How to Make a Libra Man Chase You: Focus on your Goals! -

How to Make a Libra Man Chase You: Focus on your Goals!

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So, you want a Libra man to chase you, right? Well, you are on the right path. Here are some tips that can make your libra man chase you.

To make a libra man chase you, you need to pay attention to him, flirt with him, show intelligence, let him lead, show that you are interested in him, and seduce him. 

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After doing those things, there is a guarantee that your Libra man will chase you.

What are the things that can make a Libra man chase you?

Look Attractive

If you are planning on making someone chase you, of course, the first thing you need to do is to attract them. 

In this case, you have to prioritize looking good by having good hygiene, dressing nicely, and have a nice and neat appearance.

We cannot deny that the first thing that we notice on people is the way they present themselves, and it is a great factor if the person is confident about her appearance and looks good and clean.

And Libras are not an exception to that, especially that Libras are ruled by the planet of beauty which is the planet Venus.

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Libra men are moved in by a physical beauty in a spiritual way more than other signs. (except for Taurus, it is also ruled by the planet Venus.)

So, to get the attention of your Libra man, get the most attractive clothes that you have, but make sure that you are comfortable wearing those clothes.

Your confidence will have a big impact on the way you are presenting yourself, and it is important that you are comfortable and confident while wearing attractive clothes.

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Flaunt your assets

The next thing you need to know is what your assets are. You may take a look at yourself in the mirror, or you may ask other people about what your assets are.

After knowing your assets, the next thing you need to know is how you will flaunt them. We are talking about making a Libra man chase you, so you have to flaunt the things that you got.

Take time to think about how you will flaunt it, remember that you need to look dashing and stunning, and avoid trying too hard about it.

If you want to him to chase you, seduce him by wearing something revealing but not really showing it all, and you just have to know what type of style will fit you and use it.

Show him that you are interested with him

This part would be tricky as you need to show him that you are interested in him, but you have to do it in a subtle way or be indirect about it.

In short, you have to have those flirty acts, but it should be done where he thinks that it is only an accidental incident.

What I am saying here is to be a flirt around your libra man. Make a move, such as playfully putting your hands anywhere, especially in places that it should not be.

Make it look like you don’t mean placing your hand there, be subtle when you are seducing or flirting with him.

You may be wondering why you have to do these things, well, these things will make your libra man interested in you, and that will help in making him chase you.

It is important that you are showing him some motives because that is what will keep a Libra man in love and interested. He might lose interest if he sees that you are not interested in him.

Be Sexy

This would have a great impact on getting the attention of your Libra man.

The first thing you need to know is that being sexy is not all about what you wear. You may wear sexy clothes but make sure that you do not look like too much.

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But if you are not a fan of wearing sexy clothes, you can level up your sex appeal in other ways.

For a Libra man, being sexy is all about being cute and flirty at the same time. You just need to act cute around him, with a little bit of being a flirt.

But always remember that you are not overdoing anything about being sexy, be confident, and do not overreact while doing it.

You may look like you are trying hard, and it may turn them off.

Have a beautiful sex

This tip may not be applied to everyone but if you have the chance to get laid by your Libra man, then you should ensure that it will be unforgettable.

If you are planning on having sex with a libra man, make sure that before anything starts, you ensure that you look and smell good.

You may wear your sexy outfit and choose a smell that can make him crave you. You may tease him along the way and be a flirt.

Touch him anywhere, give him a seductive smile, look at him, and tease him.

But remember, do not let him know that you crave him too. Make sure that you are making small moves that could tease him and not reveal that you want him so much.

Avoid being clingy, and as much as possible, make it seem that you are fine with anything and that you are not excited about it.

Do not be available all the time

You may hear this tip all the time, but if you want someone to chase you, then you need to make room for them to run.

And you cannot make it if you are always making yourself available.

What you can do here is to show your Libra man that you have a life to live and that he is just a part of your life. 

And to not make yourself available all the time, you have to be busy. If you are not busy, then you can just pretend that you are.

They said fake it till you make it. So, pretend that you are busy and do not give all your time to that Libra man.

You can focus on yourself or make a clear set of goals to make yourself busy. It is fine that you may miss some of his calls or go out with other people.

In this step, you need to make your Libra man feel that he is honored that you give him your time. In that way, they will think that you have your own life, and that you are not a clingy type of girlfriend.

Being clingy is what Libra men hate, and if you show him that you are not like that, then you can make him chase you over and over.

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Keep a good conversation

Air signs are known for having a strong and excellent communication skills, and libra is an air sign. And another way to make him chase you is to keep a good conversation.

You may start the conversation by asking simple questions about him, what are his interests, his hobbies, and anything that is about him.

You may also share yours, exchange ideas, interests, and life views with your libra man, do not forget to include him in every question that you will ask.

You can also try to talk about other topics such as religion, philosophy, anything! If you do not know anything about it, then you may search for it first before opening the topic.

How to make a Libra man chase you again?

However, if you are wondering if there is still a chance that you can make a Libra man chase you again, then yes, it is still possible.

And here are some tips that could help you make that Libra man chase you again!

Surprise your Libra man

The first thing that you need to do to make him chase you again is to surprise him. You may go to his house, work, or favorite hideout unexpectedly.

You may also try to go to the places where he could be. You may also plan a dinner date or birthday date.

You may surprise your libra man based on his interests and likes. Aside from that, you may also surprise him by changing something in your style.

You may wear something that you have not worn before, or you may try to change something in your physical appearance, such as your hair color.

Make sure that the changes will fit you and will make you look more stunning, sexy, and beautiful. And by that, you can get his attention, and the spark might fire again.

Talk with your Libra man

If you feel like the spark is coming back, and that you already caught his attention again, then maybe this will be the right time that you will talk to him.

Since it is mentioned above that libra men have an excellent communication skills, and it would help you two if you will talk things about your relationship.

You may start the conversation by asking light questions, be sure that you are honest about it, and talks about everything you think that you need to address.

Talking to your libra man will help a lot in making him chase you again. Sometimes, some relationships only need to have a deep talk to make everything clear.

So, if you feel like the two of you are ready to have that talk, then go talk to him about things you want to clear and work out.

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Focus on doing your own thing

Of course, the most common thing that you should do if you want someone to chase you is to do your own thing.

Focus on yourself, on your goals, and focus on making yourself happy. 

The good thing about Libra men is they value and care about their relationships, especially if they really love you.

And because of that, making him chase you again will be easier as they will be willingly chase you again.

And by that, focusing on yourself will have an impact to your libra man. If you focus on yourself and do not give him much time and attention, he will be wondering if you still care.

Your Libra man will know if you still want the relationship and if you still care about the things that you had in the past.

And from that, you can make him chase you again.

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