How to Manifest Self-love: Be In love With Yourself! -

How to Manifest Self-love: Be In love With Yourself!

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Are you struggling to love yourself? Or do you think you do not have enough love for yourself that you hurt? Are you aware that manifestation can help you with that?

You can manifest self-love using the law of attraction. There are some things that you need to do to make your manifestations work, and that is: you need to align yourself with your desires, visualize your manifestations, take action about them, and focus on yourself.

You may be struggling to start loving yourself, or how would you love yourself enough not to let other people hurt you.

Loving yourself may sound easy, but it is a long process, you may think that loving yourself is simple, but it is not.

However, you may be wondering why self-love is essential? What benefits are you getting from it? You may ask if loving yourself is a life requirement.

But, if you have ever been in a challenging situation and need healing, loving yourself would be the first step you will take.

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By loving yourself, you are not allowing anyone to hurt you, disrespect you, and do bad things to you; you are standing for yourself when that moment comes.

What are the steps in manifesting self-love?

How do you see yourself?

The first thing you need to do if you want to manifest self-love is to be aware of how you see yourself. How do you feel about it?

You have to know these things because this will be the basis of what actions you should take to make your manifestations come into reality. You may write the things you notice about yourself in your journal notebook.

How are you talking to yourself? How do you treat yourself?

Write everything that could describe how you see yourself today, how you feel, and treat yourself. You may also write the things you are having a hard time accepting in yourself and write all the flaws you notice in yourself.

This will also be the first step in accepting your traits and flaws. See the beauty in you.

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Adjust your priorities

The next step you need to do is to look at your environment and observe the things that can help you grow and the things that can make you feel bad about yourself.

In this step, you have to be a little bit selfish. Your main priority here should be your mental health.

This step will require you to distance yourself from the situations and people you think are bad for you. If you think that your group of friends can worsen, how do you feel about yourself?

You may try to talk to them about it, and if they don't understand what you want to happen, then distance yourself from them.

This may be a little hard, but if you think that certain people and environments are not suitable for your mental health, lessen the time you will go out with them.

Stop noticing the things you do not have

The same with manifesting self-confidence, the next thing you need to work on is to stop thinking about what you do not have. Generally, people always focus on what they do not have, and they constantly compare themselves with other people.

And that is wrong. Everyone has uniqueness.

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You have to stop looking at the things that you don't know. Instead, start focusing on the things that you can do. Start noticing the best traits you have.

Avoid thinking about how successful this person is, avoid thinking that they are much better than you, and avoid observing other people's life. Focus on yourself and on the things that you can do.

Visualize what you want to happen

The next thing you need to do is visualize what you want to happen. Visualize that you are loving yourself, doing the things you love alone.

Visualize how you would feel in a healthy environment. Visualize that you love everything about yourself and have accepted and embraced everything about you. 

Visualize anything you want to happen. And while visualizing, focus on the emotions that you are feeling.

How does your visualization make you feel? Do you feel happy about your visualization? Do you feel good?

If yes, then continue feeling and enjoying the feeling of your visualization. Those emotions will help make your manifestations come into your reality.

You may take ten to fifteen minutes of your life visualizing things you want to happen. You may add scenes and emotions too.

Create and recite an affirmation

Affirmation is positive statements that can fill your mind with positive thoughts, and these could help you boost your confidence in manifesting. Affirmations can also help you get rid of the negative thoughts you have in mind and will replace them with positive ones.

Aside from that, affirmations can help you keep high vibrational energy and help you program your subconscious mind about your manifestations. You have to know that the key to manifesting is to let your subconscious mind be aware of the things you want to happen.

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You only need to recite affirmations that apply to your current situation; you may recite three to five affirmations daily. It is better that you will create your affirmations; you may look for examples online to have an idea of how to create them.

In writing an affirmation, your statement should be in the present form, and you also need to start with “I,” “My.” It would help if you avoided words such as “I Wish,” “I hope,” and “I will.”

Please recite your affirmation every morning to start your day with positivity.

Practice self-care

This is important if you want to manifest self-love. In practicing self-care, you will focus on your physical health and take note of your spiritual, emotional, and professional self.

However, if you are having a hard time where to start practicing self-care, you may start with physical care. You may start having a good enough sleep, eating healthy diets, taking skincare, exercising, and proper hygiene.

Those things will help you have excellent physical care, and they can also boost your mental health. And after doing the steps above, you may proceed in practicing self-care in other aspects.

If you do not know how to practice self-care in other aspects, such as spiritual aspects, you may ask for some pieces of advice or search for it online.

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Take action about your manifestations

In this step, you will embrace and accept all your flaws and the traits that you can hardly love. You may start by looking at the mirror and seeing the things that you can appreciate, and you will notice the features you love.

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Aside from that, you will also change the way you talk to yourself. If you think you are being harsh about yourself, you have to stop it.

Always talk to yourself like how you would talk to someone you love; you also need to note how you treat yourself. Treat yourself how you treat the closest people, or even better. 

You may also start doing things that you love.

If there are things that you have wanted to do, you may start by doing them one by one. Do you want to watch movies? Then watch a movie.

Do you want to go outside? Then go outside. Do anything that can make you feel happy.

It is better that you will do these things alone, in that way, you can enjoy your own company, and you can be happy without the presence of other people.

Set Boundaries

This step is significant, as some people forget that they have to set limits on anything they will do. Sometimes people get hurt because they always let other people hurt them, and they do not have some boundaries for themselves.

What you need to do here is to set boundaries in any situation and with people. This boundary is for you to have personal time and space.

This step could also help you know when you have to say no and need to step up for yourself. Setting boundaries could also help you save your time, effort, and energy.

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