Manifesting on Paper & How To Make it Effective in your Life? -

Manifesting on Paper & How To Make it Effective in your Life?

Manifestations are one of the best things that you can do to bring to your life anything you wanted. If you have heard about the term Law of attraction which is a very popular term nowadays, it is very much similar to manifestation. This concept from the 19th century was said to put your strong beliefs, thoughts, and feelings into physical reality. 

It could be a job, your love life, hobbies you want to pursue, or even the material things you want to acquire. No wonder it is by far one of the secrets of successful people!

This, of course, must be done through the proper ways of manifesting. There are certain things that you must consider before you can manifest anything in your life.

Manifestations can be made in several ways. Some can manifest through visualizing, some through telling it, and some by writing. The good thing about manifestation is that you can do it any way you want, depending on your interests.

You can make a vision board out of your dreams and goals, you can write a story about the life you want, or simply write down the things you wanted to manifest into your life.

For this article, you will get to focus on how you can manifest using paper and the things you can do to make it effective in your life.

Why Use Paper to Manifest?

Have you tried writing down your thoughts and experienced how great you felt right after writing everything down? You might know that writing your desires and wants on paper can do a lot of things and could greatly affect how you think about your life.

For this very reason, writing should also be used by you to manifest the things you want to have in this life!

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Writing down could also be a fun way where you can look back to the things you wrote years from now and be grateful that you’ve already achieved all that.

Not just that, writing down your manifestations allow you to focus your thoughts on them. You don’t write about something and think about other stuff, that’ll only make it confusing for you.

That’s where the magic of writing using a pen and paper comes in. You get to focus all your attention on the thoughts that you have and translate it into words on paper. Just letting your thoughts flow while feeling all your emotions for the ideas and desires that you plan to acquire. That’s what makes it amazing and magical!

What Can it Do For You?

Are you still doubting whether to write your manifestations on a paper or not? Here is the list of things that writing your desires on a piece of paper could do for you!

  • Gives Energy From Feelings

Like I mentioned earlier, there’s something magical about writing on a piece of paper. Whether you are just writing your thoughts or you are writing your manifestations!

Do you want to be a doctor? Want to be successful? Want to have a happy relationship? Whatever it is you are manifesting, go and write it on a piece of paper!

Writing your manifestations gives you the energetic feeling of wanting to start taking actions to fulfill all the desires you’ve written. It will also give you a sense of fulfillment as you imagine yourself getting your manifestations. Take this energy with you wherever you go! This will serve as your fuel for doing the things you need to do enthusiastically!

  • Gives You Purpose In Life

Ever felt like you have no idea where you are going? Maybe the flames inside you are starting to fade, and you have no idea what to do next? Try writing down your manifestations!

By doing this, you will realize a lot of things you’ve never thought about before. You might even realize that you don’t really want something you’re working hard for, the very reason why you feel like you have no purpose in life anymore.

Let your thoughts flow, and let your feelings guide your hand in writing everything you want to manifest. After doing this, you will surely know what you want in life that will later be your life’s purpose if you focus and believe that you can accomplish it.

  • Removes Negative Thoughts

Having clarity with where you are heading is one of the goals for writing your manifestations. This will open your heart and mind to see things you never thought were there with you all along.

Because of that, your negative thoughts and feelings would be easy for you to remove. Your path would be more transparent, and if you constantly remind yourself of where you are heading, there’s a great possibility that you will never get lost.

Doing this will serve as your guide and help you remove any limiting beliefs that are with you along the way, blocking your manifestations. It won’t promise an easy journey, but it will definitely be clearer for you, making it easier for you to keep straight ahead and never give up.

How To Manifest your Desires on Paper?

You might think that you’ve already written all your desires and wishes on a piece of paper, but how come nothing is happening? You might have different notes meant for different desires you have, but still, it is not coming to your life?

You must understand that writing may sound simple, but in manifesting through writing, there are proper ways that must be followed. It’s not enough that you put words into your paper using your pen. You have to include all your senses and all your emotions in it. And here’s how:

  • Think About Your Desires

You might have something that you desire, that’s the reason why you are here learning about how to write a manifestation list by writing on a piece of paper! It’s easy to say you want something but, do you really know what you want in life?

Think about these things. What makes you happy? What is something that makes you content in life? Are you planning to manifest a desire you want or a material thing you want to acquire?

You need to know exactly what it is and be specific about it. If it’s a car, then what color? Brand? Type of car? Where do you see yourself driving this car?

If it’s a relationship you want with someone, then what kind of relationship? Is it friendship? Partnership? Do you plan to make that person a part of your lifetime? Or you just want to be with him or her for a short time?

If it’s a career or job, what kind of job? Where do you see yourself working with this job? Is it in an office? Outside? In another state? Are you working for someone or are you your own boss?

Be specific as much as you can, this will not only make your writing process an exciting one, but it will also make your manifestations easier for the universe to answer because of how detailed you are with it.


  • Clarify Your Reasons For Having Them

It is not enough to know what your desires are. You also have to know why you want them. There are certain things that could be the reason why you want to manifest that desire, and you must know what that is.

Your answers to this question will be your driving force for manifesting the desire you wanted. This will help you clear your thoughts and help you focus on writing what you truly want in life. It will also be your guide to what you will be doing next.

If you are trying to manifest a certain house for a home, then ask yourself why you want to have that house? Are there any significant reasons why you want it specifically?

If you are trying to manifest a relationship, ask yourself how that relationship will affect your life? Will it change you or that person’s life? Will it add happiness to your current lives?

Use your pen and paper to write it down. Let it all flow through you and feel every emotion you have while writing it. These emotions will also serve as your guide as to whether the desire you’re manifesting is what you really want or not.

  • Ask Yourself What’s Blocking You

No matter what you write on the paper or how beautifully crafted the words you wrote in it if there are some things that are blocking your way towards getting your manifestations. You need to be aware of these so it won’t sabotage your success in manifesting.

There are certain ways to know what those limiting beliefs are. You can ask yourself what are thoughts formed in your head every time you do something and can’t seem to do it. You can also list down everything you’ve always wanted to do but cannot do it because something feels to hold you back.

Do not be scared about this, and be honest with yourself. Only you can change and shift these negative thoughts into positive ones. Once you are already aware of these, you can shift it already so it won’t interfere with you and your manifestation journey.

Instead of thinking, “ I cannot do it, “ think about “ I am capable of doing it “ instead.

How fast or how slow your manifestations will get to you will rely on the kind of mindset that you always have, so make sure to give this your full awareness and correct the limiting beliefs that you have as soon as you can.

  • Let Go Of It / Hide Your Notes

After writing all your desires on your paper, you have to let them go. Why? Because clinging on this desire will only make you do things you might regret. You have to learn how to trust the universe that everything you wrote there is already on its way to you.

Keep the paper in a box or anywhere safe. Do not open it anymore, and just keep it there. After writing and keeping the paper in a safe place, you already know what to do. Work on yourself and focus on the present. Do not immerse yourself too much in the future, this might paralyze you from doing things that you’re supposed to do.

You won’t also have to worry too much because the universe will send you signs that you needed for you to know if you are heading in the right direction.

  • Be The Person Capable Of Achieving Your Desires

Now that you know everything you want and the reason for wanting it, it’s time for you to own it. Accept the manifestations and act like you already have them!

Your energy or vibration must match the manifestations you have written. This will help you attract the things you want easily and with less effort!

Ever felt like doing something and have to drag your feet just to accomplish it? If you have the right energy, you won’t need to experience that, everything you do will be easier for you and will make you look like you are just having fun!

If you manifested to have a car, then act like you already have it! Start putting aside money for the car and all other expenses that you’ll be needing once you get it.

If you are manifesting a relationship, start acting like you are already in it! Feel the love that surrounds you every day, give love and radiate it to everyone around you as if you already had it.

If you manifested a job or career, then start doing the things that will attract it! Start writing and doing blogs if you are planning to be a blogger. Start studying or reviewing the needed process for researching different animal species if you are manifesting to be a researcher that focuses on animals.

Do things that make you feel like you already got the things you manifested for and the universe will surely bring it to you sooner than you think.

  • Tell Affirmations To Yourself Daily

Words of affirmations are meant to uplift and inspire you to keep on going no matter how hard the circumstance is. Sometimes in life, there will be times you’ll be tempted to just give up, that’s why affirmations are very important.

You can start telling this to yourself every morning you wake up. This will brighten up your mood and lift up your energy to do the things you need to do.

Telling yourself affirmations every day also serves as proof that you love yourself enough to cheer it up whenever you needed to!

Tell yourselves affirmations like:

I am proud of myself for doing my best every day

I believe that I’ll reach every achievement I manifest

I am confident and capable of doing things.

I am a successful person.

I am the creator of my life.

I am grateful for every day that I wake up.

The affirmations you tell yourself every day will be up to you! Telling yourself these words every day will help you boost your confidence and self-esteem, making it easy for you to attract everything you want.

  • Trust The Process

After writing your manifestations, the most important thing to do is to leave it to the universe and trust the process. No matter what your manifestation is, believe that it will come to you at the right time.

There will always be challenges that will come your way while you are on your journey but know that all these are happening for a reason. The lessons you’ll learn throughout your journey will make you stronger and will equip you with the right mindset that is needed for your manifestations.

It’s normal to take a break and pause but never stop believing that you can achieve your manifestations. This will send a signal to the universe that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get what you are manifesting for.

  • Have A Gratitude List

During your journey for your manifestations, you have to feel grateful for everything that you receive. May it be big or small, you have to say thank you to the universe. Practice having a grateful attitude, and the universe will radiate it back to you!

Most people think that they need to receive their manifestations first before being grateful for their life, which is a very wrong practice. You need to appreciate whatever you have because the universe loves grateful people.

Being a grateful person will make your manifestations faster to acquire in your life. The energy you have for being grateful will also reflect on your daily life. You’ll feel happier and energetic because gratefulness will always let you see the good things in life.

Write down the things you are grateful for and feel the energy while thanking the universe for it. Do this every day and notice how your life will change! Experience the miracle of gratefulness!

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