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5 Secret Things to Keep a Leo Man Interested

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Want to keep your Leo man interested? Then, you're in a good place.

Leo is the seventh sign in the zodiac and dubbed as the king of all other zodiacs. If you succeed in getting the attention of this alpha male, then know that you're pretty charming. This man isn't the type that quickly gets interested in anyone unless you are charismatic. Nonetheless, getting the attention of this sign differs from actually keeping it. So, how can you keep a Leo man interested? Let's find out!

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Keeping the interest of a Leo man can be quite challenging, especially if you both are still new. However, this doesn't mean that it's not possible. You can do things to keep this sign interested with you and we will tackle it extensively later on.

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To give you some hindsight of what you must do, you need to be spontaneous around him and do whatever you want to do. He finds this quality charming and bright and it will help you keep being the apple of his eyes. You also have to keep a vibe of mystery around him to make him think more about you.

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If you want to go on a deeper level with him, you need to establish a good friendship with him. You have to make him comfortable with you first and excite him on your dates and in the bedroom too! This way, there's a high possibility that you will linger on his mind quite often. But, if you really want a him, learn how to make a Leo man obsessed with you.

Before we dive into what you must do to keep a Leo man interested, let's see first what pushes him away.

Things that Pushes a Leo Man Away

To get that 100% in keeping a Leo man interested, you also have to know what you should avoid doing. This way, you can prevent pushing a Leo man away unintentionally.

You are not taking good care of yourself.

One thing that pushes a Leo man away from pursuing you is when he sees that you're not taking good care of yourself. No man would ever want a woman who can't present herself tidily and well to other people. One must be well-groomed to keep this man's attention and have it for a long time.

Maintain your status with your Leo guy by making yourself look presentable. Groom yourself well and ensure that you ooze confidence whenever you walk. This way, you will likely keep this man hooked in your charms and stay in his life as long as you want.

Bad Attitude.

Another thing that pushes a Leo man away is his bad attitude. As you might already know, Leos are very sociable people. They have many acquaintances that admire him the most.

He expects his woman to be respectful and graceful in front of his inner circle. If you're someone who doesn't care about how people may perceive you, a Leo man does. He has an excellent image to maintain and he won't tolerate anyone to ruin that.

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So, if you want a lasting relationship with a Leo guy, avoid having some attitude problems. It's best to know while it's still early that you can't have a bad attitude and expect a Leo guy to stay with you.

You are shaming him.

One sure way to push a Leo man away from your life is by shaming him. Although this sign might appear tough on the exterior, he's a softie inside. So, you have to be extra careful with your words, especially in public places.

He will not put up with anyone who will try to shame or embarrass him anywhere. This man is highly egotistical and touching that part will cut you off from his life.

Now that you know some of the things you need to avoid let's now go to the things you must do to keep this man interested.

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Things You Must Do to Keep a Leo Man Interested

Keep up with his active lifestyle

Leo is one of the most active signs in the zodiac. If you're dating a Leo now, you might already know how much he likes outdoor activities and adventures. He always wants to feel some thrill in his life and that's where you should enter.

It will help if you show him that you're both on the same wavelength when it comes to being active. You may invite him to one of your escapades and ensure that he will have a great time with you. This way, you will make him wonder how good it is to have such a woman like you.

Appeal to his adventurous side

One of the best ways to keep this man interested is by appealing to his adventurous side. Since he loves thrilling adventures, invite him to skydive or bungee jumping. Whatever activity it is, make sure that it gives him the adrenaline rush he needs to get excited.

Make sure to enjoy the activities with him to establish a solid foundation with him. He will likely contact you often and do great things together again. This way, you will have higher chances of keeping him interested, making him stay by your side more often.

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Be a great friend to him

To keep a Leo man interested, he needs to be comfortable with you and you can only do that by being his friend. Whenever he's with you, make sure that the vibe is light and fun. If he has something to say to you, ensure that you will listen to him with genuine interest.

Respond to him accordingly and show him that you get what he's trying to say. You also need to be there for him when he's in bad condition. Show him that you will be there for him whenever he needs help, but don't go to the point of being a doormat.

You need to have clear boundaries with him and always know your worth no matter what. If you do this, he will likely not take you for granted and respect you for standing up for yourself. You are also showing him that you've got the qualities of his ideal woman.

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Live your own life

One of the best ways to keep the interest of a Leo man is to keep living your own life. You have to show him that you do have a life outside of what you two have and he will respect you for that. He's not into a clingy woman and tries to stop him from doing the things he wants.

So, consider living your best life and let him do the things that make him happy. Support him in the things he wants to do as long as it won't harm him and let him hang out with his friends. Never try to restrict him from doing fun and exciting things and do the same.

You will likely keep him hooked if he sees that you are having a great time without him, making him want you more. As you know, he's into an independent and confident woman, so show him that you possess those qualities. Convey through your actions that you are not afraid of losing him as you can always find a better one.

Once he recognizes your worth and outstanding qualities, he will likely stay with you for a long time.

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Be Unpredictable

To keep the interest of a Leo man, you need to keep him on his toes by being unpredictable. As this sign has a short attention span, you need to come up with new things each day to prevent him from getting bored. You can either make him try different foods or do new activities that stimulate his senses.

Do things that will surprise him, like going on an unplanned out-of-town trip. Have a lot of fun and make your trip memorable. This way, you will likely linger on his mind and spend much time with him.

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