How to Manifest a Break up: Get out From Toxic Relationship Now! -

How to Manifest a Break up: Get out From Toxic Relationship Now!

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Do you wish to get out of your current relationship? Is your relationship toxic that you want to get out of it? 

You can manifest a breakup with the use of the law of attraction. As the law of attraction knows no boundaries. 

However, manifesting a breakup may come from negative energy, so beware of the possible consequences.

If you are in a toxic relationship draining you and do not have enough courage to ask for a breakup, then it is possible to manifest it with the law of attraction.

The law of attraction does not have boundaries, and you can manifest anything you want in your life.

This article will discuss manifesting your break up, and other people's break up.

Rickie, one of my readers, shared his insights on manifesting a break up. He wants you to know that you need to take control of your life and responsibility in this situation and always choose what’s best for you.

Is it possible to manifest other people's break up?

With the law of attraction, it is possible to manifest other people's break ups. If you have an ex in a relationship, it is possible to make them break up.

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However, this will sound selfish and only attract bad things into your life. Manifesting for other people's breakup will only bring bad energy to you.

It is not recommended to interfere with other people's lives, and you have to avoid wishing and manifesting bad things with other people.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not do it.

Never interfere in another soul's life path

Even if your intentions are pure and you are doing them a favor, it is not enough reason to interfere with their lives.

The best thing you can do is be a friend to them, encourage them in life, and give some advice. 

What you wish for others is what you create for yourself

In the law of attraction, you will receive what you put out into the universe, so if you give off negativity, you will receive negativity.

If you are manifesting for someone to break up, this will not happen. Instead, you will end up receiving what you wish for others.

Remember the golden rule, do not do unto others what others do not do unto you. 

Create, do not destroy

The law of attraction's purpose is to create beautiful experiences and not destroy them.

When your manifestations come from a place of happiness, joy, gratitude, and peace, you will most likely get positive things.

The manifestations will come with the type of energy you are putting in.

But if you manifest negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, envy, whatever you are manifesting will be tainted with that kind of energy.

Some manifestations that have that kind of thought may appear “good” at first, but as time goes by, they will implode.

How to manifest your breakup?

It is also possible to manifest your breakup, and it will be more likely to come into your reality since you manifest your relationship.

However, this kind of manifestation may also come with negative reasons, and you may take some consequences while doing this.

The breakup itself contains lots of negative energies, and because of this, you may attract negativity with your manifestation, which is not a good idea.

The statement “be careful about what you wish for.” applies to this topic. You are manifesting something that might bring negativity to you.

What are the steps in manifesting a breakup?

Be clear on what you want and why do you want it?

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This is the first step in manifesting, describing what you want. You have to be very specific in describing your desires in this part.

Describe what he looks like, his hobbies, his favorites, and other things that he likes to do. Please include in your description his age, height, and birthdate.

Next is to write what you want to happen, write what kind of breakup you are manifesting, and what things you want after the breakup. 

You have to be very specific in this part. Avoid being shy about it, as the universe will rely on this description when you start to manifest.

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If you want to be friends with them after the breakup and then write it, put it in your journal notebook if you want to be far from them.

You must avoid giving mixed signals to the universe. The universe may misunderstand it and give you the outcome you do not want.

Next is why you want a breakup. Your reason should be backed with positive energy.

However, the breakup itself is not a positive word, so you must be careful in manifesting.

List down all the possible reasons that you have. If you manifest a breakup because you want to get out of the relationship, do it.

The reason should be strong, as this would be your motivation to keep going while manifesting a breakup.


This is the crucial part of manifesting. You are going to visualize your manifestations.

Visualize that you already broke up, that you are now in the process of making yourself better.

You are free from his toxic behaviors, and he is no longer part of your life. Visualize that he is not bugging you after the breakup.

Does that visualization make you happy? Does it feel good? 

Then, continue visualizing.

However, you may visualize what it feels like when he finally found someone after your breakup. Does that still make you happy? 

If not, then you have to think that him having someone else after the breakup is not impossible. So, if you are not happy with it, then do not continue manifesting.

It just means that you are not ready for the possible consequences. And that you will more likely regret what you did.

That emotion you feel will help you make your manifestations into your reality. Continue doing visualization as much as you can.

Play and live with the emotion, as it can make your manifestations quickly.

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Limiting beliefs and positive affirmations

Manifestation is a process, and it takes time. The length of the process depends on the energy, beliefs, and thoughts that you have.

If those things are aligned, you will get your manifestations quickly, but if they are not aligned, they might cause blockage, and you need to work on them first.

While manifesting, there will be times when your mind will be filled with doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs. You may start questioning the universe if your manifestations will come into your reality.

And you may think some limiting beliefs such as:

“I will not get out of this situation.”

“I deserve this kind of hell.”

“Maybe, I do not deserve to have a healthy relationship.”

It would help if you eliminated those kinds of thoughts in your head as it makes low vibrational energy that can delay your manifestations.

You can state positive affirmation whenever you feel like your mind will be filled with negative thoughts. State positive affirmations that are applicable in your current situation.

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Repeat these affirmations, and you will see that your limiting beliefs will be gone, and your mindset will be changed together with your behavior.

Taking action 

Take small steps in achieving your manifestation. Since you are manifesting a breakup, you can start taking steps to detach yourself from your partner.

Take small progress every time; if you are constantly texting, avoid texting them too often, and start to live as if your manifestations are already yours.

Detach yourself from the outcome

This is the last step in manifesting, and this will be quite hard. You have to let go of the outcome and trust the universe that they will give you what you asked for.

Holding on too much to the outcome may ruin the things that the universe is planning to give you. In this step, you have to let the universe lead the way and start to focus on other things.

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