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10 Effective Tips to Make A Cancer Man Chase You

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Are you looking for ways to make a Cancer man chase you? If so, you're in the right place!

A Cancer man isn't going to chase any woman just because she is attractive. He isn't the type that will get flirty with everyone like the Gemini guy. He’s not into flings and takes relationships very seriously.

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Once a Cancer man falls in love, it can be challenging for him to chase the woman he loves because of his shyness. Nonetheless, there are ten effective tips that you can use to make the shy Crab man chase you. But before that, let's go into the things that make the Cancer guy retreat in pursuing the woman he loves or likes.

Things that Makes a Cancer Man Retreat

Before going into the ten effective tips to make him chase you, it's best to know the things that make him back off. It will be beneficial for you to know these things to ensure nothing will hold him back from chasing you.

So, without much further ado, here are some of the things that make a Cancer man retreat from pursuing you.

Playing hard to get

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Even if a Cancer guy has feelings for you, he won't pursue you right away. He is afraid of rejection, so he will observe first if he has higher chances to get your yes.

If he sees that you are playing hard to get or uninterested, he will hide in his shell and try to forget you. He won't exert more effort, knowing that there's no clarity in getting your heart.

So, if you want a Cancer man to chase you, consider being open to him and show your interest to encourage him to pursue you.

Being wild

A Cancer man wants his woman to be respectable both in her action and how she dresses. He isn't impressed by the latest trends women wear to impress their peers.

To bag his attention, being prim and proper will likely focus his attention on you.

Being Impatient

To keep the attention and feelings of a Cancer man going for you, make sure to be patient by his side. He needs a woman who has deep patience and understanding whenever he shows his bad side. It's not that he is terrible, but rather, he is trying to release the pent-up emotions, making him feel good after.

We all have moments where we have hard times and we snap because of them, same as the Cancer man's situation. So, being there for him even if he has mood swings will make him realize how lucky he is to have you. With that, he will likely chase you even more.

Now, let's move on to the ten effective tips you can use to make a Cancer man chase you.

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10 Effective Tips to Make a Cancer Man Chase You

#1 Appreciate his efforts

When a Cancer man is in love, he will ensure to let you know it by showering you with gifts. He may give you flowers, chocolates, movie tickets for two, and a romantic date set-up. If a Cancer guy does this to you, make sure to let him know and feel that you are appreciative of his efforts.

Giving a bright smile while receiving his gifts will make his heart flutter. Hug him and kiss him at his check and he will likely do everything to chase you. Knowing that his efforts are not in vain, he will even exert more effort to bag your heart.

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#2 Nurture him

A Cancer man loves it when he feels secured and cared for around the woman he loves. He will love it if you take good care of him, like cooking for him, massaging him, and taking care of his other needs.

He will appreciate you more by nurturing him, making him special. In return, he will ensure to shower you with sweet gestures like opening the door for you and putting his coat on you. He will make sure to be there for you whenever you need him.

Thus, be nurturing towards your Cancer man to make sure that he will chase you wherever you go.

#3 Be open to him

One way to appeal to a male Cancer guy is to connect with him on an emotional level. Consider being open with him about how you feel and your experiences. Let him know what you've been through and he will likely share things about him too.

Sharing things about yourself makes him feel that he is like a part of your past. It also makes him feel special knowing you're open to sharing your vulnerabilities.

So, consider being open with your Cancer guy. Share your vulnerabilities with him and he will want to protect you even more.

#4 Flirt with him in a sweet way

Flirting is like the national way of getting the attention of any man in the zodiac. Nonetheless, a Cancer male is not into the type of flirting that’s only about turning on what's inside his pants. He wants his emotions to get stimulated by flirting with him sweetly.

You may prepare him his favorite food during dinner and set it up romantically. Put a candle at the center of the table to share a great ambiance together. You may pour him some wine after and lean on him, letting him know how much you love him.

Sweet yet straightforward flirting gestures will melt the heart of a Cancer man. With that, he will do everything to please you. He will likely chase you unto the ends of the earth, knowing that you are worth it.

#5 Consider making the first move

If you have been with a Cancer man for some time now, you will know by now that he needs a lot of encouragement. You will have to consider making the first move and encourage him to take action. Show him that you like him and he will likely take action to pursue you.

Showing him that you have an interest in him will help him have the courage to go after you.

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#6 Be Irreplaceable

Is it really possible to be irreplaceable in the life of a Cancer man? Well, yes, if you play your cards right. If your Cancer guy introduces you to his mom, make sure that she will love you for his son and you will be the winner.

Cancers do have a special bond with their mothers that will not get tarnished by anything. So, having established a good relationship with his mom, he will indeed chase you at all costs. Appealing to his mom means appealing to his source of life, making you one in a million in his eyes.

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#7 Be Classy

Cancer men don't discriminate. Nonetheless, they know what they want in a woman. He wants his girl to be sexy but not revealing. A figure-hugging dress that isn't vulgar is the perfect outfit he wants for his woman.

Although he might not say anything about how you dress, being classy is essential for a Cancer man. He wouldn't want to introduce his woman wearing something that makes her cheap, in a sense.

When it comes to introducing the love of his life to his mom, he will ensure that she will be presentable. Cancers do seek approval from their mother as they value her immensely.

Thus, if you want your Cancer man to chase you, make sure to bag her mother's approval by being an exemplary woman. After seeing that you have a good affinity with his mom, he will indeed chase you wherever you go.

#8 Show him your inner power

It's not a secret that Cancer is deeply attracted to sweet and caring women. But, this doesn't mean that he isn't attracted to strong women. In fact, a Cancer man is very attracted to strong personality signs like Scorpio.

There's something magnetic about women who exude confidence and have self-assurance. Cancer finds these attributes enchanting and irresistible. Thus, never be afraid to show your inner strength with your Cancer lover as he appreciates it well.

#9 Check how he feels

Cancers are sensitive beings. They are likely to get hurt with minor things like receiving a bad joke that concerns them. So, checking how he feels from time to time will make him feel your love and concern for him.

He will see that you have genuine care for him and that's what he is looking for in a life partner. Making him feel wanted and cared for are some of the ways that you can make a male Cancer chase you.

Display your wife-material characteristics and he will never let you go.

#10 Be friendly with him

As you might already know, a Cancer guy is shy to tell his feelings to someone he likes. He will, at first, observe if he has high chances of getting your yes to avoid rejection. He will also need a lot of encouragement from your side for him to take action.

So, being friendly and open to him will serve as his encouragement to pursue his love for you. Once he is at least ninety-five percent sure of his chance with you, he will give it a go. He will also exert more effort to get your sweet yes.

Expect a sweet and romantic dinner date with him, along with flowers and music in the background. He may also make surprise visits to your home with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates in his hands. He may also cook your favorite dish and let you sit while he serves you like a queen.

So, if you are genuine with your desire to make him chase you, be friendly and implore on his soft side. He will likely go after you and make you stay by his side as long as he lives if you do follow these tips.

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