If you want Capricorn man to think you are worth risking, be independent. Show him that you are financially and mentally disconnected and stable.

Don't be a very clingy and needy person to him. Being a dependent type of person is a big turn-off for him. Remember, you want him to chase you. Show him that you only wish for him but don't need him.

Make him laugh

Capricorn men have good humor and are fun to be with. So they would want to be with someone with the same humor as him or who can match their spirit.

If you want your Capricorn man to like you more, match his humor by being open-minded. Yes, be open-minded; their humor is dark and very sarcastic, which would require you to be open-minded.

If you show him that you are not the type of person who understands his humor, then he will feel uncomfortable talking to you. It will be a turn-off for him, pulling him away from you.

Appreciate him

As I mentioned earlier, Capricorn men are very ambitious and hard-working; they don't expect people to appreciate them, but they love feeling valued and respected.

To show appreciation to him, praise him for being skilled and intelligent. Tell him that you admire him for being dedicated and hard-working, making him feel cherished.

Doing this will make him feel valued and motivated to improve himself. Making him think respected is one of the things that can make him attracted to you.

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Let him help you

Capricorn men like a type of relationship that can be beneficial reciprocally. They want themselves to be able to do things for you.

Let your Capricorn man help you with things. Let him feel to be that he is capable of being a provider to you. He will love the feeling of being convenient to you at challenging times.

But don't forget to appreciate his effort in helping you. Reassure him that you acknowledge his effort of being able to be very helpful to you.

Be sure too that you reciprocate the things he has done for you. He wants a relationship that can be mutually advantageous.

Show off your ambitious side

Capricorn men have the most incredible dream for themselves and like to visualize themselves with their desired future. Includes the kind of partner they would spend the rest of their life with.

They will want someone who has better plans for their future and is very determined and committed to fulfilling their planned destiny.

If you want your Capricorn man to think of you as somebody they can spend the rest of their life with, show him your ambitious side.

To do this, show him that you are capable of being a good mother to his kids and that you also planned to have a very successful and happy life with him.

Show him that you are someone he can plan his future with. Show him that you deserve to be his lifetime partner.

How to make you Capricorn man chase you again?

Limit contact with him

He may pretend that the breakup between you doesn't bother him, too, but it does. He may still have a regular chat with you but limit your response.

Being a little cold towards him will shake him up. Limiting your communication with him will make him think about why and miss your presence.

You can do this by taking an hour before you reply to his text, ignoring his calls, and avoiding making unnecessary conversation with him unless it's imperative.

Be active in social media

Capricorn men like to keep track of your social media even though you and he blocked each other. So they will find ways to watch you through your social media.

Posting cool and positive stuff on your social media can make him like you again. It will make him more curious and continually update him about you. 

To do this, always post beautiful photos of yourself with your friends, having fun and some achievements in your life.

Change your physical appearance

Changing your appearance or having a better glow-up can make your Capricorn ex fall in love with you since they are drawn to someone with style and class.

Try to have yourself a haircut that your Capricorn ex saw before. Also, if you haven't tried having your nails painted with cute colors, try it.

Try to change your clothing style. If you look very simple, try to look aesthetic and sexy now. This will catch your Capricorn ex's attention.

Make these suggestions and post them on social media. It will surely make him crush on you again.

Show him you are living your life

Showing him that you are happy and living your life with someone new will make him regret losing you. It will make him think how dumb he is to let you go.

To do this, try dating someone new who is better and more successful than him. Post it on your social media as if you two are having a healthy relationship

Making these suggestions will make him jealous and want you again. It will make him want it to be him, so he will chase you repeatedly to be with you.

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Do something good to his family

Capricorn men are very close to their family; family is very important to them. Therefore, doing nice things for his family can be attractive to him.

To do this, you can always ask him about his family, bring gifts or food, stay close to his sisters and brothers or visit their house.

Show that you still see them as a family and that you still care for them. But, of course, this will only work if you are close to his family even before you broke up with your Capricorn ex.

Focus on becoming more successful than him

Capricorn men admire somebody who is way better and more successful than them. Therefore, showing that you have become more successful than he will make him respect you more.

Focus on achieving your goals and plans in life and show him. To do this, try mentioning your achievements to him through a text or try posting a picture of you along with your co-workers.

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