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8 Simple Tips to Make A Cancer Man Want You: Tactics That Work!

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Are you looking for ways to make a Cancer guy want you? If so, you're on the right page.

A Cancer man is a shy, reserved man that prefers to have a deep connection rather than just a fling. He's in it for the long haul, but it can be a while before he considers you to be the one. He is on his quest to find his soulmate and will not stop until he can hold her.

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He can be very sensitive and tends to get hurt easily. However, you might overlook this side of him when he displays his manly character. When he walks into a room full of people, people can turn their heads because of his strong demeanor.

Nonetheless, a Cancer can be insecure and tend not to see that he can attract people. Thus, he needs a woman who's vocal, jolly, and in-tuned with her feelings for him to be comfortable. Through these attributes of a woman, he can freely share his feelings without any worries.

Thus, if you want to make a male Cancerian want you, make sure to appeal to his emotions and be his safe place. This way, he can get so comfortable with you and want you to be on his side for the longest time possible.

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So, how can you make a Cancer man want you? Find some of the tips that you need to get this shy man hooked below.

8 Simple Tips to Make a Cancer Man Want You

Although it's hard to read and get through the tough exterior of a Cancer man, there's a way to make him want you. You may consider following the subsequent tips below to get him smitten.

#1 Learn to take things slow.

When it comes to dating a Cancer man, consider taking things slow with him. He's been in a few heartaches as he often goes all-in quick in a relationship. He doesn't hold anything back and let all his emotions flow without knowing if he's with the right person.

Thus, a Cancer man tends not to show his emotions in meeting or dating new people. You might get curious if he likes you or he only wants to hang out.

If you are hell-bound to make a Cancerian want you, make sure to let him know that you like him. This way, he can shake off his doubts about your feelings. You may also want to consider telling him that you want to take things slow as you want to know him deeper.

Expressing your feelings and letting him know you want to know him on a deeper level will make him want you more. He will see this as a positive sign as he is on the same wavelength as you in taking things slow.

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#2 Be genuine with him.

Cancers are one of the most genuine zodiac signs. They don't try to mask their true feelings and intentions and wear their heart on their sleeves. So, if you want to make a Cancer guy want you, be genuine with him.

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A Cancer can detect pretense from afar, so it's best, to be honest with him from the start.

#3 Let him do things for you.

A Cancerian male is quick to get attached when you let him do things for you. He can be very accommodating towards the woman he's with, so never stop him from helping you with your chores. He can also be a very gentleman and hold doors for you and do small things that can make you feel special.

Thus, if you want this sensitive yet attractive man to like you, let him do things that make him feel good. You may also expect him to treat you like a queen if he's invested in you.

#4 Subtly flirt with him.

Another way to make him want you is to flirt with him subtly. You may tap his shoulder lightly and smile at him while meeting his eyes. Avoid bold approaches such as kissing him all of a sudden in public to avoid making him disappointed.

A male Cancer wants a woman who respects herself but also knows how to flirt a little. Thus, consider letting him know that you like him in a subtle way to make him want you.

#5 Be approachable.

One way to make a Cancerian man want you is to be approachable. As you might already know, a Cancer is a shy type and tends to back away if he sees that you are not easy to approach. Thus, consider being receptive so he can express his feelings without any worries on his mind.

If you two meet on the street, make sure to give your brightest smile and you will linger on his thoughts more. He will definitely look forward to meeting you again and have some talks over coffee. He might also ask to hang out with you often if you are friendly with him each time you meet.

Knowing that you are a nice person, he can get very comfortable with you and tell you his deepest secrets. As you already know, he wants someone he can confide his emotions with. So, be that person and he will go out his way to date you.

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#6 Be patient with him.

Like all other signs, a Cancer man can have mood swings. He can all of a sudden not talk to you without knowing the reason why. He might also avoid you on purpose, even if you two meet on the street. Thus, consider being patient with him during his mood swings.

You can try asking what's wrong with him using a sweet tone of voice. You may also touch his hands or tap his shoulder while looking at his eyes. If these gestures don't touch him, consider leaving him alone for a while.

Once he is okay, he will likely realize his actions and apologize to you. If he does this, avoid lecturing him and instead tell him that he can tell you the things that bother him. This way, he will see your genuine care and want you to become a permanent part of his life.

Your Cancer man needs you to nurture him in the most comfortable and gentle way. If you are confused on how to do this, the step-by-step guide Cancer Man Secrets might help.

#7 Check on him now and then.

Cancers are sensitive people. They are likely to get touched even by simple things. Consider checking on him now and then to know how he is and if he is feeling okay. This might be a simple act, but this can penetrate the heart of a Cancer guy.

Once in a while, invite him to your place and prepare his favorite foods. Ensure that he will be comfortable at your home and he will likely want to go back there and make it your love nest. Texting and calling him to know how he is will also make him feel loved and valued.

Thus, be caring towards him and you will likely get him hooked.

#8 Be vulnerable with him.

Ensure to appeal to a Cancer man's empathetic side and you will likely attract him on a deeper level. He wants to get to the emotional level when it comes to relationships and being vulnerable with him is one way to do it.

Unlike Geminis, who don't like to hear depressing talks, a Cancer will be more than willing to hear you out. You can tell your disappointments and failures to him and he will sympathize with you. He will also be protective of you and ensure to be there for you during your bad times.


Although Cancers wear a tough exterior, they are actually very soft inside. They quickly get hurt, so they choose to put a solid demeanor to avoid getting hurt repeatedly. If you desire to make him want you, make sure that you make him feel comfortable around you.

Once he is comfortable with you, he can share his stories with you and may start to develop some feelings for you. Let him also feel that you care and are always there for him no matter what happens. It's also best to appeal to his emotional side by sharing your life struggles and stories with him.

If you want to get his attention through flirting, consider not to make a bold move. Instead, be subtle with your flirting style and he will likely react to it than your bold move.

Cancer Man Secrets may come in handy when trying to learn how to flirt with a Cancer man. Check it out, it won't disappoint.

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