How to Keep an Aquarius Man Interested: Get into his head! -

How to Keep an Aquarius Man Interested: Get into his head!

What are the things I can do to keep my Aquarius man interested? How do I keep him interested in me? Do I need a makeover already? Should I give him space? 

Those are the few questions you ask yourself to keep your Aquarius man around. What you can do is first, do not chase him, do not make rules, always tidy up, keep an exciting topic, and constantly flirt with him. 

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Aquarius men are a little hard to be with. They are self-centered and hard to read. You will not know if he is still interested in you or if he is losing his interest in you already. 

Aquarius men are career-oriented, focusing only on their careers and study. As a result, they sometimes unconsciously neglect their outside job, family, and friends. 

Aquarius men do not have time to meet someone new. They feel like being in a relationship is just a cycle. Aquarius men want to be single all their life and focus on their careers. 

You are lucky enough if you made an Aquarius man fall in love with you. But, unfortunately, keeping him interested is probably more complicated than making him fall in love with you. 

Even though an Aquarius man is free-spirited and rebellious, they are the sweetest when they are in love. You will see a big difference between being his friend only when he is so into you. 

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They know how to put boundaries and limitations, so you are lucky if they fall in love with you. In addition, Aquarius men are fun to be with and know how to enjoy things. 

Aquarius men know when to enjoy the activity and when it will be severe. Although Aquarius men look serious, they know how to have fun and will always go for it as long as you are with them. 

Aquarius men get bored quickly and do not like a routine since they feel like there is nothing new in their relationship.

So how do you keep your Aquarius man interested in you? Here are the things that you can do to keep him interested:

How to Keep an Aquarius man interested? 

Do not chase him 

An Aquarius man does not like the thought of getting chased. Therefore, he will get bored of you quickly since he will not feel the thrill and excitement. 

Make him curious about you, and you will catch his attention by doing that. Do not tell all about yourself. Make him interested and be mysterious at some time. 

Getting chased is the last thing you want to do to an Aquarius man. He will feel more pressure when you chase him and leave instead. 

Play hard to get and let him chase you; the thrill of chasing someone excites them the most. Always be the person he hunts, do not show him you are so into him. 

Please do not make him feel you need all of his time, and they do not like it. Aquarius men have a toxic trait of selecting someone that does not have a single care about them and most likely ignores the person that wants them. 

Do not confess to him first. If you acknowledge him early, there is a chance that you will get rejected.

Play it better; never let him know you are so interested in him. This way, his interest in you will increase, and he will want to know more about you. 

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Flirt with him 

Flirting is the first thing you want to do to keep him interested in you. You do not have to flirt with him every minute. 

Just flirt with him when you feel like you are both comfortable in it. You might not want to overdo it, which will only make the atmosphere awkward. 

Flirt him in a joking way and not in a brutal way. They like it better when someone is flirting with them but not in a profound way, especially if they are so comfortable with you already. 

When you are flirting with him, only make it light and comfortable for the both of you. He will lose interest in you if he feels like you are making it so much, and he will think you do not have anything to do with him. 

You can try telling a pickup line if you do not know how to flirt with him. Likewise, you can try searching online if you do not know what to say to him. 

You can also try asking a friend you know that is good at saying a pickup line. You do not need to tell him the best pickup; as long as it makes you laugh, it is okay. 

It is okay if you tell him the worst pickup line you find. The worst pickup line is the funniest, and it is a way to make the atmosphere light and funny. 

Do not make rules with him 

You might not want to tell him what to do. Aquarius men do not like it if someone orders them to make a specific rule. 

You do not have to tell him what to do. Aquarius men know what they are doing. Aquarius men know how to put a fine line between friendship and their relationship with you. 

They know how to distance themselves if they think you are comfortable. They really hate when someone is bossing them around.

It will make you lose him instantly if you try to rule him over. So it is one thing you want to avoid doing to keep him interested in you. 

If there is something you are uncomfortable with, tell it to him directly and talk it out.

Aquarius men are understanding and how to solve an issue

Aquarius men are known for their skill in solving problems. As much as possible, they want to talk it out. 

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Read his heart 

Although knowing what an Aquarius man thinks is a little tricky, his actions will say it. He will not be able to hide it since his actions speak louder than his words. 

Always observe his actions and words. You will be able to read him. You will know what is going on in his mind. 

Aquarius men have specific mannerisms that depend on what they truly feel. Therefore, you need to observe him, and it will help keep him interested. 

If you know already what he is feeling at the moment, try to comfort him if you notice he is sad or angry. Conversely, try to match his energy if you think he is in a good mood. 

It will shock him a lot if you know what he is feeling. This will help you keep him interested in you. 

Tidy up 

Aquarius men like a girl who knows how to make herself pretty. Aquarius men also like it when you dress appropriately according to the event you are going to. 

Be confident in everything. Confidence is pretty. Trust will help you to feel more appealing, and it will show in how you carry yourself. 

If you feel a little insecure about your makeup and your cloth styling, it is better if you change it to a style where it suits your personality. 

You can try searching on the internet for a style that you think suits your personality. For example, if you have a bubbly personality, you should try doing a soft makeup look. 

Soft makeup look will help you have that innocent and fun personality. You can also try searching for a cloth styling, and it is more likely a drama outfit inspired. 

Since Korean beauty is about looking young and pretty, you should find inspiration in their styling.  

If you feel like your personality is on the firmer side, you should look for inspiration in western countries. They are more on looking sleek and classy. 

Searching for a makeup tutorial inspired by western countries would be best. Their clothing style will also help you have that strong, sleek, and classy look. 

If you are more of a natural-looking type of girl, you should try following the makeup routine of Victoria's secret models. They gave a clean and natural look, as always. 

Although their outfits are always extra, you can search for another inspiration that fits your liking. In addition, there are a lot of blogs that give free advice to help you style better. 

It can be expensive as you have to buy new clothes and makeup to achieve the look. But, although it is costly, it is worth it since he will keep his interest in you. 

After all of the new clothing styles and makeup looks, for you to be able to look the prettiest in the room, you must have confidence. 

The most important thing you have in yourself is confidence, which will help you get the look you are achieving. It is the best thing you will wear to make yourself prettier. 

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Keep an exciting topic

Aquarius men do not really like a shallow type of conversation, like asking how their day was. They quickly get bored when the topic you are talking about is not as attractive as you think. 

You can try conversing with him about mythical creatures, the universe, and all of the topics that will make you think a lot. 

They like it a lot when you talk to them about exciting topics. As long as the case is something they must consider, it is good. 

If you do not know how to start a conversation about a particular topic, you can start asking him about it. Asking him first will make you see if he is interested in the subject or not. 

Ask him if he knows about it; if he tells you a long paragraph, he is undoubtedly interested in it. But, on the other hand, if he says no, and “what about it?” he is not interested in the topic and wants to know what is with it. 

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