How to Manifest Someone to be Obsessed with You: 6 Easy Steps! -

How to Manifest Someone to be Obsessed with You: 6 Easy Steps!

Is there someone that you could not get out of your head? Someone that you imagine spending your life with? Do you want them to be obsessed with you?

Well, you can manifest someone to be obsessed with you through the law of attraction, you only need to align your beliefs, energies, and thoughts with your manifestation.

Of course, you have someone you wish to be with every night. Sometimes you wish them to be with you all the time.

You are hoping that someday you could be with that person and that they feel the same way that you do.

And, guess what? You can manifest them to be obsessed with you with these easy steps. Manifestations are working, and you just have to follow the steps.

Law of attraction is known as something that could help you manifest. You can use the law of attraction in manifesting money, physical appearance, and even your crush.

And this law is often used by many people. And I can say that it is proven and tested.

This article will discuss what you need to do and consider to make your manifestations into reality.

But before we proceed into the steps, there are some reminders that you need to consider before manifesting someone to be obsessed with you.

Obsession is a powerful word. Thinking that someone you love is obsessed with you may give you a good feeling.

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However, sometimes obsessions can turn into something not good. It is often considered a negative emotion.

So, before you manifest someone, make sure that you know what you are doing. And you have a good intention in doing this.

What are the steps in manifesting someone to be obsessed with you?

Be clear about what you want

When manifesting, you have to be clear on the things that you want to happen, or you might send mixed signals to the universe.

If that happens, the universe may send someone that is not what you want, or the things may be unfavorable on your side.

The best thing to do is write down in your journal all the things you want with the person and who the person is.

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If you are manifesting a specific person, you have to write down all the descriptions, including their name, age, height, appearance, etc.

You may also write down the qualities you love about this person. Is he romantic? Is he funny? You may also write their profession or their hobbies.

It is essential to be clear on who you want to manifest, so your focus and intentioned efforts will attract the right person.

Clarity should be your priority when it comes to manifesting.

Why do you want it?

After being clear on who you want to be obsessed with you, you must know why do you want it?

This step will determine whether your intentions are pure or not and if they will attract positive or negative energy.

Remember, you should have pure intentions in manifesting. That the outcome that you want is not to harm the person.

If you are manifesting someone with negative reasons such as to make them miserable, jealous, or to take revenge, then think again.

Manifesting with negative reasons will not work, and your plan will backfire.

But if your intentions are good, and your manifestations come from a loving, positive, happy, and joyful perspective, the desire will be yours.


Visualization is the best technique used in manifesting. It means that you are using the power of your mind to create the image that soon will become a reality.

To visualize, you need to be in a quiet place and make sure that there will be no destruction.

You can try to listen to music or try to meditate if possible. Make yourself feel relaxed before you visualize.

Take a long deep breath.

Imagine what it will look like when you have them in your life.

Picture their face, their eyes, the way they smile, and their body. And feel the emotions that you feel while you picture the person.

And then think that they like you, feel the same way towards you. What do you feel about this situation?

And then, imagine the life that you want to have with them. What are the happy moments that you want to do together?

You may visualize that they are talking to you, that you are on a road trip enjoying each other's company, and anticipate how you would feel in these situations.

If the emotions that you feel are all positive and make you happy, you can keep on doing this manifestation.

You can repeat this step anytime you want, and as time goes by, visualizing the person will be easier to do.

No matter what you are doing, those happy thoughts will come into your brain.

And that is the result if you master visualizing yourself with the person you want.

But if you feel pessimistic about this situation, you have to stop doing the manifestation as it may result in desperation and mental disorders.

State Positive Affirmations

Doubts are everywhere. As a person, you may fail to avoid having doubts. In every situation, there will be doubts.

You may be thinking that the person you are manifesting is too good for you or that they will not like you because of your flaws.

However, negative thinking is what you need to avoid when manifesting, and stating positive affirmations will help you fight the negativity in your mind.

Positive affirmations will help you fight your negative thoughts. It can also boost your confidence and change your mindset for the better.

You can state positive affirmations anywhere, when taking a bath, looking in the mirror, etc. You can also write down the affirmations.

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You can state positive affirmations until you believe them. In that way, you can enhance your confidence and counteract negative thoughts.

Some examples of affirmations are:

“I am thankful that he/she talks about me anytime.”

“I am happy that he/she and I are soulmates.”

“he/she loves me and always thinks about me.”

“I am always in his/her name mind.”

“He/she is obsessing about me at this very moment.”

Pro tip: In stating a positive affirmation, it needs to occur in the present tense. Using words such as I am, he is, she is, we are, etc., is essential. 

Remember that the main goal is to manifest what you want into reality.

Focus on yourself

While doing the steps mentioned above, another essential step is to focus on yourself. You will not successfully manifest a person if you do not practice self-love.

If you think low about yourself, that you think you do not deserve love, care, and respect, you may block the person from coming into your life.

The way you view yourself will be the same way the person views you. 

It is vital to invest in yourself and focus on making yourself better. In that way, you will attract the people and the things you want in your life.

In focusing on yourself, you have to start taking good care of it. Have some good sleep, eat healthy foods, work out, take care of your body and face, etc.

Live the best out of your life. Aside from taking care of yourself, do what will make you happy. Do you want to watch that movie? Then go ahead and watch that movie.

Do not be stuck on your manifestations. Keep yourself busy while enjoying things.

The more positivity you put out, the better things will come back to you.

It is also better to manifest growth and progress.

Do not focus on love, do not focus on manifesting someone to be obsessed with you. Give time to yourself.

When the time comes, and you become better, that is the time when you can attract the person into your life.

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Be grateful, Let go and Trust the Universe

Being thankful for your life will help a lot in manifesting.

If you continue to complain about life, you will start producing bad vibes that can affect your manifestations' progress.

You must always be on the positive side of every situation, even if you are not satisfied with what is happening. 

Aside from being grateful is to learn how to let go.

The secret in manifesting someone or something is to let go of it. 

It is not good to waste your time thinking if this manifestation will come into reality. Instead, relax and be patient in manifesting the person to be obsessed with you.

Trusting the universe is also important. Manifesting takes time.

It is not something you wish and will come to you by the next day.

Have faith that the universe will give you what you desire, and do not think negatively about it.

Stop worrying and trust the universe if you want it to happen immediately.

Also, believe that everything meant for you will come to you at the right time.

Aside from manifesting someone to be obsessed with you, you can also manifest someone to think about you.

What are the things you need to avoid in manifesting?

Aside from the steps you need to do, you also need to be aware of what you must not do when you want to manifest someone to be obsessed with you.

Limiting your beliefs

The first thing you need to avoid is thinking negatively about the situation. 

Avoid saying that the person you want to manifest does not want you or that your manifestations will not come into reality.

These negative thoughts will drag you to a low vibration state, and your mind will fill with negative thoughts.

Your goal is to be in a positive state of mind and be in a high vibration state.

Do not rush things

Of course, you cannot avoid making things rush, especially in love. You may be impatient and want to force things.

The more you want to rush your manifestation, the more it takes time to come into your reality. So, stop rushing and go with the flow.

Do not let the desire become aggressive

Avoiding becoming aggressive is important. You need to avoid becoming obsessed with your manifestations.

Being obsessed with your manifestation will only block them from coming into your life.

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