How to Successfully Make a Gemini Man Jealous: Recommended! -

How to Successfully Make a Gemini Man Jealous: Recommended!

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Discover the ways to make your tough Gemini man jealous

You might have raised a brow when you've read the title of this article. You might have thought, can someone really make a Gemini guy jealous? Is it truly a possible task?

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From what you might have known, it's definitely hard to make a Gemini man jealous. They are not prone to get jealous so easily due to their independent nature. They want their partners to have the freedom to do what they want in their lives and be their support system.

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Are Gemini Men Capable of Being Jealous?

When it comes to a Gemini man, it is hard to make him jealous. He doesn't see the need to get jealous as he is content and confident in his own being. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that he's not capable of getting jealous.

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He can get caught in the web of jealousy if you play your cards right. However, seeing a jealous Gemini can be rare, so you have to manage your expectations.

If you're only testing your Gemini man, you have to be extra careful. Not all men will react to the act of making them jealous. Some will just vanish into thin air without giving any notice.

Thus, you have to be extra cautious in making your Gemini man jealous. If you haven't seen how a Gemini man acts when he is jealous, see the following signs below.

How Does a Jealous Gemini Man Reacts?

When a Gemini man is jealous, he may not give you any clear signs that he is jealous. He may even act the opposite to show you that he's fine even if he is not.

  • He will make you jealous.

When you are trying to make your Gemini man jealous, he's likely not going to react to it. He will act the opposite and try to make you jealous instead. He will hang out with other girls and let you see it.

Your Gemini man might also act as if he did not see you and flirt even more with the girls around him.

  • He will get angry with you.

Gemini men are famous for their dualistic characters. They don't know how to handle their negative emotions well and lash out when they are angry. He may spew out hurtful words or give you the cold shoulder.

He might not talk to you for a while, so you better reconsider your plans on making him jealous.

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  • He will cut you off.

When you cross the line with a Gemini man, he might cut you off without any hesitation. If he can't take the feeling of being jealous, he might vanish into thin air without any notice.

He will not likely stay in a relationship if he doesn't trust you anymore. This is the reason why you have to be extra careful in dealing with a jealous Gemini man.

If you still want to make your Gemini guy jealous even after knowing how he might react, follow the tips below.

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How to Successfully Make a Gemini Man Jealous?

Before proceeding right into the ways on how to make a Gemini man jealous, know that this is not advisable. However, if you are hell-bent on doing this, follow the given tips below to minimize the risk of drawing out his feelings.

  • Act as if he's not around

A Gemini man loves to have the attention of the woman he's with. Thus, when he notices that you are too busy to notice him, it will pick his curiosity. He might be too curious to know who you are giving your attention to.

When he is around, act as if he's not there. Use your phone when he is around or call your friend to make it appear like a real deal. He might ask you whom you are talking to and starts to show a hint of jealousy.

The more you act like he is not around, the more he will try to get your attention back.

  • Be gloomy when he's around.

One way to make a Gemini man jealous is to act gloomy when he is around. He will likely feel bad and think if he did something wrong to make you feel sad and gloomy. He might also think that you are losing your interest in him for someone new.

He may try his best to know why you feel such a way and find ways to appease how you feel.

  • Tell him that you are going to meet your ex-boyfriend.

If you are in a monogamous relationship with a Gemini man, you may tell him that you're with your ex for old time's sake. If he has any feelings for you, he will likely react to it. You might have a chance to see him get jealous.

Nonetheless, if you are still in the early stage of the relationship, your plans might backfire. You may end up losing your Gemini man for good.

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  • Go out and have fun with other people.

If you are decisive in making your Gemini man jealous, try to go out with other people and have fun. You may ask your friends for a night out and enjoy your life for real. Once he knows that you are having fun without him knowing, he will likely think that you find him boring.

Your Gemini man will then start scurrying whom you are going out with. He might ask your friend if you are with them and show signs of jealousy, which is very rare for a male Gemini.

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  • Don't include him in your plans.

If you want to go extreme, don't include your Gemini man in your plans. If he wants to hang out with you, you may tell him that you already have plans for the week, so you can't go out with him. He will either get hurt or get too curious about what you will do and who you will be with.

If he asks about who will go out with you, give names that he's not familiar with and he will likely get upset. He might also be not able to hold back his jealousy and will hold you back from pushing through with your plans.

  • Be hot then cold towards him.

Making a Gemini guy jealous is a game of chance. If you want to bet your all just to see him get jealous, you may try appealing to his senses first, then leave him hanging. It will likely make him confused, upset, and crazy.

You may start by being sensual to him and leave him hanging to make him crave for more. Nonetheless, this isn't advisable if you don't have a strong relationship foundation. Thus, think twice before making a move to make your Gemini guy jealous.

Reasons a Gemini Man Doesn't Get Jealous Easily

  • He is sure of himself.

One of the many reasons why a Gemini isn't the jealous type is due to his confidence. A Gemini man knows what he brings to the table during the relationship. If his partner doesn't appreciate his efforts, he is very much willing to leave the table without any doubts.

A Gemini guy will not likely stay in a relationship where he knows that he isn't appreciated. This is the reason why making him jealous isn't advisable, as he may leave you as quick as lightning if you play with him.

  • He doesn't like drama.

A Gemini man doesn't show his jealousy because he doesn't want to partake in any drama. He knows that the situation will only get worse if he divulges his feelings. He prefers to have his peace maintained than get seen as a whiny, jealous man.

It could be hard to make a Gemini man jealous, but it doesn't mean that it is impossible. Like other signs, a Gemini guy has his feelings too, but he is a pro when it comes to hiding his true feelings. He is so good at masking his emotions, making it hard for people to know his real feelings.

  • He might use your act as a ground to flirt with other girls.

A Gemini guy is the natural flirt in the zodiac. He knows what to say to make girls swoon over him. He also likes to flirt a lot that even when he's in a relationship, he may try to flirt now and ten. Nonetheless, if he is serious with you, he might change his ways and stop flirting with others.

However, if you put up an act to make him jealous, it will likely backfire and you will be at the losing end. He may use your act as a way to flirt back with the girls around him. He might also be vengeful and let you see how he caresses and flirts with another woman.

Thus, ensure you can take the repercussions of your own actions in making your Gemini man jealous.

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