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10 Easy Hacks to Manifest a Job (Level up your Career Now!)

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For most people, a job is something that could bring food to a family’s table, make you have that privilege to buy things you wanted, and to some, it is a lifestyle. A choice where you can do what you love and earn from it at the same time!  A person’s job is connected to his or her financial duties that’s why it makes it very important for a person to have.

But, what if you are having a hard time applying for the jobs that you want? Or maybe you are doubting yourself whether you are fit for the job you currently want?

It’s normal to have negative thoughts but, you should not let them overpower you. That’s the reason why manifesting your job should also be important.

Manifesting simply means attracting to your life the things that you have in your mind. Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions determine the things that will be attracted to your life. You have to be careful about what’s overpowering your mind because this will eventually dominate your life!

This is where manifesting will be a great help. Manifesting your job or a promotion will help you have the proper mindset and become the person who will best fit the job you’ve always wanted to have!

Manifestations are based on the Law of Attraction, where you attract everything that you put your mind and focus on. You don’t force it to happen to you nor manipulate the things and people around you to get it. You simply do your part in manifesting, and all these will slowly be attracted to your energy and vibrations.

Why is it Important to Manifest a Job?

As mentioned earlier, most people depend on their jobs for their financial stability in life. For this reason, many people settle on the jobs that they hate or don’t like so that they can provide financially, especially if this could affect the financial status of the whole family.

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To some, they manage to accept and be optimistic about the current job that they have even if it’s not really what they want. But to some, this can drain them and question their life purpose even more.

Some people think about changing careers but are too scared to take that leap of faith because of the unknown things that might happen. Manifesting a job and everything that comes along with it will help you shift all those things that are making you doubt and make it into a positive one.

By doing this, you will have an optimistic view of the things that may come your way. Moreover, it will help you more in attracting the right people, events, or anything that will lead you to the dream job you’ve always wanted to have.

How To Manifest The Job You’ve Always Wanted?

Doing manifestations for your job will give you a great possibility of being successful in it. Now that you have a piece of knowledge about manifestations and how they could be helpful for your dream job, here is the list of things that you could do to start manifesting the job you wanted to have.

  • Think About the Job You Wanted and Clarify Your Reasons

There are people who can’t manifest well the job that they want simply because they have no idea what they truly want! To make your manifestations successful, you have to know what you truly want. You also need to clarify the reason why you want it to be yours.

You have to understand the reason behind why you are interested in having this job. This will help you have a clear sense of purpose and will help you remove the confusion that might be bothering you in some way.

Ask yourself questions that might help you get the answers that you need. What do you love doing most? It could be that you have a passion for singing, arts, or maybe you have fun whenever you teach other people. Whatever it is, you have to list it down and know what these things are.

What are the things that you are willing to do and work hard for? You might love singing, but you only see it as a hobby and not as a job. You might also think you don’t want to teach children, but you love mentoring people who are looking for pieces of advice in life.

What do you hate doing the most? It could also be clearer for you if you start pointing out the things you don’t like to do. Maybe you don’t want to work most of your time and have time for other priorities also. Perhaps you don’t like a job that might involve sitting in an office the whole day. It's totally up to you!

You just have to really make sure that whatever the final decision you have is yours and from other people. This will send out a clear message to the universe that you are ready and you are on your way to getting the job that you want.

  • Remove anything that is blocking you from getting it

You might not notice this, but there are certain things within you that might be the reason why you are not getting the job that you’ve always wanted to have. Most of these are from your mindsets and how you look at your own journey.

These things that are blocking you from your manifestations are called limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs may be caused by past pains and traumas that you didn’t notice you have established in your minds and are subconsciously sabotaging you from getting what you want.

You must take the initiative to know what these limiting beliefs are and take action to shift or remove them in you. Failure to do this will only make your journey longer and harder. You need to understand that there’s a big difference between going through it and avoiding it.

You have to stop avoiding these limiting beliefs as it will only make it stronger. You have to list down everything that might be a limiting belief for you.

It could be that you think you have to struggle to make a living, or maybe at the back of your mind, you think you don’t have what it takes to do the job that you want.

Whatever it is, do your best to be transparent and honest about it so you can shift it into a positive one that will be helpful for your journey.

Instead of thinking, “ I don’t have what it takes to be accepted in that job, “ think about “ I am willing to do whatever it takes to be accepted in that job. “

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Instead of thinking, “ Someone will always be better at that job than me, “ think about “ My efforts will matter the most, and it will help me be better at doing my job. “

The key is always to know what it is and shift it to another perspective. You also need to understand where it came from so you won’t have to question yourself and understand that whatever happened in the past is not permanent and change is always constant.

  • Ask For It

One of the things that you might forget whenever you manifest something is asking the universe for it. You need to clear with the universe and state what you want.

There are many ways to send out to the universe what you want. It could be thru mediation, prayer, or you can even make your vision board for this. By doing this, you are radiating your energy to the universe and telling it that you are ready to accept and become the person that’s capable of receiving such a job.

Be open about it to the universe, and it will surely be on your way sooner than you think it is. Once you’ve opened up to it, the universe will then send you all you need to acquire your manifestations.

It could be that you’ll be invited to an event where you’ll meet the people who might help you build connections for the job. It could also be you’ll finally find the perfect company for you, or the universe will send you signs where you will get the skills needed to be ready for the job.

Asking the universe for what you want will make it easier for you, and the universe will gladly help you with acquiring the manifestations you have

  • Write Down Your Plans for Getting the Job

Now that you already clarified what your dream job is and what could be the reason why you’re not getting it, it’s time to write down your plans.

Writing down your plans will help you anticipate the things that might go your way. It will also help you see the things you need to get accepted for the job you wanted.

It is not enough to wish and tell the universe what you really want as a job. You also have to think about the practical steps that you will take to get it. You can also ask someone for help regarding this or do your research to know the next steps you need to take.

These practical steps will be your guide as to whether you are ready to take the final step and apply for the job you want, or there are certain things that you still need to consider before taking that final step.

You don’t need to rush yourself regarding this. You just have to make sure that you are fully equipped mentally and emotionally to take the job.

  • Level Up Your Skills

If you think that there are certain things that you need to do first before you can have the job that you want, take time to level up your skills. Don’t think or act like you cannot do something about it anymore and act like the victim in your life. You have to take the initiative and take action to get what you really want. This will help you land directly on the job that you want.

This will also send a signal to the universe that you are eager and willing to do everything you need to in order to get the job. This will make it easier for the universe and for yourself to fulfill the manifestations you have.

Don’t bury yourself in the thought that you are not capable of doing anything. Just do your part in leveling up your skills and yourself so you can be ready for the job that you’ve always wanted to have.

  • Visualize Your Job

Think about the time you already have the job you want. Are you happy? Do you feel sad? Nervous? Or were you confused? Who are the people currently surrounding you? Is your boss happy with the results you are giving? Are you currently happy with what you’re doing?

Put your attention to what you are currently feeling. This will say a lot about you and your manifestations. It might also open up new opportunities you never knew existed before. The energy you have while visualizing your manifestation will be the energy you will use to continue living up to it until you have it in your hands.

You have to understand that your emotions will be essential for getting your manifestation, so don’t be afraid to feel it and let yourself be immersed in it.

  • Practice Affirmations Everyday

Every day you will face different challenges in your life. These challenges will either break you or lift you up. That’s why affirmations are important as part of your daily routine because this will help you survive the daily struggle you might face by being optimistic about it.

It’s not necessary that you should have the answers to all of the things that might be challenging for you. What’s important is being able to manage your emotions and your view towards it by telling daily affirmations to yourself.

These could be words like:

“My dream job is just around the corner, I just have to take action to get it.”

“I am capable of doing things that I want, including my dream job.”

“The universe is preparing me for getting the job that I want.”

“I am ready to attract the job I deserve.”

  • Think Positive about the Coming Results

The universe has its own way of showing you the results you’re expecting. It can give you signs in so many forms! That’s why whatever the sign is given to you, you have to be open to it and be optimistic about it.

Thinking positively will give you the opportunity to see the things that the universe is telling you. The universe might be telling you something, but your mind was too clouded to see it, making that good opportunity pass by you.

But don’t worry! As long as you are willing to change things according to what you want to happen in your life, the universe will adjust itself. If you think negatively, you will start attracting negative things. But you will also start attracting positive things in your life if you think positively.

As much as possible, whatever the result that may come your way, be positive about it.

  • Have the Courage to Say Yes To Opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere only if you open your mind to them! Have the courage to see things through and say yes to the opportunities handed to you by the universe.

There are billions of opportunities in the world, you just have to choose the right one for you that could best fit you and the job you want. If you followed the things mentioned above, it would be easy for you to accept and say yes to the opportunities given to you.

You are already equipped to take it and ready to have it because you already clarified what you want to the universe and already took the effort to shift the limiting beliefs you have. Because of that, saying yes to the opportunity in front of you would already be effortless and won’t give you any doubts.

  • Trust yourself and Be Grateful All the Time

Know that you are capable of doing so many things in your life. You are the creator of your own life! You just have to believe in yourself and to the universe that you are capable of doing and manifesting anything you want.

Take action and be accountable for everything that you do. Above all, no matter what happens to you, be grateful for it. Everything has its own reason, and you should know that it will all be worth it in the end. Failures will always be there along the way, but you don’t have to be scared of it, in fact, you have to be grateful for it.

You just have to trust the process and put your faith that every failure that will happen will only lead you closer to the job you are manifesting for.

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