How to Manifest by Writing: Get Anything You Want! -

How to Manifest by Writing: Get Anything You Want!

Do you ever want something, but you do not think you can get it? Or are you wishing for someone? Do you know that you could manifest them just by writing?

Yes! You can get anything you want by writing it down on a sheet of paper. In making your manifestation work using the law of attraction you can make its physical form through writing.

Manifesting using the law of attraction comes in many forms, and this article will discuss manifesting by writing.

Have you ever experienced writing your desires on paper, and they come into your reality? You might think that it is a coincidence.

But no, it is not a coincidence. You unconsciously manifest your desires by writing them on a piece of paper.

It came into your reality because writing down your desires, and the manifestations have an undeniable relationship.

Now, let’s go deep into knowing things about manifesting by writing.

How does manifesting work by writing it on paper?

In the law of attraction, one of the best ways to get your manifestations quicker is to focus on them. The more you focus on your goal, the faster it will come to your reality.

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And it is proven that when you write down things, it helps your mind focus on the things you desire. And with that, it improves the chance of your manifestations.

Writing your desires improves your focus

You will not focus enough on what you desire if your mind is running wild. Suppose you are shifting your attention to everything, including the unimportant one. 

You cannot achieve anything with a mind that is turbulent and undisciplined. Instead of focusing on the goal you want to manifest, your time and effort will be consumed by unimportant things.

It is essential to give undivided attention to your desires to make it into your reality through the law of attraction.

And by that, writing helps you bring discipline to your thoughts and feelings, which promotes better focus.

Clarity of thoughts

Being clear about what you want to manifest is an important thing. The universe will rely upon your thoughts, so they must be clear and specific.

It is necessary to avoid giving mixed signals to the universe, as it can lead to some negative emotions.

For example, if you want to manifest becoming a model, writing down your thoughts will help you make them more transparent and precise.

Drives away doubts

It is normal to have doubts in life. There will be a time when you question things, especially in manifestation. 

If your manifestations are taking time to come into your reality, you are starting to have doubt, like when your manifestation will come into your reality or be successful.

But these doubts should be eliminated, as they may cause blockage to your manifestations. Sometimes, it is the main reason why your manifestations take time.

And writing down your manifestations helps you to drive away your doubts. When you write down your desires, you can see them differently, which makes your doubts away.

This process can also help eliminate other momentary desires and help you focus on the essential things.

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What are the steps in manifesting by writing it down?

Here are some steps that you can use in manifesting through writing. These steps may help you get what you desire quickly.

Choose a journal notebook and pen

It is important that you have your journal notebook to write all your desires. Since you manifest through writing, it is good to keep it in one notebook.

It is better to write your manifestations in one notebook than writing on some paper. In that way, you can keep track of your manifestations.

When choosing a journal notebook, you should choose the one you can use for a long time, with a solid cover to avoid being ruined easily.

You can also find a journal notebook that has high-quality paper and, of course, a pen. 

In that notebook, you will write the things you want to manifest there. It is good since you can revise it repeatedly to make your desires clear and specific.

Start writing in one sentence

This one is good when you start to write your desires and have no idea how to put them in words.

Sometimes, people get overwhelmed by their desires and do not know how to put them in words. So, writing it in one sentence is a good start.

This could be the base of writing your desires, do not worry if you think that you have worded it wrong or do not think that what you write is not clear.

Remember that this is just the base, the start of your desire.

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Expand your thoughts

This is where you will revise what you wrote in the second step. You will be more specific in this step. 

This step is essential, and you have to be very clear on what you desire, as the key to manifesting the right things is to be clear about it.

If you are unclear with what you wrote and you wrote broad and vague sentences, you may not get what you want.

So, start asking yourself, what do you want? For example, if you want to manifest a job, what type of job do you want? What position are you aiming to get? And how much salary are you expecting?

You can also expand that by adding other details such as, is there a specific place you want to work? Is there a specific company you want to manifest?

By that, you are becoming more detailed on the things you want to manifest, and then the next thing you need to write is why you want it.

Create mantras and affirmation

After being specific about what you want and why you want it, you may start the process of your manifestations.

Stating affirmations and mantras are integral to manifestations; experienced manifesters know it.

These statements serve as a reminder to yourself to achieve what you desire; they can also help you get rid of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

Positive affirmation and mantras are replacing negative thoughts with a positive ones and can also help in boosting your self-confidence.

In manifestations, negative energy should not have a place in your mind, energy, and feelings, as these energies could cause blockage in your manifestations.

You can search for affirmations and mantras online that fit your situation; however, it is better to have your affirmation and mantras.

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Some examples of affirmations and mantras are:

“I am deserving of good things.”

“My manifestations will work.”

“I am lovable.”

“I am love and light.”

“I allow the universe to help me.”

Affirmations should be based on what you desire. You cannot just pick any random affirmations.

You can have three to five affirmations that you can state every day.

These affirmations are about being the person you want to be, even though you do not believe in it.

And as you continuously use these affirmations, you can notice changes in your mindset and behavior, which helps get your manifestations quickly.

Daily Repetition

Manifestation is a process, and if you want to make your manifestations come into your reality, you have to focus on doing these steps regularly.

Every morning, you should open your manifestation journal notebook and rewrite your chosen affirmations and mantras.

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This will serve as a reminder to yourself and the universe about your intentions in life.

Doing this will set an intention for the day and make your life fit with what you desire in life. This will also help you align your energy to your goals.

Once your energy is aligned with your manifestations and goals, you will more likely attract it quickly into your life.

Regular reviews

This is an essential step in manifesting through writing. Since manifestation takes work and time, you need to do such things to align your energy to your desire.

Regularly tracking your progress would help a lot in your manifestations. Aside from being aware that you have progress, it can also help track down what to improve.

Do a weekly review while manifesting to check your progress, and if there is something that needs to be improved, you can quickly improve it.

Let go of the outcome

This is where most people create mistakes. They are holding on too much to the outcome of their manifestation. 

They become obsessive and stressed over it, which is not good. In manifesting, holding on too much creates negative energies.

These negative energies are making delays and blockage in your manifestations. It may leave you more desperate, obsessive, and stressed.

This will also lead to doubts and make you question the universe if your manifestations will come to fruition.

The best way to avoid these negative emotions is to let go of the outcome.

You have to trust yourself and the universe that your manifestations will come into your reality and that you only need to be patient.

And it would help if you focus on yourself while manifesting. This will detach you from the outcome and help in making the best version of yourself.

You can try to practice self-love and do things that will make you happy. Also, while doing this, you may start to improve the things you need to work on yourself.

By doing this, you radiate positive energies that you will put into the universe, and the universe will send back those energies with goodness.

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