How to Make a Leo Man Want You More?: Practical Guide -

How to Make a Leo Man Want You More?: Practical Guide

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Are you looking for ways to make a Leo man want you more? If so, you are in the best place!

Leos are very picky when it comes to the women they will date. They have a set of standards that they follow in dating women. If you have successfully bagged a Leo man's heart, then making him want you will be an easy feat.

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Another thing that can make a Leo guy want you is by being authentic. Never try to pretend to be something that you are not to avoid him from getting turned off by you. A man born under this sign can spot and sense pretense even from miles away, so it's essential to be real with him.

For a Leo man to want you, you must also know his likes and dislikes to know what you should do and shouldn't do. If you want to know more about how you can make your Leo man want you, kindly proceed below.

How to Make a Leo Man Want You More?

  • Be straightforward.

When you are with a Leo man, you never have to pretend to be someone else. He prized authenticity and boldness, so you can communicate with him in the way you want. If you want something from him, be it sex or wanting to go out for an unplanned adventure, tell it to him directly.

A male Leo isn't a fan of guessing games, so you better communicate what you want verbally. He will appreciate it more if you'll be direct with him than act cutesy, trying to convey that you want something.

So, to make a Leo man want you, be straightforward with him. Say what you want and mean what you say is the best way to appeal to him. You should also never try to be shady or pretend with him, as this is one of his biggest turn-offs.

  • Live your life to the fullest.

Another way you can make a Leo man want you is by living your life to the fullest. Although this isn't connected to him, he wants his woman to be bold in living her life to the fullest. He wants a woman who dares to go after her goals and dreams.

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Thus, if you are trying to appeal to your Leo man, do your own thing and never cling to him. Let him enjoy his life with his friends whenever he wants to and do the same. Clinging to him and forbidding him to have fun without you can weaken your relationship.

What a Leo man wants in his life is a partner who understands his needs and wants. So, if you want to make him want you, live your best life and understand your Leo man's need for freedom. This way, you will have a fulfilling and happy relationship with your Leo lover.

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  • Be attentive to him.

To ensure making your Leo man want you, be attentive towards his needs. Be there for him whenever he wants to talk with you or need you. Nonetheless, never be too available to prevent you from becoming a pushover in a Leo man's life.

Show him that you have other things that are going on in your life aside from him. This way, it will make him feel grateful for your time and respect you even more.

When your Leo guy talks to you, be attentive to his talks and show your interest in what he has to say. Keenly listening to him will make him want to share more stories and other things with you. He will also appreciate that you have invested your time in him, listening to what he has to say.

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  • Entertain him.

If you want your Leo man to want you, do your best to entertain him. Nonetheless, don't do it like an obligation. Do it naturally and show him the real you.

Most of the time, a male Leo gets attracted to a woman who is the life of the party. Someone sociable is the best woman for him. He also wants a woman who can entertain him through deep and varied conversations.

He loves it when a woman appeals to his intellectual side without being boring. Thus, keep him entertained through good conversations and unplanned adventures. This way, you will likely linger on his mind that may make him want you more.

  • Be passionate.

Being passionate is one of the best ways to make the happy-go-lucky Leo male want you. He hates the feeling of getting bored, so try to bring something new to the relationship every now and then. Be enthusiastic when you're with him and surprise him once in a while.

Ask for a sudden out-of-town adventure with him and he will likely think you're crazy in a good way. He loves unplanned moments and can have real fun along the way.

If your Leo beau sees that you are passionately driven to do random things, he will likely want you in his life more.

  • Challenge and support him.

Another way to appeal and make a Leo alpha male want you is by challenging him to be better than he already is. Leos, in general, loves to get challenged for their betterment. Thus, never hesitate to challenge a Leo man to be better.

Whatever he wants to do, support him in the way you can. Be the cheerleader in his life and you will likely stick on his precious mind.

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  • Make him feel so special.

Making a Leo man want you isn't really a difficult task. You are very capable of making him want you by making him feel special. You can do this by being there on his side, supporting him emotionally and even physically.

If he feels so down, being there for him to cheer him up can be more than enough for a Leo guy. Thus, apart from supporting him on what he wants to do, support him also when he is feeling down and alone. Being there for him through good times and bad times will make him want you more by his side forever.

  • Always be positive.

Leo's are somewhat alike with the zodiac sign Gemini. When it comes to these two signs negativity should not exist. If you are with your Leo man, never blurt out negativities as this can turn him off. Instead, bring positivity and sunshine wherever you go.

Your Leo lover will appreciate you more if you can be positive in a negative situation. He wants a woman who can thrive amidst challenging moments and can handle herself well. Thus, consider seeing the silver linings in every bad situation.

Seeing the good things in bad situations will likely attract him towards you like a magnet. So, try to be positive in every situation and he may consider wanting you to become a part of his life.

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