How to Manifest Someone to Think About You: Be Stuck in their Mind! -

How to Manifest Someone to Think About You: Be Stuck in their Mind!

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Have you ever wondered if you could manifest someone to think about you? Do you have that someone that you wish you were in their mind?

You can manifest someone to think about you using the law of attraction. You only need to align your energy, beliefs, and thoughts to your manifestations.

Generally, the power of the law of attraction and manifestation is real and has no boundaries, you can literally manifest anything you want in your life with law of attraction.

Manifesting someone to think about you can be done in different forms, some are using the law of attraction, while some are using affirmations.

In law of attraction, you are focusing on something that you want to attract, while in affirmations, you are stating statements until it become your reality.

But manifestations are all about feeling the emotion that you want to feel, that you live with it, and believing in that experience, and by allowing that to happen into your reality.

Regardless of what technique you will use, the main key to manifesting is to feel the energy of what you want to experience.

Like manifesting someone in a relationship, in manifesting someone to think about you, you need to have a high vibrational energy, so that the energy that you will send to the universe are high-vibe.

As universe is responding to the energy that you are sending.

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If you are sending low vibrational energy to the universe, then the outcome will more likely attract negative experiences.

The universe will send people, outcomes, and experiences, depending on what energy and frequencies do you sent to them.

Aside from what mentioned above, here are some steps that will help you in manifesting someone to think about you, and what are the things you need to avoid.

What are the steps in manifesting someone to think about you?

What do you want to happen and why do you want it

This is the first thing you need to do when manifesting. First is to know exactly what do you want to happen.

This is where the universe will rely on what are the things that you want them to send you. It is important to go on the details of what you are manifesting.

It is better that you will take down notes of the things that you want, as much as possible be specific on who is the person you want to think of you.

Remember not to be vague about it, if you are unsure of what do you want, you may not get the result that you are expecting.

Avoid giving mixed signals to the universe, as the universe will give you unfavorable outcome if that happens.

Aside from knowing what exactly do you want to happen, or who you want to think of you, the next is the reason behind.

So, it goes something like “I desire that he/she will think about me often, because….” the reason behind your manifestation is important.

The reason why you are manifesting will decipher whether your manifestations will attract positive or negative experiences.

This will play a big role in your manifestations. Because of these reasons, you will know if your manifestations will have a good or bad outcome.

If your reason is filled with loneliness, anger, jealousy, and desperation, these emotions are filled with negative feelings, and you are manifesting because of need.

And with that, you are attracting negative energies and your manifestations may not happen, or the outcome will not be favorable in your side.

However, if you are manifesting someone to think about you with the reason that is filled with joy, happiness, and love, then your manifestations will come into your reality.


The next step in manifesting is to imagine and visualize that they are thinking about you.

Always remember that the energy that you will put out to the universe is the same energy that you will receive.

And this visualization, is the best and most used technique.

In visualization, you are going to imagine that the specific person is thinking about you, and you have to feel the emotion while visualizing it.

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Find a quiet place, and remove all of the things that may disturb you in visualizing, you may turn off your phone to focus more on this.

Relax your mind, and calm your body, if it is necessary then meditate before you start, you can play some music if it can help you in relaxing.

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Take deep breathes and then think of what you wrote down in step one. Visualize the things that you want to happen into your reality.

Imagine that the person you are manifesting to think of you is actually thinking about you, that they are going through your social media accounts to check up on you.

Picture that they will send a text message saying that they think about you that they miss you, imagine that he is asking you on a date.

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How does that feel? Does it feel good? Does it make you happy?

If you feel good while visualizing those things then you have to live with those feelings. You have to surround yourself with that kind of energy.

Eliminating limiting beliefs

Now, this is what you need to be aware of-your limiting beliefs. These beliefs play a huge part in your manifestations.

Limiting beliefs are producing blockage to your manifestations and can cause delays.

Your limiting beliefs may be the main reason why your manifestations are not coming into your reality. These beliefs are shaping what and how you feel about yourself.

Some limiting beliefs are like this:

“I am not enough for someone.”

“He/She is probably not thinking about me.”

 “He/She does not like me that much to think about me.”

“There is no way that I can manifest someone to think about me.”

As much as possible, you have to avoid having these kinds of thoughts when manifesting. You need to get rid of this negative thinking as it may result into have a low vibrational energy.

To get rid of negative thinking, you have to acknowledge first what limiting beliefs you have and where did they come from.

By that, you can start to get rid of them one by one.

Stating Affirmations

Stating positive affirmations can help a lot in getting rid of limiting beliefs. This will help you have confidence and gain high-vibe energies.

Stating affirmations could also help in keeping you focused on what you are manifesting, on your intentions, and being positive about the outcome that you are wanting.

This is commonly use to counteract the negative thoughts in your mind, and fill it with positive thoughts.

You can state affirmations by being grateful that the certain person is thinking about you.

You can do this in a many ways, such as writing it down, saying it out loud, say a silent prayer, etc.

It may feel strange to state affirmations at first but this has a big contribution in making your manifestations into your reality.

The important thing that you need to be aware of while doing this is how you will about this. It is a good thing that while you are stating some affirmations, you are feeling good, happy, and joyful.

You can make your own affirmations; it really depends on what situation you are in at the moment.

Focus on yourself

This may be sound cliché but it is important to focus on yourself while manifesting. Invest in yourself and do things that will make you happy.

In manifesting you have to surround yourself with positive energies, but how can you do that if you are not taking care of yourself?

You can start by eating healthy foods, having a good and enough sleep, working out, taking care of your skin, taking a bath regularly.

Aside from taking care of yourself it is also important to do the things that will make you happy. Listen to your favorite band, go in a walk for a while, watch your favorite series, etc.

It is important that you are enjoying your life as it gives positive feeling to you, and with that you are also attracting positive energies to your life.

While doing the steps in manifesting, do not forget to take care of yourself too. It is better that while waiting, you are keeping yourself happy.

Also, focus on making yourself better, so when the time comes and the universe decided to give you what you want, you are ready.

Let go and let the universe lead

This one is a bit hard. Most people are always holding on to the possible outcome of what they are manifesting.

But, holding on to it causes delays, as this looks like you are needing these manifestations too much that it makes you desperate.

This desperation and obsession to the outcome will block your manifestations in turning it into reality. And your manifestation will not come into fruition.

It is better to trust the universe and let go of what you desire, you have to believe that it will come to you one day when the time is right.

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What are the things you need to avoid in manifesting someone to think about you?

So, it is mentioned above about the things you need to do in manifesting someone to think about you, however, there are some things you need to avoid.

These things may cause blockage and delays into your manifestations.

Do not expect that it will happen overnight

As much as possible, you may want all of your manifestations to happen quickly. Especially if you are manifesting someone.

Sometimes you may feel the sense of urgency. That you wanted to happen sooner, that you want to feel the connection of the two of you to grow.

However, not all manifestations will come overnight, some manifestations take time to happen. You need to tune and align your energy to the universe in order to achieve your manifestation.

Being patient is what you really need, you need to trust yourself and the universe that it will happen.

Do not force it to happen

In this case, you may ruin the everything that the universe has planned. It may be tempting to do the work, to message them but you have to stay in your line.

Let the universe lead the way and stop forcing it to happen.

Always trust the timing, as the universe always have the best plan for you.

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