How to Keep a Libra man Interested: Be Independent -

How to Keep a Libra man Interested: Be Independent

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You got your eyes on a Libra man, huh? Well, you are on the right path. This article will discuss and help you keep your Libra man interested by giving tips you can use!

To keep a Libra man interested, you need to be independent, take good care of yourself and your environment, challenge him once in a while, compliment him, and appreciate him.

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After doing the things above, you are sure that you can keep your Libra man interested in you.

And to know more about the details on how to keep him interested in you, scroll down and keep on reading; this will give you a better understanding of the tips.

What are the things that you should do to make your Libra man interested in you?

Take good care of yourself

Having good hygiene is one of the essential things in your life. It has a massive impact if you look clean and smell good every time.

Actually, even if you are not planning on keeping someone interested, it is still necessary to look good and have good hygiene, as it is part of self-love.

And since you want to keep this Libra man in love and interested, one thing that you should do is to take good care of yourself and your surroundings.

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Ensure that you always look good and clean, and you always smell good every time. Make sure that you are using deodorants and perfumes that fit your style.

Aside from that, you also need to take care of your environment and ensure they look good and clean.

If you are unaware of your environment and do not have self-care, your Libra man might get turned off.

You have to know that one thing a Libra man likes about a woman is keeping and taking good care of herself and her surroundings.

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Be Charismatic

You may hear things about being charismatic, and if you do not know how to do it, you may look upon it on the internet.

However, if you still do not know how to act charismatic, what you can do is be an entertainer. Show out your goofy and loud sound.

If you are naturally a goofy and loud person, you do not have to feel shy and stay quiet, this is the right time for you to shine in front of your Libra man.

So, enjoy yourself and make the most out of it.

You may think this would turn off a Libra man but no! If you are not aware, Libra men are born to be an entertainer.

And they would love to see someone who is good at making other people smile and can command the room, and he will think that you are a good match.

Initiate and suggest some dates that he will love

Libra men can be shy around and sometimes do not have the confidence to ask you out on a date, and they sometimes overthink that you will not enjoy the date.

So, it will be better if there are times that you will initiate the date with him. In that way, he will not think that you would not enjoy the date.

And this will make him feel better since you are the one who asked for the date. So ensure that you plan a date that both of you will enjoy and be happy about.

Since you are talking to this Libra man, you may ask him subtle questions about what kind of date he wants or his hobbies.

And from there, you can plan out what type of date you should try.

But in general, Libra men love concerts, so maybe you could ask what band they like, they also love going to museums and watching movies.

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Those are some things you can do with your Libra, man.

Good luck and enjoy your date with him!

Compliment and praise your Libra man

One of the most potent weapons that you can use to make your Libra man interested in you is when you compliment and praise him.

Libra man loves receiving compliments as your compliments can boost his ego, and that can make him feel like he can please all your needs.

When you compliment your Libra man, make sure you are not only complimenting his physical appearance, but he would also love to hear you appreciating other things about him.

And when we say “other things,” you should praise his personality, mindset, achievements, and skills.

Occasionally playing hard to get

In this part, you should protect yourself and be hard to get subtly. 

Libra man might lose interest if you are always available for him, and that if he sees that you are easy to get.

To keep him interested, you should know how to play your game, and in this way, you can also protect yourself from possible heartbreak.

It's up to you what kind of “playing hard to get” you want to portray. Just ensure that you are not overdoing it, and you do not appear as uninterested.

Be independent

Another potent weapon that you can use to make your Libra man interested in you is by being an independent person.

He will feel pressure and lose interest in you if you show him that he is your world, that you cannot live without him, and that you depend too much on him.

It would be best to show him that you are happy with your life and have a life outside your relationship.

Do not be clingy

Of course, I know that when you like someone, you want to be with them every time you have a chance, and sometimes you appear like a clingy person without knowing it.

And that is what you need to avoid if you want your Libra man to keep interested in you.

Just like other zodiac signs, Libra men also love their freedom.

If you appear clingy and needy of him, he might get turned off and lose interest in you, and you do not want that to happen. 

It would help if you showed him that you have a life outside your relationship and that you do not need him to make yourself happy.

If he sees that you are an independent person, and you can live your life without him, then he will like you even more.

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How to know if your Libra man is interested in you?

Since you already know how to keep your Libra man interested, you might also want to see if he is interested in you.

And here are some signs that could help you to know if he is interested in you or if the Libra man is just playing some games with you.

He is always looking at you

One of the most obvious signs that he is into you is when you always catch him looking at you.

Most of the time, he will look at you when you are not looking, so try to catch him and see how he will react.

If he reacts and you see a strong emotion, it is a good and massive sign that he is interested in you.

He compliments you

Another thing that can help you know if he is interested in you is when he is always giving you compliments.

Libra man loves to give compliments, and they are highly complementary. 

They might compliment you on how you look and how good your dress for today, but if a Libra man likes you, he will give more resounding compliments on you.

And these more profound compliments are when he is giving good comments about your mindset, personality, and other things about you.

He is constantly initiating the conversation

If a Libra man likes you, he would always want to start a conversation with you and always find ways to talk about what you will talk about.

And if you are not together, they will always text you or call you to talk about some things, he might ask for your opinions, or he will ask to text you without any reason.

How to know if a Libra man is no longer interested in you?

Since we already discussed things about Libra man being interested in you and how to keep him interested, you might also want to know if he is no longer interested.

You can see some signs if your Libra man is no longer interested in you.

If you feel like he is not interested in you, do not worry; you can do some things to make him interested in you again.

He is not making eye contact

The first thing you notice is when he is no longer looking in your eyes. As you can see, the first sign you can see that he likes you is when he often looks at you.

So, if he is no longer making eye contact with you, he is no longer interested in you. 

And if a Libra man does not want you anymore, he will avoid anything about you and start by avoiding eye contact.

He does not want to communicate

Aside from not making eye contact, he will also avoid talking to you. 

But do not overthink if he starts to stop the communication. Sometimes Libra man wants to recharge for some time.

But if you notice that your Libra man does not want to communicate with you, then that is when he is no longer interested in you.

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He ignores you

One of the most obvious ways he is no longer interested is when he starts ignoring you. It is a sign if he does not respond to anything about you.

And when you notice that he is starting to ignore you, the best thing you can do is to leave him alone. Never beg; never do something you think can make him come back.

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