How to Make a Capricorn Man Jealous: Good Idea? -

How to Make a Capricorn Man Jealous: Good Idea?

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Have you noticed that the spark in your relationship has faded? Do you know how to light a fire in his heart and make him want you even more?

Capricorns, in general, are not easily jealous. However, when you want to make a Capricorn jealous, the idea of paying your attention to someone else might trigger his jealousy towards you. 

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The first thing you should know is that Capricorns are rigid and stubborn, making it difficult to make them jealous. However, this does not say that this astrological sign is not envious and possessive.

Jealousy in a Capricorn man is challenging to comprehend. He can be very straightforward and difficult to wrap your head around.

A Capricorn man is a perfectionist with determination. He finds it difficult to be jealous because he is so persistent and hardworking in other areas of his life.

However, this does not prevent a Capricorn man from being jealous or possessive. He is very secretive and mysterious, but there are ways to provoke jealousy from him.

When it comes to genuine love, no Capricorn man can resist revealing this hidden side of his personality. But typically, no Capricorns do not get jealous easily. 

A book club member named Ronda shared her views regarding Capricorn men expressing jealousy in a relationship. She said that Capricorns can really be controlling to people or things, and there are times when they can have trust issues because they want specific things or people all to themselves. 

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But how would you really make a Capricorn man jealous?

Here are some of the effective tips that you can do. 

1. Give your attention to someone else. 

A Capricorn will trigger his jealousy if he constantly sees you paying your attention to someone else. You do not have to be flirty.

Make sure you are not taking your actions too far beyond his imagination. A Capricorn man is very patient but can be unforgiving when he wants to.

2. Spend your time with other people.

Tell a Capricorn man to spend time with him but intentionally make other arrangements with your friends. When he calls, apologize and insist on seeing your friends before spending time with him.

But be vigilant; make sure you are doing it only once. You might hurt his ego if you do it many times. 

3. Do not reply to his messages instantly. 

A Capricorn man does not like playing games. He can be goofy and mysterious when he wants to, but he is also relatively straightforward. 

He expects the same attitude when in a relationship with you. So, the next time you text each other, leave a “be right back” message and do not text him till the next day.

A Capricorn man may feel that he is not your priority. This may also trigger his jealousy. 

4. Talk about your previous relationship. 

Make sure you do not just throw the topic in there. You have to wait for an opening and then start bragging about the gifts your exes have given to you. 

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5. Do not answer some of his calls. 

A Capricorn man might get anxious if you do not answer some of his calls. If you are trying to make him jealous, let your phone ring and do not answer it intentionally. 

6. Compliment another guy. 

Remember that you are making him jealous; you are not embarrassing him. Instead, just compliment someone who is just a passerby. 

These straightforward and strategic complements may make the Capricorn man envious. For example, if he has been working on his weight or attempting to diet.

7. Talk about a celebrity crush. 

A Capricorn man is not the most confident zodiac sign. He may act confident in front of you, but he is afraid of critics. 

Talking about a celebrity crush around a Capricorn man will make him jealous. It can make him envious if he does not think highly of himself. 

8. Stay pretty. 

One of the best ways to make a Capricorn jealous is when you put effort into making yourself look good. 

Please do not make it a one-time thing. Instead, make it a habit to look good, especially if you know you will run into him.

9. Act like you do not care.

A Capricorn man does not care about what you do. So, he naturally acts like he does not care. 

Do not make an effort. Just act like you also do not care; it could make him jealous. 

10. Call him and let him hear a male voice in the background. 

It would be best if you were very careful in doing this because it might lead to something you do not like. Make this tip when you are at home with your brother or cousins. 

If he calls, make sure your brother or cousin is around you. A Capricorn man will be anxious if he hears another guy’s voice in the background.

11. Take time to respond to his needs.

Ignoring him could be even as independent as Capricorns can be a thing. But he still wants to know that someone is watching for him. 

So, if you want to make a Capricorn jealous, stop doing what he loves and focus on yourself. If he asks for your assistance, tell him you have someone else to assist with something.

12. Make contact with new people.

Hanging out with new people might be effective in making a Capricorn jealous. However, he prefers a small circle of friends and dislikes large groups.

13. Request assistance from others.

You could do the opposite if a Capricorn man enjoys assisting you with significant chores and errands. He may also enjoy being the one to whom you turn when you require assistance.

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14. Make him feel left out.

Another way to make a Capricorn man jealous is to make him feel left out. It could be a special occasion, a birthday, or a family gathering. 

Forget to invite him and ask a friend to do so. He will feel unimportant if he thinks you did not invite him yourself. 

15. Spend time with his friends.

A Capricorn man can be very possessive because he works very hard for everything in life, including his friends. So, hanging out with them while he is away may make him jealous, especially if they connect well with you.

You already have an idea of how to make a Capricorn man jealous. But when can you say that these tips are effective?

Here are some of the signs that a Capricorn man is jealous:

1. A Capricorn man will take revenge by making you feel jealous too. He will flirt and do everything he can to get back at you. 

Do not mess with him if you do not like to see his revenge. He will also spy on you. 

2. A Capricorn will express new and strange emotions towards you. He will go berserk if he feels intense jealousy.

He will be expressing himself more. But do not expect him to take it slowly. 

3. You will see a Capricorn man prying through your phone. He will do every means to keep an eye on you. 

A Capricorn man does not believe in direct confrontation unless he has a solid reason. As a result, he will gather as much information as he can.

4. A Capricorn man will start sending you numerous texts. If you do not respond right away, he will keep trying. 

His reaction to rejection is different from others. He does not take a step back.

Instead, he becomes more involved. He wants to see you react angrily and confront him.

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