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8 Things That You Should Keep Doing To Make A Gemini Happy

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Are you in a relationship with the Twins of the Zodiac? Then, you have to know that as an air sign, keeping him in love and happy with you will be an almost impossible task. He can be everywhere, even if he's with you in the flesh.

A Gemini man is also hard to pin down as he wants to experience life's fullness without restrictions. Being in a relationship gives him a sense of restriction that makes him don't want to commit.

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Thus, if you want your relationship with a Gemini man to last, be supportive. As you might already notice, a Gemini guy can easily set his attention to another woman as he is a natural flirt. To keep him under your care, you need to keep doing some things to make him happy and satisfied.

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Will it Be Hard to Make a Gemini Man Happy?

The answer to this question mainly depends on the things that you enjoy doing. If you like to do things that your Gemini man doesn't like, it can be a difficult task. Nonetheless, you can still make him even if your hobbies don't match with his.

You can make your Gemini man happy and wrapped up by your charms by being extra sweet and attentive to him. He loves the attention that he can get from the woman he adores. He is also appreciative if you'll be sweet to him, especially with other people around.

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Being sweet with him around other people makes him feel that you love him so much. Holding hands with him or kissing him in public will make him happy and content.

So, how can you keep a Gemini man happy? See the following things that you can do to keep the Twins of the Zodiac happy and content with you.

8 Things That You Should Keep Doing to Make Your Gemini Man Happy

Gemini men are the happy-go-lucky guys in the Zodiac. They love to make a good joke that makes everyone laugh until their stomach hurts. They also love having intellectual conversations that can follow them through.

Unravel the rest of the things that can keep your Gem man happy below.

#1 Make him laugh

As mentioned above, Geminis loves to have a good laugh and throw a good joke. If you have what it takes to make a good punch line or a joke, tell it to him and you will likely linger on his mind. He finds it attractive when a woman makes a good joke as most of the women he met are all uptight.

Most women who want to get the Twin's attention don't usually joke around to maintain their image. Thus, if you're the type who can throw in a good joke, you will be like a breath of fresh air to him.

Make a Gemini man laugh, and you will likely be able to keep him on your side for the longest time possible.

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#2 Always be positive

Nothing can suck out the energy of a Gemini man faster than negativity. Thus, if you want to keep your Gemini guy longer on your side, make sure to stay away from negativities. If there are moments you are downcast and tempted to blurt out negative things, never do it around with your man.

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Although you can share your feelings with your Gemini guy as much as possible, try to keep things light with him. Geminis loathe negative energies no matter whom they come from. Thus, reconsider blurting out negative words in front of him.

#3 Hang out with his friends

Being in a relationship with an air sign, such as a Gemini, will make you an official part of his friend's life. You will likely go out with him and hang out with his friends even without any special occasion. You will become a part of their “gang” and enjoy attending events all together like an extended family.

You will also get invited to his friend's special events and any other occasions. You will feel so welcome and treated like a family member.

If any of his friends invited you to hang out, don't decline and go with your Gemini man. Show him that you can establish a good relationship with people that are important in his life.

Seeing you have a good affinity with his friends will surely make him happy and be proud of you.

#4 Shower him with questions

Another thing that can make a Gemini man happy is when you keep on asking him questions. You might think that he will find this attribute nuisance, but it makes him want to know you more in reality.

Geminis do have an unending curiosity and a vast knowledge of different things. Thus, if you kept on asking him questions, he will likely be happy to see you so interested in knowing things. Asking him more questions will awaken his interest in you, deepening the bond you already had.

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#5 Give him space

If you genuinely want to keep your Gemini lover happy, give him the space he needs. Let him go out with his friends without any resistance on your part and wish him well. Never get too clingy and let him do the things that he wants to do.

If he wants to hang out with his friends, tell him to enjoy and take his time. Tell him to be careful and have a blast during his night out with his friends.

When he wants to go out on an out-of-town adventure without you, never insist on tagging along. Wish him well on his adventure and have your own fun with your friends. Update your social media with your fun times, letting him see how independent you are.

Allowing him to see that you are doing fine on your own while he is away will make him happy and proud that you are his girl. As you might already know, Geminis want their woman to be independent and striking.

Thus, never try to cling to your Gemini guy if he wants to be alone. Instead, do your own thing, always dress well and be strikingly beautiful to make you stick on his mind.

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#6 Be spontaneous with him

Being spontaneous with your Gemini guy will keep him guessing on what you will do next. This way, he will not likely get bored too fast with you and will keep him anticipating what's next for you.

As an air sign, he quickly gets bored and may look elsewhere if he can no longer bear the boredom. Thus, giving him something to think about will make his mind busy, guessing your next step.

You may invite him, out of the blue, for an adventure or a romantic movie date. Whatever it is that you will do, never be too predictable to appeal to his sexy mind.

#7 Trust in him

One way to make a Gemini man happy is to trust him. Nothing can upset the Twins in the Zodiac more than his partner, who doesn't trust him enough. Although a Gemini guy prefers to do things on his own or with his friends, this doesn't mean that you can't trust him.

There are just times when you Gemini man wants to have a time separated from you to make him miss you. Remember that so much familiarity in the relationship can lead to boredom. Thus, it's always better to do something new in your relationship or have some time away from each other.

Let him go out with his friends and don't ever try to hold him back. Be supportive of what he wants to do or where he wants to go, even without you. Let him see that you are mature enough to handle such a situation and trust him enough to make sound decisions.

#8 Accept him as he is

In dating a Gemini man, never force him to change for you. Accept him for who he is and don't put any expectations on him. He hates it when people expect him to be something other than he already is.

So, if you want to keep your Gem man happy, let him act the way he wants to act and do what he wants to do. Telling him that he must act a certain way will only make him want to stay away from you. Accept him as he is and he will be happy being with you.

Despite his talkative and sociable nature, it can still be difficult to understand what goes on inside a Gemini man's mind. 

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