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7 Effective Tips To Make A Leo Man Jealous: Try It!

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Has your Leo man been hot and cold with you lately? Get back on his radar by following some of the practical tips to make a Leo man jealous! Nonetheless, it wouldn't be an easy feat, especially if other women want to get his attention.

So, is it possible to make the charismatic man of the zodiac jealous? The answer to this question is yes. He's very capable of being jealous if he genuinely has feelings for you. However, it would help if you were careful in making him jealous as it can lead to mistrust and heartbreak.

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So, how can you make a Leo man jealous without facing a significant risk? Let's dive into it!

7 Effective Tips to Make a Leo Man Jealous

If you genuinely want to make your Leo man jealous to test his feelings or warn him, you better do it right. Nonetheless, if you've been with your Leo man for a long time now, there's no need to pull such a stunt with him. The tips below are advisable only if you both are only starting in a relationship, so be very aware of that.

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#1 Show your interest in other men.

As you might already know, a Leo man has a big ego and wants to be the center of attention in everything. Thus, if he sees that you're interested in another man, he will likely react to it. He may also begin to question what did you find attractive in that man.

If you are talking to another man, make sure to be genuinely responsive to the conversation. Your Leo beau might get pissed seeing you too engrossed in dialogue with another man. He may even do something to get your attention away from the man you are talking to.

#2 Have fun and post it on your social media accounts.

One of the best ways to make your Leo man jealous is by living your life to the fullest. It will make him realize that he can lose you anytime, especially if he won't get his act together. Thus, consider going out with your friends and post your fun pictures on your social media.

Let your pics be lively and fun with your friends. This way, he will likely take some action to treat you better. You may also notice a few good changes in him if he really loves you.

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#3 Do your own thing.

Another way to make a Leo guy jealous is simply by doing your own thing. If you have other plans before your Leo beau's invitation, don't say yes to him and follow your schedule. Don't be too available with him to make him miss you and long for you.

Remember not to accommodate him or say yes to him every time he says something. Show him that you have a life of your own apart from being in a relationship with him. This way, he will learn to respect your time and may consider compromising for you.

Once he sees that you have great things going on for you that make you busy, he will make time for you more. He may also change his schedule for you and match it with your free time. Thus, consider doing your own thing and don't give him a lot of special attention.

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#4 Post sexy photos.

When a Leo guy is in love with you, he will be jealous even for the slightest, almost nonsense reasons. Make him jealous indirectly by posting sexy photos of you on your social media accounts. When Leo sees that your sensuous pictures are getting attention from many men, he may want you to take it down.

Thus, take a selfie or a picture of yourself where you feel good and look good. Upload the photos on your Snapchat or Instagram where he follows you to let him see that you can attract many guys. After that, he may start treating you better than usual.

However, going overboard may make your Leo man lose interest and leave you for good, so if you don't want to make this mistake, follow the tips in Leo Man Secrets.

#5 Always look good.

To successfully make a Leo man jealous, you have to always take good care of your appearance. You can't pull a make-him-jealous stunt if you look miserable and untidy. Thus, make sure that everything about you is always on point to make your plan a success.

You may wear a figure-hugging dress that shows some cleavage to make his eyes wander in you only. Ensure that he has something to look forward to each time you meet. Make sure also that you will be a head-turner when you meet him in public places to show him that you can attract many men.

So, take good care of your appearance and make sure that everything about you, from hair to your toes, is on point.

#6 Don't give him special attention.

Leos are big suckers when it comes to attention. They always want to be the core of attention. Thus, it can be a good thing not to give him any special treatment every now and then to make him exert more effort on you.

A Leo man will likely get curious if you suddenly withdraw your attention from him. He may think that you are giving your attention elsewhere, which he hates. He may do something to get your attention back, like inviting you to a fancy dinner or going out to watch a movie.

So, consider not giving him all your attention and he will likely take action to gain it back.

#7 Exclude him in your plans.

If you want to know another way to make your Leo man jealous, you can do so by not including him in your plans. Nonetheless, you need to know that he can get hurt by doing this. A Leo man might have a tough exterior, but he's actually very soft inside.

The Leo man's tough exterior is his way of protecting himself from the harshness of the world. It's his protective shell that helps him hide what he truly feels inside. Thus, you need to be careful when you use this tip not to hurt your Leo because it can strain your relationship.

Use only this tip if the plan you have isn't that important. For example, you could be making a plan to hang out with your friends and not letting your Leo know about it, which is okay. What's not okay is excluding him in important events such as family events.

Be considerate enough of your Leo man's feelings and never make him jealous too much. This way, you are preventing your relationship from getting ruined by trivial things. It will also help you forge a strong relationship with him.

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