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7 EASY Ways to Manifest Someone to Text you

Have you experienced thinking about someone if they still remember you, or maybe you are simply waiting for a message from someone you cannot message directly because you don’t want to appear desperate to them? Then, without warning, you receive a message or text from this person?

Is it just a coincidence? Was it luck? Or maybe because you think you can do telepathy? Actually, without you realizing it, you are already manifesting!

What’s that? How are you doing that? Don’t worry! that will be the topic you’ll be learning from this article. Everything you need to know for getting someone to text you effortlessly will be here. So, keep on reading!

Before we talk about how to make someone text you, it could be your friend, loved one, your crush, or maybe just someone you really want to talk to, let’s talk about manifesting first.

Manifesting is making your beliefs come to life! You can actually manifest anything in your life, including making someone text you. Know that you are the creator of your life and everything that you do, think, and feel is all yours to bring to reality.

You also have to understand that manifesting is very different from manipulating. You don’t manipulate anyone into doing something you want them to do, that’ll be against their will. Manifesting is simply influencing them to do something that could benefit both of you without harming each other.

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Ask, believe, and receive. These are the magic rules of the Law of Attraction. This is what you should do if you want to manifest something in your life. But, there are instances that manifesting might be hard to do, especially if you have some things that might be blocking you from getting your manifestations.

You might have been manifesting or trying to manifest that someone to contact or text you for a long time already. You have been waiting for them to text you, constantly checking your phone to see if he or she texted already. But no matter what you do, it seems to be not working at all! There are lots of reasons that could be behind this.

Because of this, I have prepared for you the list of things or ways you need to do so you can be successful in manifesting someone into texting you.

You can use these for anyone you want to receive a text from, even if you have stopped talking for a long time already. It could also be used if you’re expecting a text from your boss about your job or promotion. No matter who that person is, you can definitely manifest them into texting you without making you look desperate to them.

How to Manifest Someone to Text You?

There are many ways you could get someone to text you right away, and in this section, we will talk about the proper ways you should do so you can manifest that specific person into texting you. This will help you be aware of the things you need and clarify all the questions you have to avoid confusion when you are doing this.

  • Think About Who You Want To Manifest

No matter how small or big the impact of that person in your life is, you have to think about him or her. You need to be specific on who you want to receive the text message from, including the reasons why you want them to text you. Deciding on who you want to manifest into texting you might be challenging, especially if you are not on good terms with this person, but you have to understand that doing this is essential for your manifestation.

The universe loves specificity and clarifying your intention should be on your top list. You should also consider the reasons why you want this person to text you. Is it because you want to talk to him or her about something? Want to clarify something with them? Do you need something from them? Or maybe you just really want to start hanging out with them again?

Whatever the reason is, you have to really think about it and feel the energy it gives you. The level of energy in your manifestations will depend on the reasons as to why you want them to text you. These reasons will also serve as your fuel to be really serious so you can start to focus on manifesting them.

  • Know What Is Blocking You from Your Manifestations

Manifesting is a skill that needs practice, and just like any other skill, there might be something you haven’t noticed within you that might have been stopping you from making it effective in your life.

If you have been doing manifestations for a long time already and it seems that nothing you do is working for you, then something might have been blocking your manifestations. It is essential to look for it within you and make sure that it doesn’t stop you from manifesting someone to text you.

Maybe you are fearful; making this energy repel the person you want to text you. It could also be that you are being pushy in a way that this person who you are manifesting with could feel that you are trying too hard, and the result, he or she would just choose to not text you because of the energy that he or she felt whenever he or she tries to.

You have to know that the kind of energy you have when you manifest is the energy that the person you are manifesting to feels whenever he or she tries to pick up the phone text you.

You need to look deep within yourself what is causing these that may be limiting you from getting that text message you want. Once you understand this, allowing your positive energy to influence that person to pick up that phone and talk to you will be effortless.

  • Believe That It Will Happen

Have you, after imagining something that you want to achieve, suddenly thinks that you cannot do it or starts having doubts about yourself? Then, you have to stop doing this as soon as possible. It might be the very reason why the text message you’re waiting for is still not coming to you.

Once you started clarifying and being specific about your manifestations, you have to believe that it will happen eventually. You need to relay that energy to the universe that you believe that whatever you want will come to you.

It would be unfair for you and the universe if you start manifesting something then start debunking it the moment you meet your limiting beliefs. You also have to stop giving out negativity through your words.

Stop telling other people that your manifestation is not coming or even happening to you, this will only send a signal to the universe that you are doubting both the universe and yourself making it hard for your manifestations to come to you.

Doubting your manifestations will also affect your energy negatively, which will be the energy that person who is supposed to text you will feel, making him feel uncomfortable to text you. As much as possible, you have to make your energy positive. Being positive will have a significant impact on the result of your manifestations.

  • Stay Away From Negativity

Manifesting what you want may sound easy, but there might be times that it will be hard for you, especially if you are a beginner. Why? It’s simply because no matter where you are, there will always be something negative you’ll see or hear with your senses. With that, every day you manifest will become a constant battle with what you are going to put more into your mind.

Are you going to focus more on the positive things or the negative things in your life? The reason why I am asking this because, as stated before, it will greatly affect your manifestations. Whether your manifestations will quickly happen, it will happen but not as soon as you assume or it may not occur at all depends on where you put your focus more.

You must be aware of this because the more you become aware, the more you can do something about it and change it. If you noticed that you are dwelling more on the negative side, you don’t have to deny this to yourself or worry about this. Simply admit, acknowledge, and do everything that you can to change it as much as possible.

  • Do Mediation and Tell Affirmations to Yourself Everyday

Now that you are aware of everything that you need to know, especially with your limiting beliefs, you have to start shifting your negative energy to positive ones. How are you going to do that? By meditating and telling affirmations to yourself every day.

Telling yourself affirmations every day will help you be positive with every single thing you do in your everyday life. Practice it while doing meditations will help you calm your mind and focus so you can see the positive things and disregard the negativities that come your way.

Facing the day with the right positive attitude and avoiding the negative things that might ruin it will significantly impact the manifestations that you are sending the universe. The reason why these two are one of the essential parts of manifesting.

Daily affirmations may include:

  • I am worth replying to (by the person you want to text or message you)
  • I am a great person, and my energy will attract him/her into texting me.
  • I am waiting for something that will surely come. I will never doubt it.
  • He/She will contact me through text anytime soon.

It doesn’t matter how you say it, what matters most is that you believe that it will come to you and will remove any negative thinking or mindset that you have towards it.

  • Visualize How You’ll Feel and What You Do Once You Get the Text?

Now, to do this, sit calmly anywhere you want that is comfortable with you and a place without anyone that can distract you. Start thinking about a scenario where you already got the message from the person in your manifestation. Think about how you’ll react when you received the message you wanted to hear from him or her.

Maybe it’s an “I miss you” from an ex-lover.

A “You are hired. Welcome to the company’s team!“ from a company you’ve always wanted to be hired.

Or even an “I love you “ from your parents you haven’t talked to for so long.

How are you feeling? What do you think would be the first text message he or she will give to you? Is he or she also happy to talk to you? Will he or she be giving you the answers you need?

Visualizing will also remind you about the reason why you want to receive a text message from that person. No matter what the reason is, visualize how you’ll be reacting, and the energy you feel will surely radiate to that person. Influencing him or her to pick up his or her phone to give you a text message.

You have to feel all the emotions you will encounter during your visualization. It will say a lot about you and the person you want to text you. Do you have past unresolved issues? If so, how do you think the conversation will go?

Visualizing the scenario will help you learn more about yourself and the reasons why you want to talk to this person. It will also give you a hint on what to do once you received the text message from him or her. With this, you will be able to anticipate the things and scenarios that might happen and help you prepare for what to do or say.

  • Just Let It Go

Now that you have manifested to the universe, it is time to let it go. I know this may sound confusing after everything that you did and the efforts you spent on doing the things you need to manifest that person to text you.  Letting go is not the last thing you would want to do, right?

But whether you like it or not, you need to let it go. You have done your part, and now it is time for the universe to do its job. You need to let go and fully trust the process. You don’t have to go and check your phone every minute only to be frustrated that the text message you’re receiving is still not there.

If you constantly do this, you will only feel frustrated, and worse, it will make you more desperate that might lead you to do things you will regret in the future. Focus on yourself, do the things that will lead you to have a positive mindset.

Be confident that the universe is listening and your manifestations are already on their way to you. Feel the vibrant energy, and don’t lose it. Whenever you feel like you start to think negatively, repeat your daily affirmations or do your meditation. This way, the positive energy will be brought back to you.

Once you have received the text messages you needed from the person you manifested, never forget to be grateful about it. No matter what kind of message you received, you have to keep in mind that the universe sent it to you.

You may have been waiting for an “I miss you“ from an ex-lover, but the message he or she gave you is a closure that gives you the opportunity to be free from being held captive from your past relationship. This may be the universe telling you that you have to move forward with your life, and you should be grateful for this.

You might be waiting for a text message from a job interview, and you’re expecting to be hired right away, but the employer told you that you have to pass your portfolio to see if you are really fit for the job you wanted in their company. This may be a sign from the universe that you have to be positive with your skills, and you just have to show it to the employer for them to know that you really are perfect for the job.

No matter what the result is, be grateful. It is one of the secrets why some people, despite all their failures, still don’t run out of opportunities to do. The answer is simple. It’s because they are grateful for everything that comes into their lives, no matter what it is. The more grateful you are, the more the universe will shower you with the opportunities you deserve.

Focus on the kind of energy you give off. If you and the person you want to receive the text message from is aligned to each other, it won’t be long until you find his name on your phone. Trust the process, and the universe will make its way for you.

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