How to Keep a Gemini man Interested: Give him the same vibe! -

How to Keep a Gemini man Interested: Give him the same vibe!

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You may be in a talking stage with a Gemini man, and you may want some tips that could help you keep him interested. And you are on the right path!

To keep a Gemini man interested, you have to do some things such as being friends with him, doing creative things, being open-minded, reciprocating his vibe, being mysterious, being independent, and always giving him space.

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If you keep on doing the things mentioned above, there will be no doubt he will be hooked on you and keep interested in you.

To be honest, keeping a Gemini man would be pretty challenging, as he is an air sign and is not a fan of committing to a relationship.

However, if you know how to play your cards right and you note the things that can keep him interested, then it will be easy for you.

What should you do to keep a Gemini man interested?

Be his friend

Being friends with someone you like would always be the best way to create a strong bond between the two of you.

If you are just starting things with your Gemini man, these tips will help a lot in creating an impression. You may take advantage of this by letting him know that you always got his back.

And since he is not a fan of aggressive women, it would be better if you make him feel that you only see him as a friend and you don't imagine having a future with him.

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Make him feel that you are his best friend, and watch him fall for you because of that.

Start doing creative things.

It is a significant advantage if you are naturally creative and always want to make some things that are new to your eyes.

You may not know about this, but Gemini men are always attracted to new things, and they always want to see pure creativity.

If you keep on doing these things, then he will be attracted to your energy, and that can keep him interested in you.

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Be open-minded

For a Gemini man, what he meant by being open-minded is to avoid rigidness.

If you are someone who is not considering other people's opinions and is not open to talking about different things, then you need to change it.

As an air sign, the Gemini man despises people who are not open-minded and being a close-minded person will not help in keeping him interested in you.

You might work on your mindset, start to make yourself open to any conversations, and accept that other people have their opinion.

And in that way, you can make your Gemini man interested.

Give your Gemini man space

Now, it is understandable that when you like someone, you would always want to be with them, and you forget to give him space sometimes.

Especially if you are a water sign, you might come into a time where you would want to convince him to be with you and talk to you all the time.

However, doing such things would not help you make and keep him interested in you.

Gemini men would always need this space to have time to reflect on their feelings. 

In that way, he will figure out how much you mean to him, which will keep him interested in you.

And if you are having difficulty giving him space, you may try to take the time by doing creative things.

Be busy with your life, and be happy.

Reciprocate the vibe

Anyone will be interested in someone if they feel like they always share the same energy and vibe.

Of course, one thing that needs to be in a relationship, even a platonic relationship, it is important that you share the same vibes and energy.

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They will lose interest if they see that you are not giving the same vibe and energy as him, and you do not want that to happen.

Be independent  

The next thing you should be if you are dealing with a Gemini man is to be an independent woman.

One of the turns off that a Gemini man has is when the woman always depends on him, and it seems that she does not have their own life.

And to make your relationship work, both of you need to be strong.

Always show him that you have a life outside your relationship and that you are happy even when you are not together.

Be mysterious

The next thing you should do is to leave a cliff to hang to your Gemini man, especially if it's only your first date.

Now, this is important because you can get him hooked by not telling him all the things about you and only telling some details.

If you only hung out recently, do not tell your story to him yet. Wait for some time, and slowly reveal yourself to him.

In that way, you are making him want to know you more, and that can keep him interested in you.

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What are the things you should not do to keep a Gemini man interested?

Aside from the things that you could do to keep your Gemini man interested in you, the next thing you need to take note of is the things you need to avoid.

Here are the things that could turn him off, and will not make him interested in you, so watch yourself and avoid doing these things.

Do not be jealous

The first thing you need to know before you deal with a Gemini man is that they are naturally flirting. Whether they mean it or not.

And if you are not yet in a relationship with him, you need to avoid feeling jealous. This would not work for people who quickly get jealous.

If you are that type of person, you may either understand that it is his personality or leave him alone, as this might make you feel hurt.

Aside from that, for Gemini men, Jealousy is a form of insecurity, and he does not want to be with someone who is insecure.

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Avoid being emotional

The next thing you need to avoid is being an emotional person.

If you are the type of person who is easily carried away by their emotion, then it is better not to deal with a Gemini man

As they do not want someone who easily cries with minor convenience or someone who quickly gets angry at simple things.

Things would not work out if that were the case.

Avoid nagging

Dating a Gemini man is really challenging. What more if you are not yet in a relationship and that you want him to be interested in you?

Gemini man could be inconsistent, he might forget important dates, and he may not fulfill his promises.

And nagging him about those things would not help the situation. Instead, it will make it worst, and that is something you would not want to happen.

It may be challenging, but, in this case, it is important that you will pick your battles.

You may not nag him about these things, but also, do not let him walk over you.

How to know if a Gemini man has lost interest in you?

 Now, you might be interested in knowing what the signs are when a Gemini man is no longer interested in you.

And these things will help you figure out if he is still interested or not. And if you figure out that he is no longer interested, then you may decide on what to do next.

He will block you

If a Gemini man is no longer interested in you, it is when he blocks you.

If a Gemini man loses his interest, he will move on, and one thing that he will do is block you. 

It is his way of cutting his connections with you, but before that, you might notice that he will ghost you first.

So, he is obviously not interested if he is cutting the communication.

If that happens, it is better if you will not chase him and move on with your life.

But, on the other hand, if he is not interested, then move on. Life does not end with your Gemini man blocking you.

He will ignore you

Another indication that he is no longer interested is if you notice that he starts to ignore you.

Of course, this one is obvious, and people would not be around someone who they are not interested with.

You do not need to do some things to change his mind, and you cannot make him want you if you will chase him and tell him some things.

He will not initiate the conversation

Since it is mentioned above that they will block you, then another thing that you would notice is they will never initiate a conversation.

If you notice that you are the only one initiating the conversation and that you are the only one who is interested in the topic, then stop.

In this part, you have to note the energy they are giving. Remember that fuels do not lie. 

If you feel something is off, then there is something wrong with it.

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He would not make plans with you

Gemini men are outgoing type of people, and if they are into you, they will probably ask you to go out with them.

If the two of you used to make plans on going out together, and it suddenly stops, and you notice that he is not making plans with you, then it is an indication.

He would not want to be with you because he loses interest. He would not want to hang out with you.

In fact, he would not want anything from you anymore. He would cut anything that involved you.

So, if you notice him detaching from you, it is okay, then let him be.

He is not worthy of your time, and there will be someone out there who would want to be with you all the time.

Do not waste your time being with someone who obviously does not want to be with you and does not give the same energy as you.

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